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November 6, 2019

Your security needs shouldn’t compromise in front of geographically challenging environments. And that’s where the solar-powered security cameras come in. A solar-powered security camera can be used to monitor the off-grid places or remote areas where running cables would be impossible or overly expensive, such as the constructions sites, barns, farms, rural houses, etc.

If you are looking forward to installing solar-powered security cameras for surveillance? You’ll need to get into the nitty-gritty of solar power for CCTV cameras before your purchase. Here, we’ll address the essential feature you should check before buying a solar CCTV Camera system. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

  • Wi-Fi + 4G connection

High tech advanced technology solar cameras come with wi-fi + 4 connection. This will provide user access to live video stream or recorded footage from anywhere at any time.

  •  Weatherproof

As solar camera exposes to extreme sunlight, the camera must be resistant to harsh environmental conditions. So, you should always prefer the camera with the durable weatherproof casing so it can withstand the harshest outdoor conditions.

  • PIR sensor

Your solar camera system should have the latest PIR sensor technology. This enables auto recording & push notifications when it senses heat.

  • Free Cloud storage

The ideal solar camera solution is the one with a high storage capacity. If it has sufficient cloud storage, then it will be feasible for you to store your recording. So always prefer the solar camera manufacturer who provides upto 30-day free cloud storage. 

  • 1080P full HD

Image quality is the prime feature for any camera. So you check whether the image quality of your solar CCTV camera is in accordance with your requirement. We will recommend you to opt for 1080 P full HD, as this will provide you with crystal clear video quality shows every little detail.

  • Night vision with IR

If you’re installing solar security camera system for monitoring and surveillance, then opt for a solar CCTV camera system providing night vision with IR. As cameras with IR capture detailed black and white infrared video in complete darkness.

So here is the primary factor you should not neglect while buying solar-powered camera system. If you’re looking for solar-powered CCTV solution in Saudi Arabia, then you can get in touch with us, We will provide you with the best-suited solution at commercially affordable prices. For more such updates on the security solutions stay tuned to sharpeagle Technology . Visit us at

September 18, 2019

A forklift is utilized in a wide range of organizations from warehouses, Ship dockyards or ports, transport, cargo and many more big industries require heavy load lifting. Whenever a forklift is needed, no substitute will work. Forklifts are generally excellent ventures for large organizations although there are numerous difficulties in owning and working of the forklift. These difficulties incorporate the wellbeing, security, insurance, confirmation, and nature of the items being taken care of and operators that drive the forklift and other employees present at the worksite.

According to OSHA statistics indicate that there are roughly 85 forklift fatalities and 34,900 serious injuries each year. With 42 % of the forklift fatalities from the operator’s being crushed by a tipping vehicle. And if accidents happen, the company is liable to compensate & paid to the affected personnel. There are:

  • 14,900 serious claims every year.
  • 195 muscular stress while carrying or lifting objects.
  • 17% muscular stress while handling objects/products
  • 40% of these issues are from food product and fabricated metal product manufacturing industries.

With implementing safety measures at your worksite, you can prevent this mishap to a great extent. Forklift safety solution is a quick and long-term safety measure. In this update will discuss what the prominent forklift solution which enhances safety at your job site.  

  • Forklift Anti Collision Solution
  • Fork View Camera Solution
  • Forklift Speed Limiter Solution
  • Forklift Anti Collision Solution

           Forklift Anti Collision Solution


    • Front & Rear View
    • High Precision Sensors with alarm
    • Remote Monitoring system
  • Fork View Camera Solution

Fork View Camera Solution


    • Wireless operation
    • Viewing angle of 45 degree
    • Line of sight 50 meters
    • IP 69k approved (waterproof & Vandal-proof)
  • Forklift Speed Limiter Solution

forklift speed limiter


    • 2 speed with easy activation
    • Over speeding alarm
    • Prevent the loss of engine power
    • Available in 12 V & 24 V

So, here’s how safety measures can help you in preventing warehouses accidents. As said “Safety First is Safety Always”, so it’s better to implement safety now than to cry over the loss later. For more such updates on warehouse safety solution stay tuned with us!

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August 29, 2019

Operating a forklift has at all times been a challenging occupation, chiefly because of limited eyesight. So, blunders by forklift operators occur usually, which may harm the goods, products as well as a severe hazard to the pedestrian. This is the point where a forklift camera system might provide help. Having a wireless forklift camera system, you’re able to lessen the vulnerability obstacles of working on a healer as well as the consequent general security potential risks.

