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Create an Impactful Impression at ADIPEC 2021 by installing top-notch industrial safety solutions by SharpEagle

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Create an Impactful Impression at ADIPEC 2021 by installing top-notch industrial safety solutions by SharpEagle

ADNOC or the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company hosts the grand ADIPEC Summit every year to unite the oil, gas, and energy sectors to open up new trading avenues and expand business globally. The experts of all industries come together in a four-day-long grandeur exhibition, where they participate in seminars and present their products and discuss safety solutions for the workplace. 

The network connections have given mileage to new business strengths and opportunities to every participating member over the years. The summit opens a new door for seamless interaction among all buyers and sellers. It creates a knowledge-friendly environment whereby people learn, educate, become aware, and explore new possibilities and products, and understand and adopt new solutions, technologies and innovations together. 


The exhibition has been graced by more than 2000 companies, national and international. Over 26 countries have participated in this international pavilion with 51+ IECs, IOCs, and NOCs. Every participant will have a handful of takeaways and collaboration opportunities from the ADIPEC summit 2021. The Ministers, Business Influencers, Debaters, Industry Policy Makers, CEOs, and Traders from various nations will interact in multiple conferences and sessions to discuss and delve deeper into strategic and technical data. 

Every new development that has been taking place in the global market over the last few years will also be studied, analyzed, and recorded for new strategic handling of the impending threats and opportunities. Over 800+ industry geniuses will conduct as many as 127 info-packed sessions in the four-day-long ADIPEC Exhibition 2021.

Member Industries Welcomed by The ADNOC at The ADIPEC 2021 Exhibition:

ADNOC welcomes traders and businesses from the oil, gas, and energy industries heartily at this ADIPEC 2021 Summit. So let’s quickly learn more about these industries and why these sectors are the hotbed for major industrial accidents. At the ADIPEC summit, you will come across the best safety solution providers in the UAE. Hence, don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to learn all about the business risks and secure your workplace at the best prices that will be offered at the exhibition. 

1. Oil Industry: The oil industry or the petroleum industry deals with the exploration, extraction, refining, transportation, and marketing of all kinds of petroleum products across the globe. The oil industry deals with processes that are complicated and involve huge machinery, materials, and workforce. Owing to the explosive nature of the product being processed and manufactured, there are high chances of accidents, and the environment is not much friendly for the workers. 

oil industry

We have seen over the years how the hazardous and rugged environment has led to massive industrial accidents resulting in deaths at the workplace and losses in millions. There are OSHA safety guidelines that have been structured to prevent all major and fatal accidents and empower business supervisors with total control over operations. These safety protocols must be carefully observed in the following sectors:

• Vehicle Collisions
• Accidents by Fall
• Flammable air
• Flammable raw materials
• Struck by Situations
• Faulty machines
• Enclosed surfaces
• Electronic and other energy discrepancies

However, you can avoid these accidents easily by making minor changes at your workplace. ADIPEC 2021 summit is hosting the best safety solution providers of UAE, who have been lending affordable safety equipment to businesses globally. So, ensure your workplace is safe and cut down your insurance and abnormal losses to shoot up your profit in a quarter.

2. Gas Industry: The Gas Industries primarily trade in Natural Gases. Natural gas production, processing, refining, storage, and marketing is an exhaustive and complex procedure, and to market this product profitably across the globe can be tricky unless done right. There is so much revenue in these sectors; however, they come with a fair share of risks owing to the extremely rugged and flammable factory workplace. Thus, ADIPEC is hosting industrialists across the globe to reflect on the problems and challenges faced by the businesses, and to come up with new innovative strategies to meet these challenges.

gas industry

This sector is prone to fatal accidents and deals with the highest number of flammable substances and hazardous environments where the workers hustle. Unless the correct safety protocol is maintained, there are always chances of huge accidents that can destroy the workplace in seconds. However, you can protect your business and employees simply by observing a couple of safety protocols. 

You can connect with the local organizations dealing with the safety of workers. These associations have highly skilled professionals who can ensure safety guidelines are strictly followed at the workstation. Investing in labor awareness and safety programs is another effective way to ensure security. The programs actively monitor the mental and physical health of all workers. Regular housekeeping is a basic thing you must follow. 

Another cost-effective and best way to create a safe working environment for your business is by installing video surveillance devices at your workplace. The explosion-proof cameras and other monitoring units are built to withstand the rugged and hazardous environment of the gas industry. Make sure you invest in a reliable safety solution provider which offers quality products and efficient post-sales service. 

3. Energy Industry: This industry is the storehouse of revenue yet bears extremely higher chances of accidents by fire. There is a highly valuable energy chain created and marketed by the highly skilled professionals in this sector.

We have seen how common fatal accidents and massive injuries are in this industry. Because of the enclosed working area, complex electrical circuits, heavy material equipment, there is a stage prepared for havoc accidents at the workstation. Hence, a cautious and aware working unit is the primary way to ensure safety. 

