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Fork View Camera for Forklifts

Forklift operators are plagued with the problem of not having a clear and precise vision of the goods they carry on the fork of their forklift. This often results in wrong placements of the goods that results in damage of assets, equipment and valuable goods, brings harm to employees and overall performance is negatively impacted.

Sharpeagle Technology introduces a revolutionary wireless camera system that gets attached to the fork of the forklift and transmits video signals to the monitor which is placed near the driver. This system helps to give clear vision clear vision from the fork of the forklift vehicle. Fork-View camera can be installed on forklifts, loaders, reach truck etc.

Fork View camera comes with options for wired and wireless connectivity and can be configured on same monitor with other 3 cameras as well as Anti-Collision System.

Salient Features

  • Fork View camera gives clear “Point of View” vision of the fork
  • Dynamic design and strong magnet helps to stick the camera on the fork
  • Options of wired and wireless connectivity
  • Options of connecting 4 cameras on the same monitor
  • System can be integrated with other cameras for 360* view around the forklift
  • Monitor have recording capabilities for 30 days

Advantages of installing Fork View Camera

  • Place goods on higher racks without incidents or damage
  • No more incidents or loss of goods or equipment
  • Operator can operate more confidently without fear