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A Guide to ATEX Zones Classification and Ex-Proof Camera Equipment

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A Guide to ATEX Zones Classification and Ex-Proof Camera Equipment

Despite working in places prone to explosions, most people don’t realize the importance of taking safety measures. Their negligence in these zones can lead to serious injuries or even fatalities. These areas or zones are called ATEX Zones. So for those who do not know what ATEX means, we will help them clear their doubts. Before talking about the preventions, we would like to highlight other details related to ATEX explosive workplaces as well. Let’s delve into more details.

➢ What is the ATEX Zone?

ATEX is simply the abbreviation of “ATmosphere EXplosible” and is the name used for the European directives that help prevent accidents in deadly explosive areas. Places that contain hazardous dust particles, which can form clouds and explode, are known as ATEX zones. There are different types of ATEX Zones:

•  Zone 0: This is where the atmosphere is filled with explosive air, dust, mist, etc. Here, there are chances of prolonged explosive effects.

•  Zone 1 and 21: It contains the same particles as Zone 0. This hazardous environment can be created even during regular working days. 

•  Zone 2 and 22: The components creating the hazardous environment are the same as Zone 0, but the cloud is usually not formed on normal working days. However, even if the environment becomes explosive, the effect does not last very long.

➢ What are the Key Elements of an Explosive Atmosphere?

As we have already mentioned, an explosive atmosphere is a place with risks of deadly explosions. The key elements that must be present in the air to make it explosive are:

•  Flammable particles like dust, gases, and vapors
•  High level of oxygen
•  An ignition point

The atmosphere can be divided into three main categories; the first category is when the explosion takes place due to gases, vapors, and droplets. The second category is when flammable dust causes the explosion. Lastly, the third is when the main object to be dealt with is explosive.

➢ How can explosion proof camera help and what are its varieties?

So far, the best solution for keeping explosive areas in check is the use of an Explosion proof CCTV camera. Using this equipment can help you keep an eye on every corner of the workplace, and if an explosion occurs, you can immediately spot it and call for help. The ex-proof  camera equipment that we manufacture at SharpEagle can come really handy for your workplace. All our cameras can withstand a temperature range of -30* C to +70* C.

➢  Read below to learn more about our explosion-proof camera!

1. Explosion Proof Mini IR Camera

This mini explosion-proof CCTV camera is ideally designed for Zone 1 and Zone 2 atmosphere. Some features that you get in this device are:

explosion proof mini IR camera

•  Its body is made of stainless steel.
•  It can detect images in night vision.
•  It is water, bullet, and shockproof.
•  It can show recordings in a 1080p high-quality image.
•  It has an embedded web server, POE module and can also help you see IE videos.

2. Explosion Proof PTZ Camera

This equipment is best designed for the marine industry, mining industry, and drilling areas. All of these places release flammable gas, which can cause an explosion. The features you get in this camera are:

Explosion proof PTZ camera

•  It is bullet and weatherproof and made of stainless steel.
•  It comes with night vision and also contains a wiper for cleaning the camera lens.
•  The videos are recorded in 960p quality, and the image resolution is 25 to 30 Fps.
•  Comes with a 12x digital zoom feature.

3. Explosion Proof Zoom IR Camera

This equipment is also designed for Zone 1 and Zone 2 and comes with features like:

explosion proof zoom IR camera

•  Its body is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
•  It is water and shockproof and comes with night vision.
•  The Zoom IR Camera comes with 16x and 30x zoom features.
•  It can reduce surrounding noise using 2D/3D DNR.
•  There is an infrared lamp attached with the equipment for low-light recording.
•  The video quality is smooth and shows clear images.

4. Explosion Proof Fixed Type Dome Camera

This is an advanced dome ATEX camera that comes with smart features for better prevention measures. The features found in this device are:

Explosion proof fixed type dome camera

•  The body of the camera is corrosion resistant, made of stainless steel.
•  It is lightweight and looks elegant.
•  It is weatherproof and has a 5 megapixels sensor.
•  The video resolution is 1080p.

5. Explosion Proof PTZ Dome Camera

This camera is a better version of the Explosion Proof Fixed Type Dome Camera. The additional features you will get in this explosion proof camera are:

explosion proof PTZ dome camera

•  The maximum resolution is 1920*1080 at 30Fps.
•  It has a 36x optical zoom feature with a zoom speed of 2.7 seconds.

6. Explosion Proof Compact Color Camera

This is the smallest explosion-proof camera that you will ever get in the market. Its body is 55 millimeters in length. Other features of this ATEX camera are:

explosion proof compact color camera

•  It is made of stainless steel and weighs not more than 436 grams.
•  Its body is water and dust-proof.
•  It comes with a Ferrite T filter that protects the equipment from ripples and spikes.
•  It comes with a white balance mode.

Final Word

We hope you choose the right product to keep an eye on any damage caused by unwanted explosions. You can trust our ATEX certified explosion-proof camera equipment because they are made with the best quality metal and come with the finest features. We deliver our products throughout the country and have gained immense trust and respect from the customers in recent years. 

So, which is the one among our explosion-proof cameras that you loved the most? Do share with us!

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