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ADIPEC 2021 – A Global Business Platform for 155,000 Energy Professional

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ADIPEC 2021 – A Global Business Platform for 155,000 Energy Professional

Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference (ADIPEC) is a world-class platform where energy professionals from around the globe meet to shape the future of the oil and gas energy industry. The meeting place unlocks numerous avenues for various global companies to gather and engage in identifying the prospects in the energy sector.

The exhibition gives opportunities to everyone from buyers to sellers to establish new networks, and discover innovative products, solutions and technologies coming from over 2,000 exhibiting companies. These companies include 51 National, International and Integrated Oil corporations, together with 26 international country pavilions, offering a world-class setup for interaction and trading.

The conference programmes cover the technical as well as strategic insights where over 100 ministers, CEO’s, policymakers, and influencers from different countries participate, debate, and share their perceptions on the latest development in the energy landscape. Moreover, the programme also involves the exchange of over 126 business and knowledge-centric sessions delivered by more than 1000 technical experts from across the world during the 4-day event.

This significant event will also help analyse the role of the energy industry in the post COVID19 world and set up a roadmap for addressing the perplexity of the security of supply, affordability and sustainability.

Various Strategic Conferences will be held throughout the four-day event with industry experts and decision-makers sharing their thoughts:

Strategic Conference – Low carbon energy landscape development, energy demand dynamics and impact of innovative climate navigation technologies, like CCUS and hydrogen.
Technical Conference – 126 technical conference sessions under 16 technical categories such as Sustainable Development and Environmental, Production Facilities, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Drilling operations, GeoSciences, etc.
Downstream Technical Conference – Discussion on forming new partnerships, promoting new technologies and focusing on different aspects of supply, demand and decarbonization.
Offshore and Marine Conference – Maritime supply chain rendezvous addressing industry challenges like digitalisation strategies, the pathway to decarbonisation, and how to improve efficiency and profitability of the offshore and marine sector.
Forum for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Discussion on future of jobs post-COVID19, AI-driven jobs, promotion of equal opportunities, strengthening corporate accountability, retaining talent and closing gender gap.
Leadership roundtable conference – Invitation-only closed-door meeting with Ministers, CEOs, C-level executives and policymakers will discuss issues like new geopolitics of energy, mobility markets, future of supply chains, electrification and the next generation of transport fuels, and employing innovative technologies to reduce carbon and methane emissions.

ADIPEC Awards 2021

The four-day event will also witness the 2021 ADIPEC Award Ceremony recognizing talents in 10 categories including:

adipec awards

1. Breakthrough Research of The Year
2. Lifetime Achievement Award (Not open to public nominations)
3. Breakthrough Technological Project of The Year
4. Digital Transformation Project Of The Year
5. Social Contribution AndLocal-Content Project of The Year
6. Oil And Gas Inclusion And Diversity Company of The Year
7. Innovation In Decarbonisation Company of The Year
8. Young Technical Professional of The Year
9. Oil And Gas Start-Up Company of The Year
10. Operational Excellence Company of The Year (Excellence In Remote Operations)

Targeted industries

The key focus of ADIPEC is to generate the highest value and return on investment. The exhibition will be an extraordinary opportunity for businesses to communicate and engage with the existing and new customers and review the services, products and solutions enhancing performance, boost efficiencies and help optimize costs.

So, there will be the following industries participating in the event and showcasing their products and solutions.

1 . Digitalisation in the Energy Zone

The event will be a global showcase of technological prowess that help people open up the unexplored sea of opportunities in the field of digitalisation as it has become deeply rooted in all aspects of working. The event exhibiting the digitalisation in the energy sector will cover over 100 plus SME and Technological companies, attended by over 4000 focused participants with 100 plus theatrical presentations in the 1500 square meters of space.

The Digitalisation of Energy Zone will focus on connecting technology, innovation and partnerships in moulding the future of the post-COVID19 global energy sector and demonstrate the necessary digital solutions to maximize the return on investment.

digitalisation in energy zone

The key industry stakeholders in the zone from Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain Technology, Big Data to Machine Learning, Cyber Security to Robotics, Equipment Sensors to Cloud & Edge Computing, Drones and Internet of Things (IoT), will together bring disruptive technologies under a single roof and let the energy industry anticipate, understand and make the most out of emerging technological trends.

Apart from this, the focus will also be on data-driven transformation to create cost-effective, health, environment and safety-oriented measures for creating value and reducing carbon footprints.

2. Smart Manufacturing Zone

The Smart Manufacturing Zone will be an entirely new section adjacent to the AIDPEC and will focus on identifying the demands and opportunities for manufacturing in a bid to gain zero-carbon energy. This unique platform will bridge the gap between three strong sectors; energy, manufacturing and high technology that would help speed up economic development and diversification.

The move will optimize the operations of the manufacturing industry, increase performance and lessen the pressure on margins. And by combining rapidly evolving technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IOT) with energy and manufacturing, the chances of boosting productivity and value will be high.

