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How Ex Proof CCTV Cameras Help Organise a Potentially Explosion Proof Environment

In almost all modern workplaces, video monitoring and surveillance is ubiquitous. In industries like mining, oil and gas, nuclear power, and energy, a traditional CCTV camera won’t be enough to handle the job. In such industries, since human lives and assets get exposed constantly to a wide variety of hazardous threats, advanced technology is required to monitor and address the inherent challenges.

Explosion proof CCTV cameras are the ideal choice for increasing occupational safety in these risk-prone work environments. From explosion proof digital cameras and PTZ cameras to explosion proof PTZ cameras with night view and more, you will find various varieties available in the market. If you still wonder how you can use these ex proof cameras or how they would help increase safety, here are some benefits these cameras bring to the table.

    • Reliable and sturdy: Explosion proof cameras come equipped with an extremely sturdy frame. Even in hazardous work environments and extreme weather conditions, they can let you consistently monitor your operations.Reliable and sturdy
    • Easy integration for 24×7 monitoring: You can easily integrate your ex proof digital cameras with any computer or mobile device. This way, you can constantly monitor ongoing activities at the plant or rig, no matter where you are. Noticing any potential hazards and nullifying it, or recording the reason of explosion, these video feeds can help lower risk levels.24x7 monitoring
    • Superior image quality: Why does this matter? Imagine having a camera installed that sends grainy or blurred images, or nothing at all when it’s pitch dark. And that’s exactly what explosion proof housing CCTV cameras can help you avoid. These cameras have features like excellent color fidelity and image quality (even at high frame rates), autofocus, motorized optical zoom, and exceptional light sensitivity. Thus, they can cover great distances, and provide detailed images or wide overviews, along with capturing images in low light. Explosion proof cameras with night view can let you monitor your workplace even when it’s pitch dark.

      Superior image quality

    • Increased safety features: Many modern explosion proof video cameras for ultimate safety have integrated intelligent features like Cross Line Detection, Video Motion Detection, or Active Tampering Alarm. Using such features and video analytics, these cameras are capable of analyzing inputs constantly to notice an event, and respond to it automatically with specific actions like sending alarm notifications.

      safety features

    • Data safety: Explosion proof video cameras work effectively even when an explosion or fire occurs. Since they have DVR units for recording, these cameras ensure that you have footage of the event, which can help in finding the exact cause of the accident later. Such footage may even help in training, detailed analysis, or for resolving legal safety
    • Remote accessibility: Once you have integrated the explosion proof housing CCTV camera with your surveillance system, you can use any authorized computer or mobile device to access its real-time footage from anywhere, and at any time. This will facilitate remote monitoring and remote maintenance of a hazardous area.

remote access

The health and safety of employees working in hazardous environments is under a huge threat, as the growing number of accidents prove. Relying on the revolutionary technology and exceptional results of explosion proof cameras is the need of the hour as it can help improve safety of both assets and human lives.

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10 Reasons to Use Forklift Cameras in Warehouses

Operating a forklift has always been a tough job, primarily due to restricted vision. Thus, blunders by forklift operators happen frequently, which can damage the products, equipment and even be a serious risk to people’s lives. This is where a forklift camera can help. With a wireless forklift camera system, you can minimize the visibility challenges of operating a forklift and the resultant general safety dangers. In warehouses where you handle heavy loads, a forklift camera system can be a real asset. Wondering why does it matter? Here are 10 reasons why you should use a wireless forklift camera in warehouses:

