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3 Products to Improve Warehouse forklift Safety and Reduce Product Damage

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3 Products to Improve Warehouse forklift Safety and Reduce Product Damage

A forklift (also known as a lift truck, fork truck, jitney, fork hoist, or forklift truck) is a strong truck used for industrial causes to lift and move substances mainly for short distances.

The warehouse forklift is considered the most useful type of lift vehicle. It resembles a yellow golf carriage with twin forks enlarged from the front area.  These trucks are excellent mediums for loading and unloading materials and evacuating and transferring items from other delivery vehicles. Having Warehouse Forklift Safety system is essential to reduce product damage and increase productivity.

But the harsh truth is that, on average, many severe forklift accidents happen almost every day. But these can be averted easily by taking some simple measures. Moreover, there are incidents of numerous clashes that affect the product supply and, in addition to this, the carriage capacity itself gets severely damaged. In this grim situation during the epidemic, damaged stock arises grave concern. So now it is important to take care of your products and protect your employees. 

 The products that can ensure warehouse safety and promise to lessen product damage

1. The first one is the forklift speed limiter

One of the most predominant areas for forklift accidents is warehouse doors. In most cases, the drivers often fail to judge the exact time for the doors to open, and tend to collide with the doors or other objects. The forklift speed limiters are programmed in such a way that it automatically slows down the vehicle while running through the zone. As speed is the major contributor to forklift vehicle accidents, Forklift Speed Limiters offer a stable and responsible solution for regulating speed in all types of forklift applications. The system works through cable and electronic networks and is applicable either as a plug or in other instructive ways.

forklift speed limiter

The Forklift Speed Limiter possesses a built-in safety circuit that helps to prevent speed even in faulty speed signals or system malfunctions. Forklift speed limiters are designed to suit a large variety of equipment. Moreover, the speed limiter kit is fabricated to interface into any of the RCT speed zone systems that can easily improve the speed control system.

2. The second one is a forklift anti-collision system

The Forklift Anti-Collision System is formulated to warn the pedestrians in time. The system notifies the pedestrians while surpassing the hazardous zone. The inner shield can not only create a vibration but also visually alert the driver inside the cabin. The system protects the pedestrian from forklift hazards and enhances safety especially in blind spots, busy corners, and regular traffic areas. The system alerts the pedestrian to stay away from potential forklift-related problems. It uses vibration, acoustic or optoacoustic signals as the means to alert. When the pedestrian falls in a difficult situation, the predefined actions like autonomous delaying of the MHE, closing of the entrance and magnetic lock, projection of the safety sign start to begin.

forklift anti collision system

The ALIS Shield generates electronic equipment such as warehouse doors or obstacles, and the LED projectors are kept for safety symbol projection. To improve the grade of safety, the ALIS Shield helps to boost the features of speed in predefined zones.

3. The third but important thing is Forklift Camera systems for forklift trucks

In warehouses and distribution centers the efficiency is not only a matter of concern but also security matters. To ensure optimum safety all forklifts must offer a high-quality performance. Forklift camera systems give the ideal solution related to a vision for all types of trucks. The system positively enables the forklift operators to ensure safety goals. In addition to this, the systems enhance the comfort and satisfaction of the drivers as they no longer need to bend their necks and turn their heads to get a view of packs, racks, and corridors. The cameras should be chosen from high-quality, professional brands which promise to increase security, efficiency, and satisfaction.

forklift camera system

The cameras must have

A standard and custom vision solution specifically for the aftermarket.
The camera monitor systems should be developed according to the highest quality standards.
The proficiency to give a view from different angles.

 The different types of view the forklift camera systems generally offer

a. Fork view enables you to see on the monitor whether the fork is placed correctly. This system tends to reduce damage and improve efficiency along with the driver’s comfort.

b. In a View-on-forks system, the camera operates from the top of the carriage, providing the driver with a detailed and clear view of the forks and other extensions via the monitor. This helps the driver to take in a comfortable position at the time of loading-unloading reducing the risk of damage and casualties.

c. A Mid-mast view offers you a straightforward view of the forks allowing the driver to put down or pick up correctly ensuring safety and efficiency. 

d. The driver gets a limited view in narrow aisle forklifts. In such cases front-view camera system delivers a direct picture of the ground in front of the truck, indicating barriers, avoiding damage, and permitting the driver to work with ease.

e. The rare view can provide a better view of the working area helping the driver to drive more safely while turning. This is a good support system to avoid damage to the forklift itself along with the warehouse, goods, and employees. The monitor attached to it changes directions automatically to the rearview when reverse gear is at work. 

f. If one combines a  rear-view camera with RadarEye on his forklift, it becomes much easier to reverse safely. This camera system is furnished with reversing detectors that can inform you instantly about risky circumstances via audible warnings and visual overlays.


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