Adipec - smart manufacturing zone

The core sectors that will be involved at Smart Manufacturing Zone include:

Materials Management 4.0
Supply Chain And Logistics
Industrial Internet Of Things (IIoT)
Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Industrial Automation, Robotics and Lasers
Instrumentation And Control
Sustainable Materials
Additive Manufacturing
Material Informatics
Advanced Composites
Responsive And Smart Materials
Surface Engineering

3. Offshore Marine Exhibition and Conference

The Offshore Marine Exhibition and Conference will also be co-located alongside ADIPEC and focus on understanding the latest developments in shipping and marine technology. There will be a great opportunity to interact with existing and new buyers and develop fresh business opportunities with national and international oil and service companies, subsea engineering, EPC contractors and supply chain firms.

Adipec - Offshore Marine Exhibition and Conference

The conference will also focus on the need of adapting to new IMO (International Maritime Organization) regulations in line with the contemporary market conditions.

What do statistics tell about breakthroughs happening in the oil and energy industry?

The ADIPEC is the world’s most influential meeting point for energy professionals and this can be seen in the fact that about 92 percent of companies met their return on investment (ROI), while 87 percent were satisfied with the number of new customers in the previous version of the event.

As per an independent survey, a total of USD 18.9 billion worth of business agreements took place during the 2019 edition of ADIPEC, a number that is expected to grow in 2021. Over 80 percent of attendees were either a decision-maker, purchaser or influencer, emphasising the fact that the event delivers real business opportunities.

According to Gartner, global oil and gas markets are caught between two competing drivers — increasing pressure to decarbonize energy provision and rising demand for energy in the developing economies. So, new business strategies will emerge and will accelerate digital innovation. 

As many as 50% of oil and gas companies plan to increase investments in analytics, AI/machine learning (ML), automation, IoT and cloud this year. CIOs (Chief Information Officers) are responsible for creating intelligent asset capabilities using the increased budgets. (Gartner 2021 CIO Survey)

As the conversation around climate change is a heated topic, the coming decade will be crucial as oil and gas companies will be increasing their attention towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

In fact, many oil and gas companies have pledged to reduce carbon footprints to zero within the next two decades. And to make this a reality, the organisations have already started investing in clean energy solutions such as wind and solar power.

According to the 2020 Digital Operations Survey, Strategy & analysis, more and more companies are accelerating the digital agenda and striving to unlock the full potential of the digitalisation programmes, which holds the key powers to maximize operational efficiencies. Over 22 percent of companies have digitised most internal operations and are taking crucial steps to connect with external partners or customers for the exchange of information.

The survey also says that about 36 percent of companies have integrated the internal functions, including sales, manufacturing, engineering and sourcing, and enabled them to collaborate more closely.

According to, these four areas have the greatest potential in steering the oil, gas and energy industry:

Intelligent Automation
Data-Driven Decisions – Supported By Artificial Intelligence
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

With the emergence of such segments, the oil and gas companies can now view their after-sales service establishments from a global perspective, all the way down to a micronized view of equipment, rising trends and geographies. These technologies can seamlessly integrate into the company’s ERP system and are capable of optimizing service part stock levels, helping the companies improve margins of revenue and profits.

The growth in the digitization of the oil and gas industry has also made it predisposed to many vulnerabilities. As the rising expenditure on the network and operational technology security by oil and gas companies, and the accelerating trend of security and vulnerability management have reinforced the growth of the oil and gas security market.

According to Mordor Intelligence, The Oil and Gas Security market was valued at USD 26.34 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 34.59 billion by 2026 and grow at a CAGR of 4.65% over the forecast period 2021-2026.

Moreover, the custom-based surveillance solutions for oil & gas industries can reduce workplace vulnerabilities through integrated safety and security. The oil and energy industry are usually set up in remote, often inaccessible rugged terrains, hence are subject to a variety of risks, including sabotage, vandalism, theft, equipment failure, fire, and other kinds of human or mechanical disruption. Intelligent monitoring can help mitigate these risks.

ADIPEC, as part of the world’s largest and most important oil, gas and energy exhibition and conference, offer both the technology and energy sectors with a business-centric platform to demonstrate their latest solutions, breakthroughs and advancements, enabling the industry to speed up the agenda of energy transition and reduce carbon emissions.

As the oil, gas and energy industry continues their focus on identifying the most effective solutions in stacking up their businesses to deliver clean energy solutions for their customers, the need to support the digital solutions required to meet these responsibilities, will become more acceptable and important than ever.


1. When will this exhibition take place?

Ans. The event will take place between 15-18th November 2021.

2. Is it an in-person exhibition?

Ans. Yes. The 2021 Edition of ADIPEC will be an in-person event, as opposed to the virtual conference that happened in 2020, due to the Covid pandemic. 

3. What are the Covid-19 testing guidelines at the event?

Ans. If the attendee is travelling from abroad and is not a citizen or resident of the UAE and has fulfilled all the travelling guidelines, he or she will need to download the UAE’s official COVID-19 app called Al Hosn and register themselves in advance using the UID number given at Immigration. There will be two on-site walk-in PCR (Nasal Swab – NS/ Throat Swab – TS) Testing Facilities at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre available from 07:00 to 23:00 throughout the event.

4. What is Young ADIPEC?

Ans. The programme is aimed at High School students aged between 14 and 17 years and will be the 9th edition since its inception in 2013. The programme aims to connect high school students with the oil, gas and energy industries and encourage them to explore these sectors and nurture a new generation of talent and leadership.

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