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Explosion Proof Video Surveillance Solutions for Extreme Industrial Conditions to Avoid Accidents

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Explosion Proof Video Surveillance Solutions for Extreme Industrial Conditions to Avoid Accidents

A good safety solution is designed for more than survival, and hence, it should be robust and durable and must reflect its usefulness in your productivity and cost heads. The various surveillance devices should not just be dust or water-resistant but also temperature-resistant. Your prior experience may have been disappointing due to selecting a sub-par brand. Hence, we thought of defining today how well a surveillance camera should be equipped to meet all unique environmental challenges your factory needs protection from. 

We will discuss A to Z of the robust built solutions that can work in a harsh and rugged industrial environment to give your business the safety it deserves. Deployment of water, dust, pressure, vibration, and temperature resistant devices will be successful only when the installation is done with properly curated research and plans. So stay tuned to know all about it!

The oil and gas industry is openly acknowledged as one of the most dangerous work sectors.

The following 2 causal factors appear consistently in the top ten for both
fatal incidents and high potential events for each of the past 9 years.
(a) Inadequate Supervision i.e. Awful Visibility.
(b) Lack of attention / Inattentiveness

We know you’d agree! That’s why you need an Explosion proof camera.

To know what can give your business similar security, read today’s blog on Video Surveillance Solutions for Rugged and Harsh Environments.

Fatal incidents

➢ Environmental Discrepancies

When we say the industrial environment is “harsh,” the harshness varies from factory to factory. A harsh industrial environment can be saltwater, moist air, corrosive at marine places, or a refinery with extreme temperature and pressure. The camera device in one industry can be exposed to toxic chemical sprays, or it might have to work well amidst swirling dust and sand. The explosion-proof hazardous area camera is yet another high-in-demand product in the market these days. 

Hence, how you define “harsh” depends on the industry you are talking about. All the environments mentioned earlier demand one thing in common, a device with a casing that protects all basic elements like dust, moisture, pressure, temperature, humidity. A good device must be engineered looking past the dangers we already know of. For example, saltwater regions have extremely corrosive air. This may lead to premature damage to the surveillance device. Hence, the solution you need is lightweight Stainless Steel devices for marine-grade security. 

➢ Mounting and Other Related Complexities

The other important factor is the surveillance camera placement, whether fixed at a spot or attached to a bus or truck. A video monitoring device at a building will be very different from the camera attached to a truck that will pass through a steam wash or transport material to a high-pressure area. IP has set several codes to ensure the devices are protected from solid and liquid particles and environmental extremities. Always look for the IP69K rating since it’s the highest in the market currently. Shock and vibration resistance is yet another important factor of concern. 

➢ Faulty Lighting and Picture Quality

Almost all cameras provide high-definition images in broad daylight. However, it gets difficult in lowlight or no light regions, and the best range cameras prove themselves then. There are Infra-Red Light or IR cameras that are used at such places with lowlights. However, the color is often lost owing to the restricted area of illumination. Hence, always choose a brand that ensures color affirmation with extremely dim light sensitivity. SharpEagle has a classy range of IR cameras. 

➢ The Wide Range of Temperature Fluctuations

Water and dust are not the only two particles that cause havoc on safety devices and surveillance cameras. A wide range of temperature fluctuations, hot and cold weather swings can lead to the death of a device, not well manufactured. If the change in temperature is rapid, the device will surely break down. A rapid temperature variation is a common event in such industries. For example, a truck that was parked in a freezing area for storage, when it started suddenly, the motor heats up. This will fog the lens of the surveillance device immediately. The SharpEagle cameras have been engineered with coldness minimizer and lens cleanser technology whereby the dissipation of heat is done seamlessly by the device.  

Install The Best Video Surveillance Solutions for Harsh & Rugged Environment Today!

SharpEagle has the best range of Zone 1, Zone 2 cam  eras, Zone 21, Zone 22 monitoring devices, and other necessary accessories in the UAE and abroad. The devices are engineered keeping in mind severe industrial extremities than what exists. Looking beyond present problems helps your business to prepare itself for cushioning all types of losses. Install the right device in your industry and create the safest ecosystem for your business. Training the workers right, getting standard quality equipment, and installing top-notch safety solutions can skyrocket your revenue and productivity in a quarter. 

SharpEagle’s popularity owes to the finest quality supplies it has been manufacturing and marketing globally for ages. The company also has a highly responsive and responsible team of customer care executives to guide you in selecting products, installation, and maintenance. 

Let us know which camera you are choosing for your business so that you can bid farewell to all industrial accidents caused due to the ruggedness and harshness of the environment!

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