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Buy ATEX Certified Explosion Proof CCTV camera systems in UAE

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Buy ATEX Certified Explosion Proof CCTV camera systems in UAE

UAE is the land of energy, and liquid gold, popular across the globe, as an emerging and well-established industrial hub. This country is the largest storehouse of Natural Gas across the Persian Gulf and has the second-largest reserve of liquid gold in the world. The revenue this sector yields counts in millions, making it one of the highest trading business sectors across the world. 

However, these sectors have to deal with extreme conditions, high humidity, rapid temperature fluctuations, and harsh and rugged surroundings. The air often has combustible and flammable particles mixed in it. The extreme humidity or sudden temperature rise makes these factories prone to fatal accidents that have often even led to the death of workers and the loss of millions of dollars. Thus, these areas need a safety solution at a pocket-friendly range. Keep reading to know more!

Safety Protocols for Explosive Industries by ATEX

The industries that have higher chances of explosion call for better safety requirements as it is known by all of us: Prevention is better than cure. This led to the establishment of well-laid, extensive, and well-comprehensive guidelines by the ATEX to ensure every business house dealing with explosive particles gets a safe working ecosystem, and accidents, loss in dollars, and lives are mitigated or at best led to zero. ATEX is an acronym for ATmospheric EXplosible. The safety standards are well defined and detailed.  


Before we share with you about the company that has its surveillance products verified by the ATEX, let us share some amazing statistics. Surveys say that by 2021 end, the demand for ATEX-certified explosion-proof camera systems will rise more than ever. A survey group named the Allied Market Research suggested that by the last ten months of this year, US$8.2 Billion worth of market demand will be aggregated across the world for the video surveillance explosion-proof safety solutions. 

We are glad the businesses worldwide are adopting safety tools to give their workers what they deserve. However, this also means a rise in the supply of these solutions by SharpEagle in the market. To rise in rank in the market competition, companies will try to cater to such solutions at lower prices, not complying with the ATEX safety standard protocols. We do not want you to be misled. Hence, we will share with you the top company of UAE to buy explosion-proof video surveillance camera solutions from. 

Buy Explosion Proof Cameras for Your Business from The Best Company in UAE; ATEX Certified

This is the best brand for purchasing the best ex-proof video surveillance solutions for your business. Our recommendation is based on the products they sell, the price range, installation procedure, and the post-sales services extended by the customer care executives of the brand. In addition, all our recommendations by SharpEagle are certified by ATEX. So, keep reading!

explosion proof camera series

UAE’s best and the highest-ranking, internationally renowned safety solution provider is SharpEagle. This company manufactures and markets explosion-proof and various safety solutions globally, with ATEX certification at the best price range and top-notch customer services. It has been creating a buzz in the oil, gas, and energy sector since its launch. It has rightly claimed its position as the number one safety surveillance device selling company in today’s market.

Studio 52 had launched SharpEagle, a brand exclusively dedicated to serving the oil, gas, and energy industries. The brand was started to help these sectors get a safe ecosystem in an affordable range because safety is a right for all. SharpEagle then went on to be a big global name. 

Today, it has served businesses worldwide in countries like Kuwait, Papua New Guinea, Chad, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Oman, Algeria, Australia, and Saudi Arabia itself. So you can trust our favorite brand with the safety of your business and bring down the bill of your hefty insurance premium right away. Moreover, the brand ensures the premium quality of the products and will assist you with installation and diligently attend to all your queries and needs post-sales. 

Some of the best products that you can buy from SharpEagle are:


  • Explosion-proof camera: Working in an explosive environment is indeed difficult without proper surveillance. The explosion-proof camera by SharpEagle can help you out. Our extensive range of cameras in this category will give you multiple options to choose from, and you won’t be denied safety no matter what your budget is!
  • Explosion-proof mobile: To make sure your connectivity stays strong even in a hazardous working environment; we have developed a range of ex-proof mobile phones.

SharpEagle is the best place as per our expert’s recommendation that you must consider for your business. This company sells ATEX-certified Explosion-proof cameras in UAE, and installing these kinds is necessary for your business if your factory or warehouse has a harsh or rugged working environment. 

Buy ATEX certified Explosion proof camera in UAE

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