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5 Most Basic Safety Features and Product Add-ons in A Forklift

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5 Most Basic Safety Features and Product Add-ons in A Forklift

Forklift is a small industrial vehicle used to carry, lift, stack or tier materials. Making sure that your lift equipment has been properly maintained and is in good working condition goes a long way toward ensuring forklift safety.

We all know that forklift truck accidents aren’t good for anyone—the operator, your business, or your trucks.

Having the right equipment on your truck can significantly reduce the risk of accidents, but there’s such a wide range of safety equipment on the market that it can be difficult to know exactly what you need.

Here are the top five safety features we recommend inspecting at regular intervals:


In any vehicle brakes are the most important safety feature. A malfunctioning brake can cause accidents irrespective of the speed you are driving in. It’s always a good practice to test the brakes and brake lights at the beginning of each shift. In case any of the parts like brakes, brake pads or the brake lights are not working, the forklift should not be operated until it is repaired and passes the re-examination.


According to OSHA, all powered industrial lift trucks manufactured after 1992 must have a restraint system or an enclosure of some kind to prevent injuries.

A forklift is generally used to carry heavy loads, which is one of the major reasons for causing tip-over accidents. The use of seat belts keep the forklift operators safe during such incidents. As per the suggestion given by the Centers for Disease Control, in case of tip-overs the operator should stay inside the truck with their seatbelts on and lean away from the point of impact. So, as a manager you must ensure that the seat belt is inspected before the operator sits in the lift truck and repaired if it shows any sign of wear and tear.


Lights play a very important role in maintaining the safety of the forklift operator as well as pedestrians who are in the vicinity. Brake lights and headlights are some of the most basic features that help the operator navigate in dimly lit areas. It also alerts those around it of an incoming vehicle. Flashing warning lights, directional lights and blue safety lights are few of the enhancements that will make it easier for the operator to drive safely.


In a noisy environment a horn can come in very handy to loudly alert others of danger. When near pedestrians or other potential hazards the forklift operator can easily honk it innately to reduce the risk of injury and accidents in the workplace. Forklift operators should also sound their horn at blind corners or intersections where visibility is limited.

Apart from horn backup alarms that sound when the truck is reversing can also help alert the people around.

Overhead Guard

Most forklifts provide an overhead guard to protect the forklift operator from things falling over them. However, these are not enough to provide complete safety to the driver. So, no matter what it’s still important for operators to wear hard hat and other appropriate personal protective equipment.


Apart from these inbuilt safety features in a forklift truck, you can consider some add on forklift safety products features like the following to make the life of a forklift operator much easier.


forklift safety


Forklift Anti-Collision System

A collision avoidance system improves your visibility so you can be confident, comfortable, and in control while on the road. It’s not just for the driver, but also for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other drivers on the road. Using this system you can prevent accidents from occurring. The forklift anti-collision system enables the driver to see the front and rear of the truck and features high-precision sensors with alarms for quick alerts.

Forklift Speed Limiter

This is the most required safety solution, as the forklift speed limiter device is designed to control the speed of the forklift at a predefined safety level. As there is an inbuilt alarm system that alerts drivers about the increase in speed of the forklift above the safety level. This helps to prevent all the mishaps caused by rash driving or in case the forklift is out of control by the driver such as forklift collision & pallet rack collapses.

Fork-View Camera

This is another ideal solution for warehousing and storage operations where inventory is stored high on racks. With a fork-view camera system, visibility increases, thereby reducing the risk of misjudging the positioning of the forks. It makes the operator aware of the position of loads from the height, & the presence of the pedestrian in the vicinity. In a way, the fork-view camera system helps in increasing the efficiency of loading & enhanced security.

Forklift Camera System

The wireless forklift camera system is one of the excellent instruments which permit the operator to have different views around the lift truck. Its installation is absolutely simple and can be employed in the front, back, sides, or anywhere around the lift truck where visibility is limited. Forklift Cameras contribute directly to increased visibility and thus an increase in productivity.


A forklift camera system is thus an important requirement and one among the other forklift safety features. Our team at SharpEagle would help assist you with all your forklift queries and solutions.

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