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Cloud Based Solar Camera Systems for Time Lapse Video Production

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Cloud Based Solar Camera Systems for Time Lapse Video Production

When it comes to generating substantial business revenue, it’s all depending on how you create an impression, ensure credibility and deliver success to your client. Whatever your business category is, at the end of the project, it should be considered and appreciated well.

To document your project in a streamlined manner, to showcase or promote your accomplishments; the time-lapse video production technique is the most advanced source letting your viewers view all your project processes in minutes.

The web-connected solar cameras with the wide-angle lens are simply designed to capture more of your job site and exhibit outstanding time-lapse movies. Following are the varied types of high-quality cameras used for time-lapse video production techniques:

MC-30 Series

The MC-30 Series allows you to monitor any remote site from any PC or mobile device. It is solar-powered and wireless system that lets you access without any internet connection or power support.

Key Features

1. HD color Images with high resolution
2. Solar powered cum wireless camera system
3. Simple Set-up Process
4. Monitor from anywhere
5. Automated time-lapse
6. Fully featured user-interface

MC-60 Series Video Surveillance Camera

The MC-60 Series comprise wireless cloud cameras featured with live video streaming, built-in digital video recording (DVR), and Live View high-frequency still images.

Key Features

1. Solar Powered cum wireless camera
2. Built-in digital video recorder for long time recording
3. DVR upload to minimize cellular data usage
4. Live View with high frequency images
5. High-resolution automated time lapse
6. Build-in power system

Site Watch Pro Series Camera Systems

The Site Watch-Pro series is another powerful security and monitoring solution for remote site monitoring, recording, and alerting.  The camera is designed in order to be used on sites that do not have power or internet available.

Key Features

1. Solar powered cum wireless
2. Long-range motion detection & altering
3. Built-in digital video recorder (DVR) for continuous recording
4. Simple to install and access
5. Built-in power system

We at SharpEagle are the renowned Time Lapse Video Production Company based out in Dubai, UAE. We provide robust technology solutions through time-lapse techniques that help businesses grow widely. On the basis of our advanced solar camera and high-quality technical equipment, we ensure developing new and long-term business value that fulfills the client’s expectations throughout.

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