5 things to consider before buying Explosion Proof Camera

March 25, 2017by sharpeagle0

As everyone knows, oil & gas industry is one of those industries where high risk is involved. Onshore rig as well as offshore rig bear equal amount of risk. You would also know you can make your monitoring smart and the work environment safer as well as more secure with smart explosion proof CCTV camera.

Ex-proof CCTV system is indeed a latest, trending and innovative technology for monitoring and surveillance purpose, but there are ample of models available of ex-proof camera in the market. How would you come to know that a specific explosion proof camera is perfect for your company’s needs? Well, there are many points which you should consider while choosing a explosion proof CCTV, but let’s restrict the number to 5.

  1. Flash

Accidents can also occur in the absence of sunlight. That means it doesn’t matter, whether it’s day or night, it’s high light or low light or no light, it’s indoor or outdoor, your camera must be in functioning mode 24&7. So, make sure the function of flash is available in explosion proof CCTV camera.

  1. Documentation

Of course, ex-proof CCTV system is latest, trending and innovative technology for monitoring and surveillance purpose, but your ex-proof camera should be able to record & capture the activities happening there simultaneously. So, you can maintain the database and present it at the time of any disputes.

  1. Ruggedized for Harsh Environment

Digital products cannot bear with harsh environment and hazardous places easily. You need to keep risk factors in mind while choosing explosion proof camera. Explosion proof CCTV should be effortlessly operated while wearing gloves and glasses; so, no hurdles occur.

  1. Quality of Picture

Your Explosion proof CCTV camera should have high number of pixels otherwise you may miss on detailing part and cannot find what you are actually looking for. So, select an explosion proof CCTV camera, which can produce quality pictures.

  1. Battery

You should be able to replace, remove and recharge the battery of Ex-proof CCTV system. So, no activities on your site go uncaptured.

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