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Buy SharpEagle’s customised forklift safety solutions in UAE

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Buy SharpEagle’s customised forklift safety solutions in UAE

At first glance, a forklift might appear as something quite fun to operate. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception. Originally, these trucks cause much havoc in the warehouse by giving rise to deadly accidents. Safety equipment along with preventative technologies like forklift safety solutions also play a major role in helping avoid forklift accidents. For example, a forklift camera system helps to increase the visibility of the driver and prevent any accidents that come in the way of operating the truck. Other forklift safety solutions include the Forklift Speed-limiter, Forklift Anti-Collision System, and so on. Keep reading to know which forklift safety solutions are best in the UAE market!

Products You Get With the Forklift Camera System

To understand how a Forklift camera system enables the truck operator to become more conscious of his surroundings, let us take a look at the products you get with a Forklift Camera System. SharpEagle’s system comes with four cameras, a digital screen, MDVR, and all necessary wiring. The system allows the forklift operator to gain a 360-degree picture of the forklift’s surroundings and hence recognize and avoid the natural blind spots.

Sharpeagle Forklift Camera System

Solutions for Warehouse Equipment Management 

The Forklift Speed-limiter and the forklift anti-collision System are both really useful solutions for warehouse equipment management. The forklift speed-limiter by SharpEagle allows the operator to put a maximum speed -limiter from 6 to 30km per hour. The speed limit can be changed with remote control. A warning alarm will go off on the PA Horn speaker when the permitted speed is reached. SharpEagle’s forklift anti-collision system offers a host, an ultrasonic probe, and an LED display that you can surely rely on for traffic and equipment management in your warehouse. 

Besides the speed limiter, the anti-collision system is also a brilliant forklift safety solution sold by SharpEagle. The anti-collisions system also has the same motive- to prevent pedestrian accidents. It is a great device if you want to prevent human and material damage in the warehouse. Our anti-collision system has a sturdy corrosion resistant body to last for years without getting even slightly damaged. The anti-collision system also encourages the operator to drive slowly, which helps in saving the fuel. So overall this forklift safety solution will be a great addition to your truck if you want the best protection, visibility, productivity and affordability!

Safety Lights and Seatbelts Are Necessities for Forklift Safety

Forklift Safety lights and seatbelts seem simple but are absolute necessities for forklift safety. The purpose of forklift safety belts is to keep drivers from jumping out of the truck if it tips over and gets seriously injured. Safety lights are usually of two colors – blue and red. The blue safety lights that warn pedestrians can be installed on the front and back sides of a forklift. These lights cast a blue and bright light in the front or backside of the truck up to 8 feet. Red zone safety lights light up areas that pedestrians should be wary of on both sides of the forklift. 

Forklift Safety lights

SharpEagle has launched many new forklift safety lights for the industries across the UAE. All of the safety lights, manufactured by us, are powered by superior quality LED lights. A forklift must have a couple of safety lights, especially if the truck works in lowlight conditions. Poor lighting is often the reason why most accidents take place but gladly, this can now be prevented with the use of the ultimate safety lights by SharpEagle!

Anti-Collision System

Since forklifts carry heavy loads and often of heights that would obstruct the view of the forklift operator. You need a system in place which can assist in monitoring and alerting the driver whenever the machine nears an object or pedestrian. While parking sensors in cars help you avoid front and rear collisions, there is a special anti-collision system from SharpEagle which goes over and above to ensure all-around safety. The collision avoidance system improves the visibility of the operator so he can drive confidently in the plant or warehouse. The enhanced protection is not only helpful in ensuring forklift safety; it also lends a hand in safeguarding pedestrians, objects and property. The parking sensor consists of an LED display, a host and an ultrasonic probe. This way you reduce damages and improve efficiency.

forklift anti collision system

Prioritize Safety by Using The Forklift Safety Solutions From SharpEagle

There is no right time to start. You can begin prioritizing safety by using the Forklift Camera System. Look no further than SharpEagle to purchase a Forklift Camera System, Forklift Speed-limiter, and Forklift Anti-Collision System and increase your forklift’s efficiency. In addition to the Forklift Camera System, SharpEagle is your one-stop destination for buying the most amazing explosion-proof cameras too. 

Being super easy to install, the chances of encountering any problems while installing our products is slim to none.  Also, we take the complete responsibility of installing the product with care so you can leave it to us. Even if you encounter any problems after the installation, our support team will be there at your rescue. So which products will you buy first? Do share with us!

Buy SharpEagle’s forklift safety solutions

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