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Everything You Need To Know About Ex-proof CCTV Surveillance In The Oil And Gas Industry

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Everything You Need To Know About Ex-proof CCTV Surveillance In The Oil And Gas Industry

Ex-proof CCTV surveillance can be used in various industries such as grain storage and woodwork, but they have become extremely essential, especially in the oil and gas industry. This is mostly because safety and security are matters of consistent concern in the said industry. Often the oil and gas sites are located in remote locations that are far away. The assets related to this industry are spread across all these challenging locations. Some locations are left in an isolated manner with all the materials, while some have a steady stream of both people as well as vehicles visiting the sites each day. So, irrespective of whether the oil and gas site sees many people coming there or not, an Explosion proof surveillance camera should definitely be installed due to the volatility of materials produced and kept there. 

If you are working in the oil and gas industry yourself, you must surely know what an ex-proof CCTV is and what it is supposed to do. Still, we would like to dissipate a very common misconception or myth regarding these ex-proof CCTVs if you aren’t aware of it. Ex-proof CCTVs are intended to avert rather than survive an explosion. 

➢ Five Major Reasons That Make Ex-proof CCTV Surveillance A Necessity In The Oil And Gas Industry

The significant stakes involved with safeguarding the oil and gas facilities are demonstrated by the volatility of the commodity this industry produces, as we have already mentioned, and the potential economic damage if something goes wrong. Hence, there are plenty of reasons that make explosion-proof CCTV surveillance necessary in the oil and gas industry. We are going to list five of the major reasons below:

1. Safety of employees – The safety of the employees working at the oil and gas sites is one of the most important reasons why ex-proof CCTVs should be installed there. This is because most of these employees work at places like drilling platforms and onshore oil wells where security is concerned, and hence, an ex-proof CCTV will minimize the risk. 

2. Extremely rigorous weather conditions – Since the oil and gas sites are situated in very remote areas, environmental conditions like the weather and temperature tend to be extremely harsh. This is why installing ex-proof CCTVs become important as they come in handy while monitoring and controlling activities in such places while resisting the harsh weather conditions. 

3. High-risk atmosphere – Most places on and near the gas and oil sites are considered hazardous because the work done here involves transporting extremely combustible substances after drilling for and collecting them. The places which are explosive need continuous CCTV surveillance to avoid any fires and explosions. 

4. Unauthorized individuals trespassing – Preventing unauthorized individuals from entering the oil and gas sites is truly crucial. These individuals can put themselves as well as the materials found on these sites, in danger. To stop this from happening, explosion-proof CCTV surveillance should be maintained throughout the sites. 

5. Theft and vandalism – Many areas in the gas and oil sites can be targeted for theft and vandalism purposes. This could then lead to financial losses for the companies. Ex-proof CCTV surveillance on the sites could decrease the chances and prevent such cases from happening. 

➢ Things To Look For In A Good Ex-proof CCTV Surveillance For The Oil And Gas Industry 

It will help if you look for certain things regarding good ex-proof CCTV surveillance for the oil and gas industry. Here is a list of them:

•  Ex-proof casing – Good ex-proof CCTVs are usually made of really durable materials like fiberglass, polyester, and stainless steel. The casing of such cameras does a great job at stopping combustible gases, dust, and identical particles from entering inside it. 

•  Ex-proof reinforced mounts – You won’t have to worry about an ex-proof CCTV that is good to topple over in any critical situation as it will be mounted by brackets that are capable of holding five times the weight of the CCTV. 

•  Closed-loop placing system – You can benefit greatly from explosion-proof cameras if they have smart closed-loop positioning systems, which are set to return to the same angle without delay so that nothing is left uncaught on video. 

•  Viewing window made out of tempered glass – If you do not want the camera’s viewing window to break under pressure, make sure that the ex-proof CCTV you choose has its viewing window made out of tempered glass. Such glasses can even take tremendous pressure of up to 10,000 pounds per square inch. 

➢ Protect Your Workers from Explosions

We hope that you got a clear picture of why ex-proof CCTV surveillance is so important in the gas and oil industry from the points we have stated above. If you want to buy the best quality ATEX camera, then look nowhere else and go for the products from SharpEagle. Here, you will get the most durable ex-proof CCTV device that can give your workers the best protection during explosions. We will also help you with other details regarding the camera like the installation process and working method. All our products come with a minimum one-year warranty. 

So, when are you buying an ex-proof camera from SharpEagle? Do let us know!

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