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Sharpeagle : A Quick Overview of Different Types of Ex-Proof CCTV Systems

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Sharpeagle : A Quick Overview of Different Types of Ex-Proof CCTV Systems

Ensuring high level of safety and process efficiency in hazardous and high-risk environment like oil, gas, marine, onshore & off-shore industries and special industrial zones is a challenge. There’s a need for a 24/7 real-time surveillance of all operations to achieve this end and, that’s why we at the SharpEagle Technology, have carefully crafted our specialized range of Explosion proof CCTV Systems to meet your business need.

We assure you a user-friendly interface where-in, a single operator can monitor the entire plant and also, control all cameras through clear and immediate commands which help you deliver high integrity process and maintain the highest level of security possible for an incident-free operation.

We have a wide range of Fixed and PTZ cameras with all required control systems like Monitor, Controller, Armored Cables, Connectors and more that meets stringent ATEX certification with marking for Zone 1 and Zone 2. Here’s a brief look at our range –

Explosion proof Mini IR Camera – Explosion-proof Mini IR Cameras are Ex-rated camera with ATEX certification and approval ratings for Zone 1 and Zone 2 environment. Made with stainless steel bodies, cameras are night-vision, bullet-proof, waterproof and shock resistant. Made for extreme and harsh work atmosphere, our mini IR cameras are perfect for solution for complex environment monitoring.


Explosion proof compact color camera– Unique design which makes the camera resist explosion gas, rain & fog, stone & hammer, short gun bullet, seawater & chemical corrosion, coal-dust, and so on.

Explosion Proof Ruggedized Night View PTZ Camera – Electro-polished Stainless Steel PTZ camera Station with IR Illumination and is available with customized camera options. It is equipped with latest best performance day/night camera with high zoom rate. The Wiper design guarantees clear image in all weather condition.

Smart Mini Explosion Proof ATEX Certified Fixed Camera – It an innovative & state of the art ex-proof cctv camera manufactured with high specs and endure harsh onshore and offshore environment to give continuous and clear performance. This mini fixed Explosion-proof camera is with intelligent design which integrated with the strongest stainless steel housing, IR illuminators superior camera sensor.

The explosion proof cameras are typically installed on the rig floor, monkey board, drillers console and sub- base. This allows for 24/7 monitoring and recording of all activities on the rig. Take a look at our cctv camera installation here –

Take a step towards safety; opt for our SharpEagle Ex-Proof CCTV system, order today at :




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