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10 Reasons to Use Forklift Cameras in Warehouses

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10 Reasons to Use Forklift Cameras in Warehouses

Operating a forklift has always been a tough job, primarily due to restricted vision. Thus, blunders by forklift operators happen frequently, which can damage the products, equipment and even be a serious risk to people’s lives. This is where a Forklift camera can help. With a wireless forklift camera system, you can minimize the visibility challenges of operating a forklift and the resultant general safety dangers. In warehouses where you handle heavy loads, a forklift camera system can be a real asset. Wondering why does it matter?

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Here are 10 reasons why you should use a wireless forklift camera in warehouses:

1. Reduce forklift’s inherent blind spots: A wireless forklift camera can be installed at the back, front, sides, or at any other spot around the lift truck where visibility is impaired. This would help reduce the truck’s blind spots and give the operator a clear view of the forks, racks, and surroundings.

2.  Team it up with other vehicle safety systems for better results: You can combine your forklift camera system with auto-braking mechanisms, mobile CCTV systems, and vehicle radar. This will let the truck operator get a complete vision of the top, bottom, right, and left blind spots, together with a full vision of the fork. This way, all blind spots around your forklift can be effectively eliminated.

3. Improved safety of your employees: With a precise and clear view of the surroundings for forklift operators, chances of accidents and risks of other damages would decrease.

4. Improved accuracy: The forklift operators’ improved vision would help them position bulky loads with better accuracy.

5. Boost to productivity: Straining the neck to look back and front, or straining the back to peep out of the truck and ensure the forks fit the load is common with forklift operators. This hinders their concentration, accuracy, and speed. With a wireless forklift camera, these issues can be eliminated completely, thus increasing productivity.

6. Ease of use: A big advantage of a wireless forklift camera system is that it can be installed on literally any kind of forklift, even gigantic counterbalance forklift trucks.

7. Decreased trial and error times: Thanks to his improved vision due to a forklift camera system, the forklift operator can clearly see the position of the forks and the load. This certainly decreases the time that would have otherwise been wasted on repetitive trial and error.

8. Improved speed: A forklift camera system usually has an LCD screen set up on the dashboard that is easy for the forklift operator to view. Thus, he can clearly see how and where the forks are being placed right from his seat without any fatigue, neck or back strain. This in turn lets him move faster and more efficiently.

9. Reduced damages: Forklift operators deal with bulky and expensive goods, narrow aisles, different rack heights, tight corners, and noisy surroundings. All of these increase the chances of damages. A forklift camera makes the forklift operators become more aware of what’s happening in their surroundings, thus reducing the chances of on-site damages.

10. An economically judicious decision: The best part of installing a forklift camera system? With it, you can not only reduce damages to goods but even reduce the risks of accidents, which may cause serious injuries or even death. This will let you save a considerable sum in the long run.

Perhaps now you understand why your warehouse just can’t do without a forklift camera. If you have any questions or want to know how you can get it installed, we would be happy to help.

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