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Manoeuvring Forklifts for Safety

Forklift safety has now become a priority for most of the organisations operating in Rigs, Marine, construction, material handling and construction fields. As a manifestation of safety regimes across the industry, forklift safety is rising up the ladder. It has acquired an important position in planning for prevention of injuries, thereby facilitating massive savings on cost.

As the focus on workplace safety has increased largely, usage of forklift cameras is definitely a remarkable step to ensure the safety of life and cargo. With the operators being aware of their surroundings, the probability of accidents is minimised to a great extent, thus ensuring high accuracy in the operations and better productivity overall.

For instance, reduction in collisions means less delay and lesser costs involved in repair and maintenance. This could mean more focus and uninterrupted workflow which leads to increased productivity at the workplace.

How to prevent collisions?

Ensuring safety of operators and fellow employees working in the vicinity of a forklift is imperative. The key to safety lies in learning from the past incidents. Assessing the most common and worst situations can help avoid any possible incidence in the future and establish the need for a planned and upgraded foolproof system.

How To Curb Risk

1. Cross aisles and corners

These are the hotspots for collisions because of restricted visibility. To mitigate the risks of collision here, install an alarming light system or a warning system. These proximity sensors alert the operator and will make them slow down or stop to avoid collision.

2. Changing directions

Steering and reversing can be dangerous for people around the forklifts. One ideal solution to this is installing a wireless forklift camera system with anti-collision system. It cautions forklift drivers if any other vehicle is approaching. This is especially valuable when the operator is reversing and there’s very limited visibility.

3. Speed control System

Speeding up of these beasts is often resulting in loss of control and toppling over of forklifts. This remains the major reason of casualties related to forklifts. By installing speed limiters with auto cut function might be a great help to slow down and stop overspending beyond a certain limit.

4. Limited visibility on the fork

Another major issue is restrictive vision on the tip of forks when heavy load has to be shelved. Most of the times, the operator works using an approximate distance estimate.

To enhance efficiency and improve operating procedures, installing a forkview camera right on the forks gives an additional eye to the operator. The system includes a monitor which displays the exact positioning of the load on the forks, thereby improving efficiency and reducing the occurrence of misplacement.

Ensuring Forklift Safety is all about following the safety procedures, installing comprehensive and reliable safety solutions on forklifts, fork trucks, reach trucks, cranes, loaders, etc.

SharpEagle technology specializes in providing customised solutions to organisations across various industries. We, at SharpEagle, are happy to assist you with all your forklift queries and solutions. Get your forklift assistance at – we guarantee safety at your workplace.

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Explosion Proof Cameras- The Resilient equipment for Oil and Gas industry

What is an explosion proof camera?

Explosion proof cameras are the equipment which are best suited for hazardous explosive areas. These cameras are designed to prevent ignition of the surrounding gases and dust in these environments. They either contain any explosion within the device, or prevent sparks exiting the device and triggering an explosion. This means that the camera system will not cause an explosion, however survive explosions outside the enclosure.
Explosive environments can be found in a number of places. Oil and Gas industry is one among them. Since it involves a risky environment, your camera needs to be explosion proof. It holds the certain benefits:

• The Explosion proof cameras, especially the stainless steel models are the resilient explosion proof cameras. Their weather resistant stainless steel casings have a rating of IP67, which makes them absolutely dust-tight and watertight.

• Despite their light weight and small dimensions, all cameras are designed using the ‘pressure proof encapsulation’ type of ignition protection; this means that products in pressurised enclosures need no additional monitoring equipment.

• Its minimum sensitivity of 0, 0004 makes the cameras so sensitive that it does not need powerful lighting technology. This means that in combination with a 50 watt headlamp, the cameras can replace comparable systems with 400 watt xenon lights.

• To be considered as an explosive proof, the camera must meet the standards identified by ATEX or IECEx. ATEX was created to protect workers from explosive risks and provide common standards for all equipments traded within the EU. IECEx is an international standard. These standards define the type of environment and the protection level required by the equipment.

The different types of cameras and their benefits available for oil and gas industries are:

• Ex compact camera – it is a small lightweight, modest and a compact camera which makes it easier to be installed in the smallest corners.

Ex AFZ Camera – the Ex zoom camera offers day and night inspection.