  1. Reduce forklift’s inherent blindspots: A wireless forklift camera can be installed at the back, front, sides or at any other spot around the lift truck where visibility is impaired. This would help reduce the truck’s blindspots, and give the operator a clear view of the forks, racks and the surroundings.
  2. Team it up with other vehicle safety systems for better results: You can combine your forklift camera system with auto-braking mechanisms, mobile CCTV systems, and vehicle radar. This will let the truck operator get complete vision of the top, bottom, right and left blindspots, together with full vision of fork. This way, all blindspots around your forklift can be effectively eliminated.
  3. Improved safety of your employees: With a precise and clear view of the surroundings for forklift operators, chances of accidents and risks of other damages would decrease.
  4. Improved accuracy: The forklift operators’ improved vision would help them position bulky loads with better accuracy.
  5. Boost to productivity: Straining the neck to look back and front, or straining the back to peep out of truck and ensure the forks fit the load is common with forklift operators. This hinders their concentration, accuracy and speed. With a wireless forklift camera, these issues can be eliminated completely, thus increasing productivity.
  6. Ease of use: A big advantage of a wireless forklift camera system is that it can be installed on literally any kind of forklift, even gigantic counterbalance forklift trucks.
  7. Decreased trial and error times: Thanks to his improved vision due to a forklift camera system, the forklift operator can clearly see the position of the forks and the load. This certainly decreases time that would have otherwise been wasted on repetitive trial and error.
  8. Improved speed: A forklift camera system usually has an LCD screen set up on the dashboard that is easy for the forklift operator to view. Thus, he can clearly see how and where the forks are being placed right from his seat without any fatigue, neck or back strain. This in turn lets him move faster and more efficiently.
  9. Reduced damages: Forklift operators deal with bulky and expensive goods, narrow aisles, different rack heights, tight corners and noisy surroundings. All of these increase the chances of damages. A forklift camera makes the forklift operators become more aware about what’s happening in their surroundings, thus reducing the chances of on-site damages.
  10. An economically judicious decision: The best part of installing a forklift camera system? With it, you can not only reduce damages to goods, but even reduce the risks of accidents, which may cause serious injuries or even death. This will let you save a considerable sum in the long run.

Perhaps now you understand why your warehouse just can’t do without a forklift camera. If you have any questions or want to know how you can get it installed, we would be happy to help.

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5 Reasons to Use Explosion proof PTZ camera

Working in hazardous environments is dangerous. These can be offshore, onshore, marine and heavy industrial settings such as food processing plants, oil and gas facilities, chemical sites, oil depot, ship tanks, ferry-place, and frontier defense. Despite taking all precautionary measures and using protective gears for your employees, you never know when things could go wrong. And when they do, wouldn’t it help to know in real-time and respond fast or have an eye on-site constantly?

We know you’d agree! That’s why you need an explosion proof PTZ camera. Unlike standard static security cameras, PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) explosion proof digital cameras give you a 3600 view of the workplace. A wide range of such ex proof cameras are security certified for use in Category 2D (Dust), Category 2G (Gas), Zone 2and Zone 1, Group IIC and Zone 22 and Zone 21.

Here are five ways on how explosion proof PTZ cameras can help:

  1. Designed for long life:

From ex proof digital camera to ex proof CCTV camera, most are purpose-built and resilient to survive the natural elements such as high temperature and pressure for years to come.

  1. Easy tracking:

You can install them in any place that you want to keep an eye on, for tracking your employee’s activities and movements. They even help you see what’s going on in your worksite in real-time.

  1. Tilting or panning:

Explosion proof PTZ cameras are often called speed domes. That’s because they can tilt or pan fast and very easily in completely different directions. And the best part: these are user-friendly and can move accurately even when focused on objects located at a distance.

  1. Night vision:

Many hazardous environments are often poorly lit. This makes proper surveillance difficult since adequate lighting conditions are critical to capture high-quality images. With night vision in explosion proof CCTV cameras, capturing images in poor light or even in total darkness has now become possible.

  1. Auto focus:

Explosion proof PTZ cameras have a complete range of in-built auto focus. This helps them autofocus on suspicious areas or objects. By automatically sensing the area or object they should focus on, these cameras easily shift focus while matching the system’s speed of the tilt and pan.

Apart from ease of installation with various mounting options and configurations, explosion proof PTZ cameras have additional benefits too. Security features like data encryption and support for real-time intrusion detection, face detection, and unauthorized loitering detection make it a must-have tool. If you need best quality explosion proof video cameras, CCTV cameras or digital cameras, let our experts offer you a helping hand.

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Manoeuvring Forklifts for Safety

Forklift safety has now become a priority for most of the organisations operating in Rigs, Marine, construction, material handling and construction fields. As a manifestation of safety regimes across the industry, forklift safety is rising up the ladder. It has acquired an important position in planning for prevention of injuries, thereby facilitating massive savings on cost.