In areas at which you can tackle significant loads, a noodle camera program may be described as a real advantage. Wondering does this make any difference? Listed below are 10 Explanations for Why you Ought to Use a wireless forklift CCTV camera system for your warehouses:  

  • Minimize forklift’s inherent blind spots:

Even a wireless forklift camera system might be mounted at the rear front, sides or in any location across the lift truck at which visibility has been diminished. This will decrease the vehicle’s blind-spots, and provide the operator with a clear perspective of the forks, racks and the surroundings. 

  • Workforce up it along with additional vehicle security strategies to get improved outcome: 

With a forklift camera system, you can combine your forklift camera system using auto-braking mechanics, mobile CCTV programs, and vehicle radar. This will allow the truck operator to get whole eyesight of the best, bottom, right and left blind spots, as well as the complete vision of fork. In this manner, all blind spots around your forklift can be removed completely.

  • Enhanced protection of staff members: 

Having an accurate and crystal clear view of their environment for forklift drivers, the likelihood of injuries and dangers of different harms could diminish. This will increase the safety of the whole staff. 

  • Increased precision

” The forklift operators’ enhanced eyesight can aid them to rank bulky loads with better accuracy.

  • Boost into productiveness:

 Straining the neck to return to the front return front or faking the back into peep out of the truck and make sure the forks match the load is more familiar with regular operators. This hinders their concentration, precision, and rate. With wireless forklift camera, these issues may be removed entirely, hence increasing productivity. 

  • Ease of use: 

The significant benefit of a wireless forklift camera system is it might be set up on any kind of Heater, even large counterbalance forklift trucks. 

  • Reduced demo and mistake situations: 

Due to some improved eyesight due to a noodle camera program, the inlet operator could observe the position of the forks and the loading. This undoubtedly reduces the time which will have otherwise been wasted on persistent trial and error. 

  • Improved rate: 

Even a forklift camera system commonly includes an LCD screen installed on the dashboard which is straightforward for that forklift operator to look at. So he will determine how and at which the forks are being placed straight from his chair with no fatigue, neck or back strain. 

  • Reduced damages: 

Forklift operators deal with cumbersome and expensive items, slim aisles and various rack heights and tight corners and noisy surroundings. All of these increase the possibility of damages. A forklift camera makes the forklift operators aware of what is occurring within their surroundings, thereby reducing the odds of onsite harms. 

  • A judicious decision: 

The very optimal/optimally portion of installing a Vacuum camera program? Using that, you may not just reduce damages to products, but also overcome the challenges of mishaps, which might cause severe traumas if not dying. This will let you save a significant amount in the long run. 

A multiple-choice conclusion: 

The very optimal/optimally portion of installing in a Vacuum camera program? Using that, you may not just reduce harm to your product, but also overcome the challenges of mishaps, which can cause considerable traumas if not loss of life. This may permit you to save a substantial amount in the future.

Maybe now you realise your forklift can’t do without a forklift camera systemIn case you’ve got some queries or need to learn how you can get it installed at your warehouse, we’d be content to help you.

July 25, 2019

Organizations and associations that utilization forklifts know the overall impacts of these machines; however, they may not understand the numerous advantages of a wireless forklift camera framework. Forklifts assume an essential job in guaranteeing that the activities in the production chain proceed with no intrusion.

Be that as it may, the activity of a forklift is something beyond moving in the warehouse. The administrators and different gatherings included the need to invest bunches of exertion in guaranteeing that there are no disasters or mishaps. Fortunately, the tasks can be made smoother and more unaffected by a wireless forklift camera system.

The forklift operator will almost certainly see everything around the forklift through the screen. Being remote implies that there is no physical association between the cameras and the screen. Thus, the recording’s from the cameras are handed-off straightforwardly to the screen in their raw structure. Everything that shows up on the screen is in real-time. All in all, would this be able to have any effect on a business? Indeed, it does. Notwithstanding the size or nature of your business, the wireless system will be of extraordinary assistance to forklift administrators.

  1. Increase Productivity

Every business goes for expanding its degree of profitability. This can occur if everyone in the system is in excellent condition. A wireless forklift camera system can enable you to accomplish this objective. This triggers the subject of “How.” The operator will have a much brighter perspective without hesitation as opposed to a vulnerable side. Understanding through visual perception, the nearness of their forklift to different forklifts, walkers, and the other potential impediments in their work region can help in the sheltered activity of a forklift. The majority of this will ideally help the forklift administrator in the safe shipping of items and materials.

