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Confused About Which Safety Light Is Best For Your Forklift? Get To Know From the Experts

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Confused About Which Safety Light Is Best For Your Forklift? Get To Know From the Experts

A forklift is an essential device used for loading and unloading goods in industries. These machines help the workers carry goods efficiently and also help in making the heavy work easy and convenient for others. However, the forklift can turn to be a hazardous device if not taken proper measures to handle. Speed limiters, efficient hydraulic hoses, and other customized components are necessary for avoiding accidents. But the most important of all is a safety light! Efficient lighting is essential for the proper operation of a forklift. In this article, we will share with you the various types of lighting options available for forklifts. So without any delay, let’s get started!

forklift safety lights

What Are The Different Types Of Lights Available To You?

1. Bulb Type Lights

The primary types of lights available for forklifts are halogen lights. The halogen lights are regular bulbs that come with filaments. They are cheap and lead to lesser investment for the organization. However, the filaments can easily get damaged from vibrations and excessive shock. The primary drawback of such bulbs is that they drain more energy than other light sources and, therefore, reduce the working or operating time of the forklift’s batteries. 

Forklift spot safety light

2. LED Bulb Lights

LED bulbs are another type of light bulb that is used in forklifts. They are much more durable and energy-saving than halogen bulbs. They come with condensed filaments that do not get hot easily and, therefore, do not quickly get damaged. They draw fewer amperes than regular bulb lights. LED bulb light contains plastic headlights besides glass frameworks. However, they are costly and require more investments.

Forklift Arc safety light

3. Security Lights

The blue and red zone lights are referred to as security lights. The blue spotlights are mounted on the forklift overhead gourd. They act as a frontal light source, and that helps to see pedestrians located in distant locations. Since other light hues do not go with every environment, red and blue light is used.

forklift safety light

Red zone lights are used to throw light on the ground, and they are mounted on the right and left sides of the overhead guard. 

Another type of light is used in the forklift to make pedestrians aware instantly is the strove lights. These lights flash intermittently to make others alert.

4. Activation Lights

They are lights that indicate the activation function of the forklifts. Key On/ Headlights On and Key Off/ Headlights Off are used to turn on and off the truck lights while loading or unloading trailers. The exciting part of such lights is that they instantly turn on and off with the switching on and off the truck’s engine. Therefore, it is energy-efficient and promotes absolute safety.

Now that you know the different types of light that can be used in forklifts, here are the benefits of LED warning lights:

•  Helps In Creating A Visual Border

Forklifts are heavy, and if the forklift tires crush a pedestrian’s feet, they can be seriously injured. Therefore, it is essential to create a projected light border on the floor, which is done by the led headlight that casts on the floors. 

•  Goes Hand In Hand With The Current Regulations

According to OSHA regulations, forklifts must come with a sound alerting device for alerting pedestrians and employees. However, just a sound system is not enough as it is not easy to understand the direction of the forklift coming from when it is taking turns on critical angles. In such situations, the different red and blue lights are the safest options as they are visible from a distance and help the pedestrians to see the forklift’s turning angle. Moreover, lights are not noisy and do not irritate other workers.

•  Easy To Install

Lights are very easy to install. All you need to do is purchase the required light and place them in the required socket. The mounting socket should be able to fit the light in it, and that’s all! You are good to go.

•  No Need Of Warm-Up Time

LED lights are great energy savers, and they can generate electricity faster than any other type of light. They are efficient in producing lights instantly. They do not require any downtime like other light sources to revive energy and glow to the fullest.

Get the Best Forklift Safety Lights from SharpEagle Technologies

Consumers always prefer trusting brands that have a brand reputation and years of experience. SharpeEagle is one such brand that has years of experience in the field of Forklift safety lights. It has been the chief producer and supplier in UAE and abroad. The lights offered by SharpEagle are robust, durable, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly in nature. Besides being a great savior from mechanical and workplace accidents, forklift lights have added an aesthetically appealing look to the forklift devices.

The SharpEagle products have their own standards and come with a brand value that makes them unique and leaders of the industry. The company has a dedicated customer service team that commits to offering their consumers round clock support regarding their queries and complaints. The sales team also extends their best support and assistance in the installation and maintenance of the lights.

So when are you planning to install the forklift safety lights and promote workplace safety for your employees and organization? Do share your thoughts with us!

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