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10 Forklift Tips: Keep Your Warehouse Safe!

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10 Forklift Tips: Keep Your Warehouse Safe!

The forklift is, so far, one of the most used equipment in the factories for lifting heavyweights. Unfortunately, even though the machine is a savior to the workers, it can also become the reason for serious injuries or even deaths. Forklift accidents are not rare. They take place in huge numbers every year, and as per the reports, the number of forklift accidents is steeply rising. In such a scenario, it has become important for warehouse owners to implement safety measures to protect the workers and the workplace. If you are not aware of the preventive measures, it’s fine because we are here to help. In today’s guide, we will share with you ten tips to keep your warehouse safe. Keep reading!

1. Train Every Worker Well

Most accidents take place because the operators are not well trained with forklift management. As a result, they fail to understand the functions or cannot manage the machine’s weight while driving. But all of these can be easily avoided if you train your employees right. Even if someone has got experience in the field, do not let them skip the training period. By the end of the training, you will also know if the person is the right fit for the job. Proper training of the operators is the first step to ensuring a safe working environment.

2. Provide Safety System and Safety Clothes

Even when the operator is doing his best job, things can go out of hand. For such situations, you must install a Forklift safety system in your warehouse. This system will help you ensure that everything is right in place and send you a warning signal whenever something goes wrong. Another popular device installed in many factories is the forklift camera for the warehouse. A proper camera system will ensure that the driver gets a clear view of the surroundings while operating the machine. Lastly, every machine must have a forklift speed limiter to avoid collisions. When you use all of these safety solutions together, the chances of accidents reduce greatly.

Besides these safety solutions, also ensure that you workers are wearing:

A helmet
Tight-fitting clothes
Good quality safety shoes
Hi-Vis jacket

3. Regularly Check the Forklifts and Other Safety Precautions

Train your operators on how to check the forklifts for any damage. They must check various parts of every forklift, including the brakes, tires, mast, steering, controls, etc. If any damage is found, then the machine must be taken for servicing. Unless the forklift is completely repaired by a professional, it should not be used in work again.

4. Check Before Starting the Forklift

Whenever the operator is ready to drive the forklift, there are few things that he must check before starting the engine:

The mirrors should be angled correctly so that the driver gets a clear view of the surrounding.
The controls must be working, especially the brakes, so that no collision occurs due to the break fail of the forklift.
The seatbelt must be fastened tightly.

5. Things to Keep in Mind While Driving

A few things that you must consider while driving a forklift are:

Do not drive on an undesignated path.
Keep the speed within 10 miles/hour.
Look out for road signs like loading bays, low ceilings, and exclusive areas.
Check the surroundings to know the position of ramps and docks.

6. Learn the Ways of Preventing Hazards

To avoid any mishap, do things like:

Carefully check the surrounding for any bumps, uneven roads, or slippery paths.
Do not allow any loose string hanging from the forklift.
Always blow horn to warn people.
Lower the speed when driving into doorways or corners.
Keep a safe distance while applying brakes. A safe distance from humans or other machines while driving is also mandatory.

7. Keep in Mind the Safe Loading Tips

Some safe loading tips from the experts are:

Never overload the machine.
Place the load in a position that is tilted slightly backward.
Take the help of a skid for balance.
While the forklift is running, the forks should be placed low.
Secure each load with ropes.
Check the ceiling area for any obstacles in the way.

8. Keep Your View Clean

To drive the forklift without causing any damage, clear visibility is a must. Some tips on how to increase visibility are:

Keep the load in a lower position so that it does not obstruct the view.
Make sure that the load is clearly visible from the driving seat.
Install a forklift camera for the warehouse so that the operator can get the best view of the surrounding from his driving position.
Ask someone to help you with the road.
Lastly, do not drive in poor weather conditions.

9. Be Careful While Driving on Ramps

Make sure that you know the rules of driving on ramps by heart. These rules will be taught to you during the training period. You can keep practicing them regularly to memorize them well. People who are not careful while driving the forklift on a ramp often meet accidents. Hence, please do keep this tip in mind.

10. Keep the Forklift in a Proper Area

Do not leave the machine wherever you want. If your other workers are unaware of the forklift location, they might incur injuries caused by forklift accidents. Therefore, make sure there is a designated parking space for each forklift in your warehouse.

Closing Thoughts for the Best Forklift Damage Protection

Now that you know what you need to do to keep your warehouse safe from forklift accidents, make sure that you follow each tip. If you want to buy the best forklift safety solutions, there is no better place than SharpEagle. Our products have helped many factories with the finest forklift security camera, ant-collision system, and speed limiters. Will you prefer installing these safety solutions in your warehouse? We are eager to know!

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