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Everything You Need to Know About Explosion Proof Lighting

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Everything You Need to Know About Explosion Proof Lighting

Often working in a chemical or explosive intense hazardous environment is not only unsafe but also unavoidable. While using other safety devices such as explosion-proof cameras in these working atmospheres, installing explosion-proof lights can further boost safety in various industries.

Failing to pay heed to these safety measures can prove to be ‘explosive’ in other ways. According to a report, the global market cap for ex-proof lights is expected to grow from USD340 million in 2020 to USD 471 million by 2026. And the rise of investments in pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, as well as, increasing government regulations, will play a key role in the growth.

So, explosion-proof lighting is an essential part of any organization that runs in dangerous environments, where potentially explosive materials or gases are present. Hence, it is important to know how an ex-proof lighting system can be beneficial for not only the safety of the workers but also for business as a whole. Let’s know the definition of explosion-proof lighting, and then its various aspects.

➢ What is Explosion Proof Lighting?

These kinds of lighting refer to a type of lighting fixture or enclosure capable of containing sparks arising from inside, preventing any explosion when it reacts with any explosive material or gases in the surrounding atmosphere. As against popular belief, the explosion-proof does not mean that these lights are resistant to explosions. Instead, they are crafted to restrain the path of sparks and prevent external ignition in hazardous areas.

explosion proof lights

These safety lights are typically enclosed in a thick frame usually made up of aluminium or stainless steel. Besides sturdy encasing, the thicker glass lenses further protect it from cracks and leaks, as a result of working in harsh environments.

➢ How is explosion-proof lighting beneficial?

Explosion-proof lighting is purpose-built for the hazardous environment especially those industries dealing with oil, gas, pharmaceuticals, etc. and is not generally used in the residential setup. Installing these safety lights can significantly decrease the risk of explosions, as mentioned above. Further, as per the mandate by the international body National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), all lighting equipment used in volatile environments must be explosion-proof.

So, due to the solid design of these lights, the risk of explosions arising from sparks are minimal. Hence, it significantly enhances the safety of the people working in a risky industrial environment. We will further know its various aspects in the below paragraphs.  

•  Anti-Explosive Design

If we see a standard light enclosure, the main bulb inside, wiring, contacts and other connections are vulnerable to the surrounding atmosphere. So, any spark arising from any movement or a loose contact can be enough to catch fire or ignite the chemicals or gases in the atmosphere.

On the other hand, the constituents of ex-proof lighting are surrounded by a robust frame that prevents potential sparks from escaping the internal housing. That does not mean it contains airtight sealing, but a containment zone is created to prevent the spread of spark outside the unit to avoid additional damage or even injuries to employees due to fire.

•  Durability and low maintenance cost

Typically, an explosion-proof light is more durable than its regular lighting counterpart, as the former is often built with strong materials. This means that the ex-proof lights cannot be easily broken, as against the delicate nature of standard lights. This makes ex-proof lights special equipment and a better option for confined spaces. It eventually cut down the maintenance cost and saves you money.  

cost effective

•  Excellent mobility

The fragile build quality of standard lighting is well known. But on the flip side, the reinforced body frame and thick tempered glass lenses make these lights highly resistant to vibrations. It means while moving the bulk of this equipment from one place to another by any transport medium, the risk of damage or malfunction is extremely low as bumps and other undulations will not cause any adverse effect.

It also means that ex-proof lights are more portable than regular lights, which makes the former an ideal alternative for industries that need mobile illuminations for their operations.

•  High efficiency and Eco-Friendly

Ex-proof LED lights consume roughly 90 percent less energy as compared to regular lights, without compromising on the level of illumination. These lights can last approximately 100,000 hours, so deploying explosion-proof LED lights in the premises would eventually save on production and operation costs in the long run.

eco friendly

Moreover, the advanced thermal control mechanism lets these lights emit less heat, which means fewer chances of producing sparks. They are also free from any toxic or harmful elements such as lead and mercury which are dangerous to the environment.

➢ Conclusion

As a business owner, one should adopt every possible measure to contain damage, maximize saving and create a safe working environment. SharpEagle offers a wide range of explosion-proof lighting and other safety solutions in line with the latest industry standard and caters to your business needs. Let us know your thoughts through email or phone call.

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