  1. Increases Pedestrian Safety

Insights on forklift mishaps are very stressing. Did you know that the probability of a forklift to be associated with a lethal accident is 90%? As indicated by insights, forklift mishaps bring about roughly 85 passings consistently. Additionally, forklifts are related to 61,800 minor wounds and 34,000 noteworthy wounds. The miserable part is that 80% of these mishaps involve pedestrians.

A wireless forklift camera framework can take care of this issue. Operators can move securely around the premises supported by cameras. They can likewise check whether there is any individual who is in their line of movement and takes necessary life-saving measures. Generally, the cameras increment pedestrian wellbeing by limiting passings and wounds that can be brought about by a forklift.

  1. Assist with Placing and Retrieving High Loads

It is those warehousing and storage operations where inventory is stored high on racks that will benefit from a wireless camera. The camera can be mounted at fork level which can assist your forklift operators with guiding the forklift tines into the pockets of the pallet. Reduce the chance of pushing pallets off racking, losing products due to uneven lifting/fork placement or damaged product due to the forks coming into contact with them. 

  1. Decrease Product Damage

Products can get harmed when forklifts move them. Although some may see this as a minor issue, it has far-getting consequences for the benefit of a business. A forklift wireless camera will shield products from such harms. Aside from giving the operator a clear view of the path that they are supposed to take, they will likewise have the option to see the arrangement of the item on the forklift. This will help them to be additional careful when moving around.They will keep away from unsafe circumstances that can harm the product.

5. Reduce or Eliminate Forklift Blind Spots

With wireless forklift camera, an operator will be able to identify and avoid possible safety issues, that may be present in the inherent blind spots located around the forklift

When the forklift is introduced in spots where, without the assistance of the wireless camera, their vision is darkened.The reason is the limited visibility of the operator when they navigate the forklift by looking through the mast.One way to increase the operator’s line of sight would be to mount a  camera on the forklifts overhead guard, which is possible with a wireless camera.

If you are looking for such wireless forklift camera system for your organization as a safety measure for forklift operator’s, then visit us and book your consultation for forklift camera with us.

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July 11, 2019

Security measures crosswise over oil and gas offices and framework must be kept as compelling as conceivable consistently. The explanation behind this is the crude materials being handled at these locales are generally profoundly combustible and hazardous. 

 Challenges of Oil & Gas Industry

  • Employees Safety Issues: one of the significant concerns of oil & gas industry is the safety of the employees & workers, as the generation chain goes offshore exploration and drilling platforms to onshore oil wells, where general security is concerned, this makes numerous issues.
  • Harsh Weather Conditions: The plants & worksite are mostly located in outskirts & inaccessible areas which are subject to harsh environmental conditions.
  • High-Risk environment: Major challenge of ensuring the protection of personnel, of the expensive infrastructure and production processes are numerous. As raw materials processed in these areas are extremely flammable, toxic and corrosive, the facilities are classed as “atmosphere at risk of explosion” by international guidelines.

The composition of the Exproof CCTV surveillance system

Exproof Network video surveillance systems are now the most suitable technology for these applications providing definite advantages for Oil and Gas sites such as: 

  • A higher image quality:

 The greater detail allows for a more accurate analysis of a scene, avoids false alarms, and ensures a more timely and effective intervention. 

  •  Remote access system :

With exproof CCTV camera system, operators can monitor the worksite by the live video streams at any time and from any authorized PC which is connected to the Internet. It also provides the option of archiving recordings at remote locations. 

  • Easy Access:

 Explosion proof camera system more flexibility and more accessible system upgrades in the future. If necessary, you can add cameras with absolutely no difficulty.

  • Commercially Affordable: 

 Comparative to the general camera exproof CCTV camera will be commercially affordable for installation and maintenance costs.  

  • High Sustainability:

Exproof camera is the ideal surveillance solution for the oil and gas industry. As they are designed to resist harsh weather conditions, humidity, water & most importantly, explosive materials.Thus, it becomes easier to monitor the work site.

Exproof CCTV system a well-thought-out video surveillance system, designed with high quality and reliable products, can reduce risk in potentially critical areas, such as those found across the oil and gas industry, contributing to the protection of people’s health, assets, and the environment.

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June 27, 2019

Poor visibility of forklift operators can be attributed to forklift accidents, followed by damage to equipment. Forklift accidents cause significant loss of work, human resources & machinery to the organisation. As per the report of forklift Fails Portal, here are the statistics for forklift accident reported in the year 18-19.