ADIPEC will focus on enforcing standardized training policies and safety protocols of workers in discussions and seminars. In addition, there will be risk analysts talking about the trade risks and will educate you on how to evaluate the risk possibilities. 

Installing safety devices for surveillance can prevent accidents and injuries to a great deal. The well-built robust monitoring cameras are ex-proof and can withstand temperature fluctuations, operate well in highly humid areas with extreme pressure. Choose a reputed brand that gives you devices that can work efficiently in a highly flammable environment. 

You can also connect with companies like SharpEagle, the leaders in expanding industrial safety solutions in Dubai and abroad, and give your business the simplest and the most cost-effective protective nucleus to work in. 

Safety Solutions for Rugged and Hazardous Industrial Environment: Make a Long-Lasting Impression on Health and Safety of Oil, Gas, and Energy Sectors

These sectors have the most explosive air and hazardous environment where the working unit carries on the production and deal with heavy machines and igneous materials. Hence, ignoring the safety solutions is sheer stupidity. If you wish to make it big in this industry, you need to have a comprehensive security protocol in your workhouse. Say No to wastage on the huge insurance premium and abnormal losses. Invest right to win the game!

The basic safety devices that you can avail of at low cost for the highest performing security solutions include forklift safety, thermal safety, solar-proof safety, and ex-proof safety surveillance devices. A safe working environment means higher productivity, lower cost of insurance and risks, greater workers’ efficiency, hence high profitability. This hike in profit is much coveted after the global pandemic that had halted the production of most industries. 

You cannot trust every other company for the safety of your workplace. If you pick wrong, you waste your valuable bucks on worthless products that fetch you no security. SharpEagle takes pride in its high-tech, new age, pocket-friendly safety solutions, which can turn the hazardous environment of your business into a safe ecosystem. The company is known for its highly efficient post-sales services and thus has reputed itself as the number #1 safety solution provider of UAE, with clients across the globe. 

Some Statistical Insights 

Dubai has been showing a huge fluctuation in petroleum prices over the last few years. The 2020 petroleum price was $42.41 on average in Dubai for every barrel. However, there was a drop in price by 21 dollars. The Fateh oil of Dubai has set a benchmark in Asia because of its ready availability and fine quality. The Persian Gulf crude oil is also quite popular; however, it is not as famous because of its rare availability. 

Present Your Products at ADIPEC 2021 Exhibition And Explore New Opportunities of Innovation and Expansion

There will be over 2000 companies that will participate in the ADIPEC 2021. The event will host global influencers and business leaders; hence you can connect with people that matter the most! Be an exhibitor at this summit, boost your presence, and place yourself on the world map of your industry. As an exhibitor, these are the following areas that will open up for you:

• Meet Potential Buyers: In just four days of the ADIPEC 2019 exhibition, big and small business houses made an agreement aggregate of $18.9 billion. 2021 will have a greater amount in store for you. More than 80% of the participants will be influencers, buyers, and policymakers. By presenting your business and products at the ADIPEC, you will open the doors of expansion for your business. The event aims to negate all unhealthy price wars and create a co-existing environment for all businesses of an industry.

• Knowledge Exchange: There is a schedule of over 160 conferences and sessions at the 2021 summit. All these conferences will be graced by the participation of 1000 ministers, professionals, business leaders of these industries. Every conference will be conducted to formulate strategies for effective and efficient business performance, pricing policies, and value maximization to all stakeholders. This will, in turn, open expansion possibilities and will give you a world platform to present your products as an exhibitor. 

• International Outlook: As an exhibitor, when you interact with other businesses across the globe, you can learn about their challenges, understand growth opportunities and explore new areas unthought of before. There will be more than 51 exhibiting leading companies from 26 nations, and you can stand in the same line with them. There will be 2000+ companies participating in this summit and 100,000+ professionals from all countries gracing these four days’ events with their presence. 

ADIPEC 2021 aims to unite and attract the global purchasing power of the Oil, Gas, and Energy industries at the heart of industrial prosperity, Abu Dhabi. This summit will provide its exhibitors with a platform where they can interact at the massive pavilion, explore the industry’s opportunities and threats, and introduce innovation in their business that will help them stand out in the sea. 

There will be seminars conducted on the importance of bilateral trading, innovation in commerce, and host dialogues for long-term agreements to make an accessible value chain for all. 


Feel free to share with us all your queries regarding the ADIPEC 2021 summit. Here are the most frequently asked queries about the summit answered for you all. 

1. What are the primary takeaways of the ADIPEC 2021 exhibitors?

The exhibitors will have great opportunities to access the global market, collaborate, interact, partner, and engage with world leaders of the industry, get east access to the trade value chain and energy transition. You can also learn about safety solutions for your business and get the best deal from big brands like SharpEagle.

2. When is the ADIPEC 2021 taking place?

The ADIPEC 2021 Exhibition is organized from 15th to 18th of November 2021 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. More than 2000 companies will grace the event from across the world.  

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