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9 Ways Explosion Proof Camera System Can Boost Work Safety

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9 Ways Explosion Proof Camera System Can Boost Work Safety

CCTV cameras have come a long way in making our households and industries safe and secure. Over the decades, these pieces of monitoring equipment have evolved into more sophisticated and robust devices. One of the recent innovations in the field of CCTV is the advent of the explosion-proof camera system. They are not only manufactured to withstand fires and mediocre explosions but also come with updated technology to enhance safety at work.

The sole purpose of every industry is to minimize the damage to lives and properties and prevent financial losses. We will discuss below nine different ways the explosion-proof camera system can be the ultimate tool in increasing safety and efficiency at your site.

Let’s have a look at how Explosion Proof Camera System Can Boost Work Safety

1. By observing every move

The sole purpose of every CCTV is to monitor the happenings in the industry, especially at the places where a large number of crucial materials are stored. Secondly, it can be a tedious task in large industries to keep a manual watch over hundreds of workers and observe their every step for the business interest or to prevent any scuffles among the employees.

So, having a watchful eye over any unusual happenings using a security camera is a clever move to keep the work atmosphere safe and sound.

2. By containing the damage

The explosion-proof cameras may not necessarily withstand a major fire or explosion. It’s like saying airbags will 100 percent prevent passengers from dying even if the car is running at 200kmph. Every equipment or device has some limits, so are the explosion-proof cameras.  

However, these devices guarantee against any further damage caused by flame or spark originating from the device itself. The stainless-steel covering with bulletproof capability can resist blows and prevent a spark of fire or flame from escaping the casing and igniting the surrounding, which may have inflammable materials.

These sturdy outdoor cameras meet stringent explosion-proof and dust-ignition proof norms, at the same time, complying with international standards like UL and ATEX. The intrinsically safe design of these cameras can prevent unintentional ignition in dangerous environments.

3. By giving restless service even at nights

Theft or another mischief often occurs at night time in areas with low light conditions. The explosion-proof cameras can be the perfect choice to boost work safety as they come with unrivaled image quality. These cameras are capable of offering infrared viewing up to 15 meters.

Moreover, the automatic IR day and night cut filter return high-quality output with bright colors so that when retrieving footage, the safety or security management gets the utmost quality to prove their point.

4. By covering the Entire space by combining different cameras

Often, the safety management has to install multiple modes of security equipment to give all-around protection. The explosion-proof cameras generally come in two types; PTZ domes and fixed. The PTZ cameras are cylindrically shaped with a 360-degree viewing capability and can cover an extended area.   

On the other hand, the fixed camera gets housing protection from the outside with anchoring to the ceilings & walls. To cover a large area, multiple fixed cameras must be installed without compromising on the blind spots.

5. By offering excellent protection in narrow and unreachable spaces

One of the main safety challenges in industries is to secure the confined and unreachable areas where there are high chances of accidents or mischief. So, deploying explosion-proof cameras in industrial settings such as tight tunnels, underground sites, and manway openings can prove to be beneficial.

Doing this will not only double the safety in the area but also boost work efficiency as people are monitored 24×7 with an eagle’s eye over them.

6. By reducing the stress on the safety team

These types of cameras let the supervisor or manager keep a watch on the manufacturing process. There is no need to invest a full-fledged time in monitoring the premises physically,  the safety team can put the effort into other safety-related tasks. A person or two are enough to remotely observe every move and monitor the production process.

Even if there is no one in the control room, the high-quality video recording of 24-hours is enough to keep things in check. The cameras can also be attached to a DVR system to save data for 10-15 days.

7. By backing up the measurement devices, sensors and other safety equipment

In many industrial settings, safety management regularly needs various measurement devices and sensors to check the concentration levels or temperature threshold. These devices provide significant readings for documentation and record-keeping.

Sometimes, these devices can be out of reach in no-man areas. Deploying robust CCTV cameras in these sensitive areas can reduce the dependency on ‘manual human watch’. The cameras can be set up in a way that they are constantly watching on these measurement devices and keeping the safety management up to date.

8. By providing security alerts without exposing workers

Another way to boost work safety, as well as efficiency in the industry or warehouse, is to install a system that detects security alerts without making the lives of workers vulnerable. And one of the easiest ways is to deploy an explosion-proof ATEX camera. 

Through these cameras, the explosions due to gas accumulation can be quickly detected remotely, and catastrophic accidents can be prevented, allowing a rapid response security team to reach the spot quickly.

9. By creating situational awareness

One thing that sets apart these cameras from the crowd is how versatile and flexible they are in creating situational awareness. These devices ensure clarity of communication, systematic procedures and real-time feedback flow between patrolling workers and the control room.

In simple words, the command and control through these cameras enable an operator to immediately control over complex scrutiny functions, including visual evidence received from the CCTV cameras attached in the area.

Streamline the security cost and ensure work safety
Products from SharpEagle are best-suited in enhancing safety measures that help prevent mishaps in various hazardous industries. If you want to know more on how you can accelerate your organization’s response to security threats, give us a callback or write to us below.  

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