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Explosion Proof Cameras- The Resilient equipment for Oil and Gas industry

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Explosion Proof Cameras- The Resilient equipment for Oil and Gas industry

What is an explosion proof camera

Explosion proof cameras are the equipment which are best suited for hazardous explosive areas. These cameras are designed to prevent ignition of the surrounding gases and dust in these environments. They either contain any explosion within the device, or prevent sparks exiting the device and triggering an explosion. This means that the camera system will not cause an explosion, however survive explosions outside the enclosure.
Explosive environments can be found in a number of places. Oil and Gas industry is one among them. Since it involves a risky environment, your camera needs to be explosion proof. It holds the certain benefits:

• The Explosion proof cameras, especially the stainless steel models are the resilient Explosion proof cameras. Their weather resistant stainless steel casings have a rating of IP67, which makes them absolutely dust-tight and watertight.

• Despite their light weight and small dimensions, all cameras are designed using the ‘pressure proof encapsulation’ type of ignition protection; this means that products in pressurized enclosures need no additional monitoring equipment.

• Its minimum sensitivity of 0, 0004 makes the cameras so sensitive that it does not need powerful lighting technology. This means that in combination with a 50 watt headlamp, the cameras can replace comparable systems with 400 watt xenon lights.

• To be considered as an explosive proof, the camera must meet the standards identified by ATEX or IECEx. ATEX was created to protect workers from explosive risks and provide common standards for all equipment’s traded within the EU. IECEx is an international standard. These standards define the type of environment and the protection level required by the equipment.

The different types of cameras and their benefits available for oil and gas industries are:

• Ex compact camera – it is a small lightweight, modest and a compact camera which makes it easier to be installed in the smallest corners.

Ex AFZ Camera – the Ex zoom camera offers day and night inspection.

• Ex TIC Camera – the IP69K protected thermal imaging camera allows surveillance without a light source.

All the cameras hold the benefit of Aluminum and stainless steel and are designed for extreme temperatures. These cameras are shock and vibrant resistant and are signed under the ATEX and IECEX certified zone.

With all this features in hand, you are sure to have continuity and capture details even in the most hazardous areas.

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