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5 Reasons to Use Explosion proof PTZ camera

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5 Reasons to Use Explosion proof PTZ camera

Working in hazardous environments is dangerous. These can be offshore, onshore, marine and heavy industrial settings such as food processing plants, oil and gas facilities, chemical sites, oil depot, ship tanks, ferry-place, and frontier defense. Despite taking all precautionary measures and using protective gears for your employees, you never know when things could go wrong. And when they do, wouldn’t it help to know in real-time and respond fast or have an eye on-site constantly?

We know you’d agree! That’s why you need an Explosion proof PTZ camera. Unlike standard static security cameras, PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) explosion proof digital cameras give you a 3600 view of the workplace. A wide range of such ex proof cameras are security certified for use in Category 2D (Dust), Category 2G (Gas), Zone 2and Zone 1, Group IIC and Zone 22 and Zone 21.

Here are five ways on how explosion proof PTZ cameras can help:

  1. Designed for long life:

From ex proof digital camera to Ex proof CCTV camera, most are purpose-built and resilient to survive the natural elements such as high temperature and pressure for years to come.

  1. Easy tracking:

You can install them in any place that you want to keep an eye on, for tracking your employee’s activities and movements. They even help you see what’s going on in your worksite in real-time.

  1. Tilting or panning:

Explosion proof PTZ cameras are often called speed domes. That’s because they can tilt or pan fast and very easily in completely different directions. And the best part: these are user-friendly and can move accurately even when focused on objects located at a distance.

  1. Night vision:

Many hazardous environments are often poorly lit. This makes proper surveillance difficult since adequate lighting conditions are critical to capture high-quality images. With night vision in explosion proof CCTV cameras, capturing images in poor light or even in total darkness has now become possible.

  1. Auto focus:

Explosion proof PTZ cameras have a complete range of in-built auto focus. This helps them autofocus on suspicious areas or objects. By automatically sensing the area or object they should focus on, these cameras easily shift focus while matching the system’s speed of the tilt and pan.

Apart from ease of installation with various mounting options and configurations, explosion proof PTZ cameras have additional benefits too. Security features like data encryption and support for real-time intrusion detection, face detection, and unauthorized loitering detection make it a must-have tool. If you need best quality Explosion proof video camera, CCTV cameras or digital cameras, let our experts offer you a helping hand.

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