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Does A Forklift Speed Limiter Promote Workplace Safety? Find It Out Here

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Does A Forklift Speed Limiter Promote Workplace Safety? Find It Out Here

Before we jump into the topic of whether a forklift speed limiter helps promote safety, let us take a look at what it is! A speed limiter is an essential part of a forklift that prevents it from exceeding the set limit of speed. The general rate is 10km/hr. However, it might vary from one company or brand to another. Most workplace accidents related to forklifts occur because of excessive speeding. In such scenarios, speed limiter plays an essential role in preventing the driver from meeting any uncontrolled situation. 

Forklift speed limiter

Forklifts are heavy industrial machines that are used for carrying heavy loads of cargo materials. These machines are not only used in risky businesses but also involve lifting movements of huge loaded carton boxes, cargo materials, and other industrial loads that are not easy to carry manually or by other machines. Over the years, the use of forklifts has led to several accidents and driving hazards for the operators. To curb such situations, forklift speed limiters are essential.

Now that you know what forklift speed limiter is, keep reading ahead to know about its key features.

➢ What Are The Key Features You Should Search In A Forklift Speed Limiter?

You should keep in mind certain features before purchasing a forklift that comes with a speed limiter. The elements play a clinical role in promoting forklift safety solutions. The key features are:

Warning Alarm

The alarm is the primary part of the forklift safety solutions. It gives alarm signals and makes noise when the machine exceeds the predefined speed.

Modified Inclines

Modified inclinations help in preventing mechanical accidents during movement, especially on turns. Modern modifications help in making it easy to take the movement inclinations.

Camera View

The addition of a camera helps get a better look at the movements of the machines, especially at angles where it is not possible to look. For example, modern forklift machines come with a camera view during the downward movement of the forklift for proper positioning of the forklift.


The human detectors are the newest inclusions that alert drivers about anyone present near the forklift. The detectors are indeed one of the most vital additions to the mechanics of forklifts.

➢ How Does Forklift Speed Limiter Improve Safety?

• Getting Rid Of Negligence

The speed limiter helps prevent the driver from exceeding the pre-defined level of speed, which has been the key to forklift safety solutions. Therefore, the chances of negligence by drivers decrease, which helps attain a more compact safety.

• Improvement In Site Safety

The work environment for the various workers and co-employees also turns safer with the new detection system installed in the forklift speed limiter. It helps the driver to be aware of the nearby pedestrians. 

• Enhanced Driving Standards

If the forklift speed limiter has been a boon to someone, it must be the driver first. It has helped in improving the driving standards of the driver or the operator of the forklift. It prevents them from reckless driving and increases safety measures.

➢ What Type Of Forklift Speed Limiter Is Ideal For You?

There are various things to keep in mind before you choose your ideal forklift speed limiter. The very first thing to keep in mind is the type of mechanical throttle. Mechanical throttle and Drive-by-wire throttle are the two basic types. However, mechanical throttles might require many more different implementations than a drive-by-wire throttle. The other functions to note are:

The other functions to note are:

  • How many speed limits do you want to add?
  • How are the speed limits going to be controlled? For example, they will be controlled by a person, by applying weights, or from another location.
  • What is the reporting offered by the system?
  • Is there any feature of giving an alert if the set speed is exceeded?

➢Get Your Hands On The Best Forklift Speed Limiters And Improve The warehouse And Personal Safety

SharpEagle technologies offer the best-designed forklift speed limiters. Their technological advancement has led to the development of the most efficient speed limiters. The devices come with alarm systems that help alert the operator when high speed is reached, and pedestrians are near. Getting the right device is not the ultimate goal for an organization. The device must be economically efficient as well as safe for use. Another big advantage of having speed limiters is that it makes a forklift more productive and an operator self-sufficient. 


SharpEagle is a brand that comes with years of experience in this industry and commits to offering top-notch quality. The business takes pride in serving thousands of customers along with hundreds of clients. They have an efficient customer service team, who are always there for your assistance and queries. The official website of SharpEagle offers a live chatting option for the users to interact with the system and get things easier and clearer.


We hope you have gained considerable knowledge about the significance of forklift speed limiters. Do you have a speed limiter with you? When are you planning to buy one? Do share with us your thoughts.

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