Access Control System

Access control can help mitigate security risks and allows a facilities department to avoid headaches. Even most retail businesses have certain areas they want to be restricted from customers.

We the Sharp Eagle can install your access control system in Home, Office, building, & parking area. We are the system integrator in the field of access control system, that we can do any customize access control system project base on your requirements.

We can integrate access control system in your existing system like parking barriers, a reader ( short or long range), sensors, & etc.

Our team is highly trained individual and expert to execute the project.

If your business has valuables, especially items with a street value, access keycards can identify exactly who entered after hours. This could help to catch a culprit or potentially prevent items from going missing. With regular keys, there’s no way of telling which employee unlocked the door after hours.

Sometimes it’s necessary to restrict the public from entering a facility. And the ability to set up multiple levels of interior access can help an organization sort out who’s allowed to go where much easier than with traditional metal keys.