As the focus on workplace safety has increased largely, usage of forklift cameras is definitely a remarkable step to ensure the safety of life and cargo. With the operators being aware of their surroundings, the probability of accidents is minimised to a great extent, thus ensuring high accuracy in the operations and better productivity overall.

For instance, reduction in collisions means less delay and lesser costs involved in repair and maintenance. This could mean more focus and uninterrupted workflow which leads to increased productivity at the workplace.

How to prevent collisions?

Ensuring safety of operators and fellow employees working in the vicinity of a forklift is imperative. The key to safety lies in learning from the past incidents. Assessing the most common and worst situations can help avoid any possible incidence in the future and establish the need for a planned and upgraded foolproof system.

How To Curb Risk

1. Cross aisles and corners

These are the hotspots for collisions because of restricted visibility. To mitigate the risks of collision here, install an alarming light system or a warning system. These proximity sensors alert the operator and will make them slow down or stop to avoid collision.

2. Changing directions

Steering and reversing can be dangerous for people around the forklifts. One ideal solution to this is installing a wireless forklift camera system with anti-collision system. It cautions forklift drivers if any other vehicle is approaching. This is especially valuable when the operator is reversing and there’s very limited visibility.

3. Speed control System

Speeding up of these beasts is often resulting in loss of control and toppling over of forklifts. This remains the major reason of casualties related to forklifts. By installing speed limiters with auto cut function might be a great help to slow down and stop overspending beyond a certain limit.

4. Limited visibility on the fork

Another major issue is restrictive vision on the tip of forks when heavy load has to be shelved. Most of the times, the operator works using an approximate distance estimate.

To enhance efficiency and improve operating procedures, installing a forkview camera right on the forks gives an additional eye to the operator. The system includes a monitor which displays the exact positioning of the load on the forks, thereby improving efficiency and reducing the occurrence of misplacement.

Ensuring Forklift Safety is all about following the safety procedures, installing comprehensive and reliable safety solutions on forklifts, fork trucks, reach trucks, cranes, loaders, etc.

SharpEagle technology specializes in providing customised solutions to organisations across various industries. We, at SharpEagle, are happy to assist you with all your forklift queries and solutions. Get your forklift assistance at – we guarantee safety at your workplace.

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Explosion Proof Cameras- The Resilient equipment for Oil and Gas industry

What is an explosion proof camera?

Explosion proof cameras are the equipment which are best suited for hazardous explosive areas. These cameras are designed to prevent ignition of the surrounding gases and dust in these environments. They either contain any explosion within the device, or prevent sparks exiting the device and triggering an explosion. This means that the camera system will not cause an explosion, however survive explosions outside the enclosure.
Explosive environments can be found in a number of places. Oil and Gas industry is one among them. Since it involves a risky environment, your camera needs to be explosion proof. It holds the certain benefits:

• The Explosion proof cameras, especially the stainless steel models are the resilient explosion proof cameras. Their weather resistant stainless steel casings have a rating of IP67, which makes them absolutely dust-tight and watertight.

• Despite their light weight and small dimensions, all cameras are designed using the ‘pressure proof encapsulation’ type of ignition protection; this means that products in pressurised enclosures need no additional monitoring equipment.

• Its minimum sensitivity of 0, 0004 makes the cameras so sensitive that it does not need powerful lighting technology. This means that in combination with a 50 watt headlamp, the cameras can replace comparable systems with 400 watt xenon lights.

• To be considered as an explosive proof, the camera must meet the standards identified by ATEX or IECEx. ATEX was created to protect workers from explosive risks and provide common standards for all equipments traded within the EU. IECEx is an international standard. These standards define the type of environment and the protection level required by the equipment.

The different types of cameras and their benefits available for oil and gas industries are:

• Ex compact camera – it is a small lightweight, modest and a compact camera which makes it easier to be installed in the smallest corners.

Ex AFZ Camera – the Ex zoom camera offers day and night inspection.

• Ex TIC Camera – the IP69K protected thermal imaging camera allows surveillance without a light source.

All the cameras hold the benefit of Aluminum and stainless steel and are designed for extreme temperatures. These cameras are shock and vibrant resistant and are signed under the ATEX and IECEX certified zone.

With all this features in hand, you are sure to have continuity and capture details even in the most hazardous areas.