Forklift Speed Limiter

Forklift speed limiter monitors & controls the speed of the forklift up to the maximum safe speed limit via a microcomputer. The forklift speed limiting device, designed by Sharpeagle Technologies provides a warning alarm to the driver whenever forklift is about to reach the safe speed limit thereby, reducing accident & prevailing the safety measures at the work site.

Product Features
  • Speed can be control up to the maximum safety limit.
  • Remote control option to set up the microcomputer settings
  • Warning sound alarm via P A Horn speaker ( indoor / outdoor )
  • Warning sound alarm can be change

Technical Parameters
  • Speed limit range 1 – 30 Km/h
  • Speed limit range 1 – 30 Km/h
  • Speed limit deviation: ±1 Km/h
  • Working voltage 12 / 24 v dc