  • In the US, on an average, approximately one individual is killed every three days in a forklift accident.
  • In the UK, five workers suffer debilitating and life-changing injuries every workday following forklift accidents.

From overturned forklifts and workers falling from them to workers pinned, crushed, or struck, by forklifts, accidents and injuries are varied. Dislocations, complex fractures, and deglovings to amputations and even death, the associated risks of operating forklift trucks are significant. Most of these accidents occur mainly due to lack of proper visibility. But by using forklift camera systems, such accidents and the associated risks can be reduced significantly.

If you’re considering to install forklift cameras for your organisation but are in a dilemma. Then in this update will explain the different benefits of installing a forklift camera as per HSE norms.

 How Can Vision Techniques of Forklift Camera Helps:

  • Installing a forklift camera is an essential step in improving operator safety and cargo transportation. Whether using a wired or a wireless forklift camera, its easier to lift high loads and protect cargo.
  • When operating heavy equipment like forklifts, operators often can’t see the loads they’re moving as mirrors don’t alert them about obstacles on their rear. Unquestionably, hand signals communicated among workers often fail to give the operators a clear view of the surrounding. On the contrary, with a forklift camera system, operators get access to real-time, high-quality visual information. Wonder why does it matter? Because it provides a high quality visual of the surrounding area in a digital monitor connected with forklift CCTV camera that helps them make the smartest decision while loading heavy lift.
  • Forklift camera solves the following problems:
      • With wireless forklift cameras, the vision of an operator doesn’t get obscured.
      • With the camera, operators are more easily able to pick up high loads.
      • With a forklift camera system, a forklift operator can identify and evade possible safety issues.
      • Installation of forklift camera systems helps in a better posture of forklift operators. It eliminates their need of bending their necks to look up or twist to look outside of the forklift truck to get a proper view of the load. Wondering what the real story is? Pain and fatigue caused by such bending and twisting often trigger accidents involving forklift operators. By minimizing such pain and fatigue, forklift cameras significantly reduce operators’ injuries and accidents. Thereby, increasing the operator’s efficiency.

It is also essential for operators to drive slowly while looking at the camera since one’s eyes are diverted away from the front of the vehicle. Forklift cameras are the lifesaver tool to prevent forklift accidents and injuries.

If you are looking for such cameras for your organisation as a safety measure for forklift operator’s, then visit us and book your consultation for forklift camera with us.

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June 20, 2019

Working in hazardous environments such as offshore, onshore, marine and heavy industrial food processing plants, oil and gas facilities, chemical sites, oil depot, ship tanks are subjected to danger & explosion. In spite of all precautionary measures and using protective gears for your employees, you never know when things could go wrong.

How about you would get to know in real-time and respond fast or have an eye on-site constantly on the worksite?This would prevent any mishap before it occurs, and it would be easy to monitor your work site. That’s why explosion proof PTZ camera is the ideal solution for you. Unlike standard static security cameras, PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) explosion proof digital cameras provide you with a 360-degree view of your workplace.

On top of that, you can access the monitoring system remotely from anywhere. Also, a wide range of ex-proof cameras is certified by ATEX for use in explosion sensitive areas Zone 2 and Zone 1, Group IIC and Zone 22 and Zone 21. In this update will share how explosion proof PTZ camera is effective for hazardous environment.

  1. Resistant To Harsh Weather Condition:

From ex-proof digital camera to ex-proof CCTV camera, are designed to sustain and resilient to survive the natural elements such as Humidity,  high temperature, and pressure. Thus, despite the harsh weather condition, the ex-proof camera system will work effectively.

  1. Easy Access & monitoring:

You can install ex-proof camera system anywhere that you want to monitor for tracking your employee’s activities and movements. Also, the ex-proof camera helps in monitoring what’s going on in your worksite in real-time.

3.Tilting or panning:

Explosion proof PTZ cameras are known as ‘speed domes.’ The reason being they can tilt or pan quickly in different directions. Also, these are user-friendly and can move accurately even when focused on objects located at a distance.

4. Night vision:

Most of the time, industrial location has poor lighting. This makes proper surveillance difficult since sufficient lighting conditions are critical to capture high-quality images. With explosion proof CCTV cameras, capturing images in the night, poor light or even in total darkness has now become possible.

  1. Auto-focus:

Explosion proof PTZ cameras comprise of the in-built autofocus system. This will help you to autofocus on suspicious areas or Target objects. As the system is designed in such a way that it automatically senses the area or object they should focus on; these cameras quickly shift focus while matching the system’s speed of the tilt and pan. 

