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6 types of occupational hazards that require robust ex proof monitoring

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6 types of occupational hazards that require robust ex proof monitoring

Many workers in different industries are under occupational hazards that can be fatal. A few common workplaces where people suffer the most are the factories, welding industries, chemical plants, etc. These places are the most dangerous because the workers mostly need to deal with heavy machinery and harmful chemicals. 

There are several ways how a company or a factory can protect their workers from occupational risks. But before we delve into that, it’s time to find out about the most dangerous occupational hazards in the market. Keep reading to know more!

Occupational hazards that require robust ex proof monitoring:

1. Safety Hazards

Safety hazards are those risks that can cause an injury to a worker. The injury can be caused by anything- an object, chemical, situation, or substance. Safety hazards are usually faced by those who operate heavy machines, work in construction sites, fix electrical wiring, etc. These occupational safety hazards that require video monitoring involve:

•  If a worker touches a machine while working and accidentally gets injured, it is considered a safety hazard.
•  When employees are working from a height, and there is a chance of falling. This includes working on a ladder, roof, or some other heightened area.
•  When there are any electrical disputes due to which the worker can get injured by electric shocks.
•  When employees are working in areas where there are unevenly managed cords, there are chances of stumbling.

2. Chemical Hazards

As the name suggests, chemical hazards are caused when the workers are exposed to dangerous chemicals released in the workplace. Such chemicals are present in the form of liquid, fumes, vapors, gases, etc. Prolonged contact with such chemicals can also give birth to life-threatening diseases. Workers who are involved in laboratory work face these hazards the most. The chemical risks take place:

•  In places where there is a high amount of propane and carbon monoxide in the air.
•  When the workers are dealing with pesticides.
•  When the employees work with acid, harsh solvent, bleaching powder, etc.
•  Where there is the presence of flammable chemicals.

3. Biological Hazards

Biological risks are those where the worker is exposed to infectious substances and undergo health hazards. The infectious element can be present in diseased people, animals, or some other infection-causing germ. Most healthcare workers face these hazards. For instance, the health workers serving during the pandemic are often getting infected by the Covid-19 virus. Other forms of such biological risks involve insect bites, bacteria, deadly viruses, fungi, infected blood, and so on.

4. Physical Hazards

You might think that physical objects cause physical hazards, but it is quite the opposite in reality. These hazards are caused by such substances that cannot be seen or touched by the worker. As the substances causing these hazards cannot be felt physically, people often tend to overlook them. A few examples of such situations are:

•  When workers work in extreme temperatures, they are prone to falling sick.
•  People who work in noisy factories lose their hearing capacity sooner.
•  Workers who work under direct sunlight throughout the day can fall ill easily. Some employees also die due to sunstroke.

5. Work Organization Hazards

These are mental hazards caused by office issues. Work organization hazards can either be temporary or last for longer. The mental health issues caused by such hazards can also affect the productivity of the workers. Most such hazards are caused by workplace harassment, discrimination, violence, and a heavy workload out of the worker’s capacity.

6. Ergonomic Hazards

These hazards involve risks caused by improper sitting arrangements in the workplace. Ergonomic dangers can cause lower back pain, muscle tension, soreness in knees, hands, etc. These are usually caused when the chairs and the tables are improperly arranged in the workplace. Poor posture of the worker can also give rise to such hazards. These issues, too, can decrease work productivity in the long run.

How Can Video Monitoring Help?

Now that you know about the occupational hazards that require video monitoring, we will help you know how a camera system can help avoid these issues. When there are security cameras in a workplace, it is easier to detect any hazard beforehand. If your office is situated in an ATEX zone, installing an ATEX certified camera is always wise. An explosion-proof camera can help you keep an eye on those substances that can cause an explosion. 

A hazardous area camera comes to the rescue in other hazardous workplaces like chemical plants, factories, and the mining industry. As per the experts, a camera system can help an organization observe whether all the safety rules are followed within the workplace. The company should also have a video monitoring staff to take necessary actions whenever there is any mishap. The video monitoring staff should also employ the best practices to prevent danger whenever they spot something wrong in the workplace via the hazardous area camera system. 

When there is a video monitoring system, the workers feel safer while working because they know that their safety is the company’s primary concern. Besides recording those hazards that can cause physical illness, the camera footage can also record any situation that harms the mental peace of the worker. Especially if there is any case of workplace sexual harassment or violence, the camera footage can be used as evidence later.

Make Sure That Your Workers Feel Safe

To make sure that your workers are safe from any hazard, you must install a camera system of premium quality. If you are wondering where you can buy such cameras, then SharpEagle is here to help you. We manufacture all types of cameras ranging from ex-proof cameras to solar-powered cameras. You can choose any model as per your requirement, and we promise you the best quality. Our clients have never regretted choosing us. So, will you prefer to buy your next Hazardous area camera from SharpEagle? Please do share your thoughts with us!

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