• Ex TIC Camera – the IP69K protected thermal imaging camera allows surveillance without a light source.

All the cameras hold the benefit of Aluminum and stainless steel and are designed for extreme temperatures. These cameras are shock and vibrant resistant and are signed under the ATEX and IECEX certified zone.

With all this features in hand, you are sure to have continuity and capture details even in the most hazardous areas.

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Forklift Cameras- the Driver’s Aid for Forklift Activities

Forklift accidents caused due to heavy loading and poor visibility is the major concern today for warehouses/storehouses. Avoiding such incidents has become an obligation to avoid immobilisation of work. Intensive training, strategic hires and equipment upgrades are the essential steps taken, however ‘visibility’ still remains a big challenge.

So how do you avoid such incidents? How do you upgrade your technology to serve your employees better?

Wireless forklift cameras, thus answer all your queries. It is an invention which has gone a long way to contribute for the safety of employees with forklift. Let’s see how: Forklift cameras increases visibility in every possible environment. It is an instrument which can be mounted in all directions of the forklift truck. It assists the forklift operator to have a rear view of the back and sides. This in-turn helps with a number of activities such as:

Double-deep racking

High and low racking heights

Reading product and rack labels

Indoor and outdoor lighting

Video recording for verification, human resources, management and training.

Types of Forklift cameras:

A forklift camera may be categorised differently, depending upon the view they provide.

Here are a few:

Carriage Views: Carriage views from a forklift, moves up and down with the forks of the forklift, giving a better vision at any fork level. This can be sorted into three different categories.

Carriage fork level: This camera is the most exposed in terms of possible contact and damage. It is beneficial for fork elevation, fork insertion and other limited views through and beneath the pallets for load placement.

Carriage Mid-level: This comes handy, when a fork-level view is not possible. This allows the operator to see fork depth and side to side location more clearly.

Carriage Load Backrest: These cameras are best suited for overview in front of the carriage, fork depth and side to side view.

Mast Views: Safety, fork depth and side to side placement is the basic purpose of a mast view camera. This camera is a stationery to the forklift floor, this is because it doesn’t move up or down with the forks, making it less expensive than other cameras.

Rear Views: These cameras are placed behind the forklift truck, letting the forklift operator to see moving targets, safe backing up for congested areas and counterbalance trucks.

Having glanced at the different types of cameras lets point out a few benefits of a forklift camera system:

A forklift camera helps improve productivity

It increases load time

Helps eliminate trial and error time

It reduces staffing

Forklift cameras help increase safety for operators and products.

With so many plus points, a forklift camera system is thus an important requirement and one among the other forklift essentials. We at SharpEagle, help assist you with all your forklift queries and solutions. Get your forklift assistance at for we assure guaranteed safety at your workplace.

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Forklift Cameras- A Potential Requirement in Warehouses and Storehouses

From decades ago, forklift operations have never been an easy task! Due to heavy loading, forklift operators tend to make blunders, which in-turn leads to accidents and damage.

As a warehouse/storehouse manager, it would become a vital requirement to reduce such accidents, if not avoided. However, even if one considers intensive training, strategic hires and equipment upgrades as significant steps taken, ‘Vision’ still remains the biggest challenge for the operators. The reach of forklift operators to visualize where they are and to verify mishandling of products is of utmost importance, failing which it would lead to serious damage of products, equipment and the worse, to people.

Wireless forklift camera system is one of the excellent instruments which permit the operator to have different views around the lift truck. Its installation is absolutely simple and can be employed in the front, back, sides or anywhere around the lift truck where visibility is limited. Forklift Cameras contribute directly to increased visibility and thus an increase in productivity. It helps operators at warehouses to deal with a number of forklift concerns such as:

  • High and low racking heights
  • Double-deep racking
  • Reading product and rack levels
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Video recording of human resources, product verification and management and training opportunities.