Apart from ease of installation with various mounting options and configurations, explosion proof PTZ cameras have additional benefits too. Security features like data encryption and support for real-time intrusion detection, face detection, and unauthorized loitering detection make it a must-have tool.

If you need the best quality explosion proof video cameras, CCTV cameras or digital cameras, Then get in touch with sharpeagle our experts offer you a helping hand for selecting the best-suited explosion proof CCTV camera solution for your worksite.

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June 13, 2019

Organizations and associations that utilization forklifts know the far-reaching impacts of these motorized machines; however, they may not realize the many benefits of a forklift camera system. Forklifts play a critical role in assuring that the activities in the production chain proceed with no intrusion. The operations can be made smoother and more accessible by a forklift wireless camera system & operators will be able to view everything around the forklift through the screen. Here are five major benefits of the forklift camera system

  1.   Increase operator Efficiency

Industries aim at increasing the forklift operator efficiency, which enhances productivity. They look forward to implementing a  strategy which helps in maximizing the productivity of the team. lift truck camera increases operator efficiency by 40 % comparative to the operator working without forklift camera. Thus, installing wireless forklift camera system will provide companies with a value-added service with increased productivity.

  1. Increases Pedestrian Safety:

Working with forklift brings the most crucial factor is to make sure pedestrian safety. With the forklift camera system, the operator gets proper visibility with a sensor alarm system which will make the operator aware of the pedestrian presence in the working area.

  1. Prevent Accidents & Forklift collision:

With Forklift camera system, forklift operator will be able to identify and avoid possible safety issues that may be present in the inherent blind spots located around the forklift. Thus, this will prevent accidents which are more likely to occur due to the blind spot.Also, forklift camera system comprises of alarm system which will alert the operator about the presence of forklift nearby preventing forklift collision.  

4.Decrease Product Damage

As forklift camera facilitates, enhance visibility with blind spot visibility, which prevents accidents to a great extent. Also, contribute to improving the driving standard. Thereby preventing forklift damages comparative to forklift without camera system.

  1. Assist with Placing and Retrieving High Loads

Forklift camera system is a boon for warehouse & storage where heavy lifting loads are involved. Forklift camera guide the operator in safety in lifting loads properly. It reduces the chance of pushing pallets off racking, losing products due to uneven lifting/fork placement or damaged product due to the forks coming into contact with them. This is how Forklift safety solution plays a significant role in safety measures for the workers, employees & drivers. Safety solution is a boon for industries extensively using the forklift.

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May 29, 2019

Industries such as oil and gas, petroleum industry, chemical manufacturing units and construction are prone to explosion. Thus, they require explosion-proof video cameras on location for surveillance. As proper monitoring, inspection, and evaluation are essential to maintain safety in such industries. In this regard, without a stable monitoring system, you cannot ensure a safe workplace for your workers which is necessary, and you need to install explosion proof CCTV cameras to maintain safety at your workplace. In this update, we’ll share why would you need to install an explosion proof camera at your worksite.

There is a wide range of explosion proof digital cameras system available in the market, and you might get confused about the best purchase. If you are associated with explosion sensitive & hazardous industry based in regions such as Dubai, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar or Oman, then SharpEagle Technology can help you with your requirements pertaining to explosion-proof CCTV cameras.

  • Oil and gas industry is acknowledged as one of the most dangerous work sectors. According to MMRBH, In oil & gas industry, 2018 mark 27 % increase in accidents, nearly 16 deaths per 100,000 workers. If you deal with hazardous materials such as oil and gas, the chances of an accident are much higher. To protect & ensure safety measures for your workplace & workers and to have substantial evidence of an accident, you must install ex-proof digital camera. At times accidents cannot be avoided, despite all the precautions you may take. These cameras can help you determine the cause of the accident and can also help you prevent such accidents in the future.
  • Explosion proof cameras can protect your employees from any disaster or accident beforehand, and also provide real-time support. With a constant live feed, a surveillance manager can monitor your employees & workplace, and if you find anything out of the norm, then you can question the particular employee.
  • Supervisors or safety experts in your company can monitor the production process through these cameras. You do not need to appoint a full-time safety expert to observe the manufacturing/ production process 24 hours because you can easily view the footage recorded by these cameras from anywhere. Not just that, you can also adjust the DVR system of such cameras to record and store the data of 10 to 15 days. But you need to make sure to transfer the data before overwriting.
  • Explosion proof cameras can provide you with 24×7 surveillance, and you can install them on the rig floor, monkey board, driller console, and sub-base rigs. All the variant of explosion proof digital cameras provided by SharpEagle can be installed on on-shore and off-shore rigs. You can also choose additional control systems such as controller, monitor, cables, and connectors to install the cameras.
  • Ex-proof cameras are designed with 304 or 316 stainless steel with superior corrosion resistance. They are resistant to extremely harsh weather condition. Thus, it makes them ideal to use in marine, oil & gas, onshore-offshore rigs, drilling industries. These cameras can also provide you with additional safety, and they can protect valuable raw materials from any sabotage or theft.

