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5 reasons that make Ex-proof CCTV surveillance is important in the oil and gas industry

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5 reasons that make Ex-proof CCTV surveillance is important in the oil and gas industry

Security measures crosswise over oil and gas offices and framework must be kept as compelling as conceivable consistently. The explanation behind this is the crude materials being handled at these locales are generally profoundly combustible and hazardous. 

➢ Challenges of Oil & Gas Industry

Employees Safety Issues: one of the significant concerns of the oil & gas industry is the safety of the employees & workers, as the generation chain goes offshore exploration and drilling platforms to onshore oil wells, where general security is concerned, this makes numerous issues.

Harsh Weather Conditions: The plants & worksite are mostly located in the outskirts & inaccessible areas which are subject to harsh environmental conditions.

High-Risk environment: Major challenges of ensuring the protection of personnel, of the expensive infrastructure and production processes, are numerous. As raw materials processed in these areas are extremely flammable, toxic, and corrosive, the facilities are classed as “atmosphere at risk of explosion” by international guidelines.

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The composition of the Ex-proof CCTV surveillance system

Exproof oil and gas video surveillance systems are now the most suitable technology for these applications providing definite advantages for Oil and Gas sites such as: 

A higher image quality:

 The greater detail allows for a more accurate analysis of a scene, avoids false alarms, and ensures a more timely and effective intervention. 

 Remote access system :

With Exproof CCTV camera system, operators can monitor the worksite by the live video streams at any time and from any authorized PC which is connected to the Internet. It also provides the option of archiving recordings at remote locations. 

Easy Access:

 Explosion proof camera system more flexibility and more accessible system upgrades in the future. If necessary, you can add cameras with absolutely no difficulty.

Commercially Affordable: 

 Comparative to the general camera, Explosion proof CCTV camera will be commercially affordable for installation and maintenance costs.  

High Sustainability:

Exproof camera is the ideal surveillance solution for the oil and gas industry. As they are designed to resist harsh weather conditions, humidity, water & most importantly, explosive materials. Thus, it becomes easier to monitor the worksite.

Exproof CCTV system a well-thought-out video surveillance system, designed with high quality and reliable products, can reduce risk in potentially critical areas, such as those found across the oil and gas industry, contributing to the protection of people’s health, assets, and the environment.

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