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Blue Spot Light – The Perfect Forklift Safety Solution for Safe Driving

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Blue Spot Light – The Perfect Forklift Safety Solution for Safe Driving

Forklifts are one of the most used machines in industries where heavy loads are moved regularly. Unfortunately, accidents related to forklifts have become too common. Nevertheless, informed workplace owners have started installing the best safety solutions. Besides a forklift camera, speed limiter, and anti-collision system, the next ultimate safety solution making it into the market is an original blue spot.

As per the reports, more than 18,000 forklift accidents occur in a year, most of them are related to the driver. Industries are using the latest blue spot technology to minimize forklift accidents. These LED lights help increase visibility and provide warning signals if any pedestrian or equipment is in the way. The blue spot light is usually placed in the front and the back of the machine because those are most prone to accidents. We have discussed the blue spot forklift safety solution in detail. Read on!

Working of the Blue Spot and Its Advantages

The blue LED light of most brands comes with a minimum lifespan of 40,000+ hours. Maintaining and repairing this device is easy and affordable. They require far less maintenance because of the superior quality metal used in the body. The blue spot looks a lot like the circuit board and not like a filament bulb, making it perfect for withstanding hazardous environment conditions. The spot also requires minimum space owing to the compact fixtures. The light can be installed on the frame of the forklift without hampering the visibility of the driver.

Compared to LED lamps, the lumen per watt of incandescent or fluorescent lights is less. LED lights can lighten up a space better and provide higher visibility in lowlight areas. Hence, choosing an LED blue spot is what a wise man should do. LED blue lights are also known for offering instant lights, unlike fluorescent ones. 

The lightning time also depends on the fixture. If the fixture is compact, the time taken will be less. Even if the LED toggles, there will be no effect on its lifespan. On the other hand, toggling in fluorescent or incandescent lights can have harsh effects on the shelf life of the spots.

How Does a Blue Spot Increase Attentiveness?

Blue spots have been used in industries for a long time now. This is because the color blue has a short wavelength and can suppress melatonin production. As most drivers work in dark light conditions, melatonin or sleep hormone production is quite natural. But when the blue spot is used, melatonin production decreases effectively, and the driver can stay wide awake while operating the machine. The blue spot can also warn the nearby pedestrians about the arrival of the forklift, and they can move away from the path.

A recent study by Harvard Medical School showed that the blue wavelength could greatly increase someone’s focus. It also helps in boosting the mood. Furthermore, blue light can dilate the pupils in low light, increasing the visibility. That is why most industries use the LED for nighttime workings. The researchers also conducted a comparison test between blue and green light. The goal of the test was to see which light could suppress melatonin for longer. The team claimed that the blue light could suppress the hormone for three hours, which is double the capacity of the green light. Hence, it is evident that a blue spot works far better than green spots when it comes to increasing the driver’s focus!

OHSA Compliance on the Use of Blue Spot for Forklifts

OHSA sets a few regulations that the operator must obey while using the blue spot. These guidelines are set to ensure that the LED can be used safely without harming the driver or the pedestrians. Some of the OHSA regulations are:

•  The forklift must have a horn or gong to warn the pedestrians.
•  The machine should have other necessary devices installed, like blinkers or lights, for clear visibility.
•  Other devices like warning alarms, fire extinguishers, mirrors, and brakes should also be there in the forklift.

Best Practices to Use the Blue Spot

The blue spot should be installed at the top section of the machine so that the driver’s visibility stays free of obstruction. Ensure that the blue light provides a warning signal whenever the forklift is 16 to 24 feet away from some blockage or blind spot on the way. The warning alarm can be set from 1 to 3 seconds, depending on the driver’s expertise level. It is recommended that each forklift must have two blue spots, in front and back. You can also install just one LED in the front, but that won’t give you the highest level of protection. Also, in industries with a lot of noise, the warning signal from one spot is hard to hear. Hence, installing two is the best choice!

Buy the Best Blue Spot Light from SharpEagle Now

Every brand cannot be trusted when buying forklift safety light solutions like the original blue spot. SharpEagle is here to help you pick the best quality blue spot for your forklift machines. Most of our blue LED lights have a shelf life of more than 50,000 hours. We also take pride in introducing the finest features in the spotlight to ensure you enjoy premium safety. SharpEagle will take responsibility for installing the device and help you learn the right ways of maintaining it. Our range of LED lights for forklifts is quite affordable and can be bought by even small industries. Hence, do not compromise on safety ever! When are you buying a blue spot for your workplace? Do let us know!

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