There are variants of explosion proof digital cameras confined to different features. So, select the one which is fit to fulfil your requirements. Also, make sure that your explosion proof cameras have ATEX certifications with marking for Zone 1 and Zone 2. For more information on explosion-proof CCTV camera systems, you can visit us at

May 19, 2019

Most of the Industries where working module solely depends on the forklift tends to get forklift on the lease from the lessor. There is upto 15- 20 % market share of forklift rental service. Recently, we got in a conversation with the managers of forklift leasing companies about the forklift safety solution. As lessor companies are concerned about forklift safety measures as it’s beneficial for them. In this update, we will let you know how  Sharpeagle Technology Solutions are useful for forklift rental service provider.

Benefits of safety solution for forklift leasing company:

  • Reduce Maintenance cost: The maintenance cost of forklift is very high as forklift are expensive. Leasing companies focus on minimizing this expense. As implementing a forklift safety solution reduces forklift damages upto 29 This will reduce the maintenance cost to a great extent which is beneficial for the leasing company.
  • Return On Investment: As forklift being the expensive vehicle, so leasing companies often look for what return they would get on investing in safety solutions. Below mentioned are the perks of getting forklift safety solutions.
  • Avail Competitive Rates To lessee: Forklift safety solutions reduce maintenance cost, which allows leasing company to provide the best possible competitive leasing rates to their clients.
  • Market Dominance: There is increasing demand for EHS compliance globally and leasing companies providing safety solutions along with productivity improvements will dominate the market
  • Increase the lifespan of Forklift: One of the major benefits of safety solution for leasing companies is increase in the lifespan of the forklift. According to the report of TMHNC, the average lifespan of a forklift is 10,000 hours. In a globally developed market, forklift with safety solution tends to last longer by 20%. Installing forklift safety solutions such as lift truck camera system, fork view camera & forklift speed limiting device consequently increases the lifespan. Thus, implementing safety solution reduces damages further resulting increasing economic life of forklift for optimum utilization by the lessee.

Benefits of safety solution for the client: 

Client is ultimately the end user for forklift. So leasing company should look out for the benefits their clients would get from forklift safety solution. Forklift safety solution is beneficial for lessee as much as it is beneficial for leasing companies. Investing in safety solution will provide additional value to the companies opting forklift on lease in a various manner.

  • Reduce Forklift Damages

Organizations using the forklift on lease tends to damage lift truck due to lack of safety solutions. Here’s how forklift solutions reduce forklift damages.

  • If leasing companies provide forklift camera solution along with forklift, it facilitates operator in terms of better visibility which prevents forklift crash & collision to a great extent.
  • In case the forklift is lacking forklift speed limiter device, then it leads to rash driving which damages forklift.  Electric speed limiter device by Sharpeagle technologies is designed to prevent high-speed driving without affecting the working power of the engine.

Thus, safety solution will prevent the loss of man & machinery and also, help in increasing safety measures at the work site.

  • Prevent Accidents

As per the report by McCue, Forklifts account for around 85 deaths, 34,900 serious injuries, 61,800 nonserious injuries each year. The primary cause of forklift accidents is poor visibility, which leads to severe injuries to drivers & damage to the forklift. It is estimated that having safety solutions reduces the chances of an accident by atleast 35%.

  • Operator Efficiency

As most of the companies focus on increasing work efficiency; Forklift safety solution enhances operator efficiency which results in increased productivity. Working with fork view camera solution increase operator efficiency by 40% by saving time during loading and unloading goods. End-user tends to have better visibility on the rear with the help of rearview.  

  • Less downtime

Sharpeagle solutions are designed keeping in mind loss on man hours in case of accidental damages. All our solutions are easy to install and repair meaning most of the common issues can be fixed by the operator itself.

This is how Forklift safety solutions are helpful for both lessor & lessee.  Also, Safety solution is a boon for industries getting forklift on lease. If you want to get more update on forklift safety solutions, then get in touch with us.

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