Forklift camera system also works well with any kind of operational or attachment tasks, to list a few:

  • Push pulls that push the load on cardboard
  • Roll handling for paper and sheet metal
  • Turret trucks with forks that swing different ways
  • Side Shifting Fork Position attachments (SSFP)
  • Clamps

Having said that lets list out the impact and certain benefits of wireless forklift camera for Warehouse/storehouse:

  • Improves Productivity: Even the most experienced forklift operator experiences fatigue in the time spent analyzing to see behind and around the forklift. Wireless forklift cameras help in visualizing the entire field without letting the operator change its position, thus reducing neck and back strain and increasing productivity and force.
  • Eradicate Trial and Error Time: The capability to see through the forklift cameras and to analyze where the forks fits well, certainly reduces repetitive trial and error time. At the same time it also reduces the risk of damaging products, as operators have a clear view of where and how the forks are being placed.
  • Reduces Staffing: Given that wireless forklift cameras provide clear visibility, it can help avoid hiring a guide to assist the forklift operator, thus reducing manpower.
  • Zeal for Young Operators: Hiring new forklift operators can often be challenging. However, forklift cameras create a fun and interactive experience for the youths who can identify with the ‘video game connection’ they experience from operating a forklift.

So gear up to upgrade your forklift operations with a Wireless forklift camera system and having any difficulties, do connect with us at, for we believe in having a solution for all your forklift camera needs.

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The Sense of Security Against the Potential Risks at a Rig, A Well Fitted Reason to Introduce Ex-Proof PTZ Camera

Intrinsic safety devices are purpose-built to stop potential dangerous sparks or other damaging heating effects when working in volatile environments, be it Zone 1 or 2.

 These explosion proof CCTV cameras are essential for continuous monitoring hazardous environments such as gas platforms, providing confirmation that the work environment will remain safe.

In addition, the explosion proof camera are meant to be installed at following industries: Chemical sites, oil and gas facilities, food processing plants and numerous others hazardous environments, such as a chemical factory, Ship tanks, oil field, oil depot, chemical industry, gas, ferry-place, desert, frontier defense.

An ideal high quality ex proof camera should be rugged and minor damage resistant. Our camera glass is made up of high-tech nano material, dust-proof and waterproof, so no need to worry about the work of the glass wiper damage.

Let’s talk about what PTZ Cameras are? PTZ stands for (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) security cameras provide many benefits over standard static security cameras. Such static cameras, the field of view is determined at the time of installation and doesn’t change without a manual adjustment of the mounting angle or a change of the camera lens. PTZ cameras offer you the great flexibility and a simplified installation with their ability to rotate on a 360-degree plane; which means an eye rotating 360 0 at the workplace.

The best benefit of PTZ camera is that you can take care of everything that’s happening at your workplace, while you’re not there. No matter if you’ve engaged supervisor to monitor the workers, keeping an eye on the progress, your expensive products, and most importantly to record and relay the live feed becomes important particularly in long term projects. Installing the best quality security camera at your workplace is the best idea. Explosion proof PTZ camera can help you to monitor and record your workplace 24*7. But not all cameras are created equally; features vary from camera to camera. PTZ security cameras have successfully helped a lot of people over years.

Here are a few benefits of explosion proof PTZ camera:

Tracking: explosion proof PTZ camera can be installed in areas where ever you want and it can track movements and activities of your employees. You can also keep an eye on a worksite.

Weather Resistant: Nowadays explosion proof PTZ camera is manufactured in a way that they easily survive years of direct contact with natural elements. In fact, most people who are looking to install cameras in difficult locations like high rise buildings, invest their trust in high-quality PTZ cameras.

Night Vision: Explosion-proof PTZ camera is very useful for the night. Night vision is a very important benefit when you need to provide surveillance in an area with poor lighting conditions. The amount of light is critical to capturing a high-quality image. The advanced ex proof camera have the ability to capture images in total darkness.

Panning or tilting: PTZ security cameras are mostly referred as speed domes, and there’s a reason for it. These cameras can pan or tilt in absolute different directions very easily and fast. And regardless of the speed, they are very easy to handle and can move with precision even when focused on far away objects.

Auto Focus: Unlike some cheaper dome cameras, all explosion proof PTZ camera have full range auto focus built in. This feature is mostly overlooked by all but is an essential one for a PTZ camera when putting to use. It holds the ability to help the camera autofocus on suspicious objects. These cameras automatically sense the object or area to put into focus and easily keeps up with the speed of the pan and tilt system.

If you are looking for the explosion-proof digital camera in your part of country, across GCC including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain SharpEagle is the company which offers you the best quality product In the Middle East. Place orders directly on our official website: or visit us and know more about our product range.