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Find Out Why the Oil and Gas Industries Need Better Security and Surveillance Strategies

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Find Out Why the Oil and Gas Industries Need Better Security and Surveillance Strategies

The oil and gas industry is so far one of the most evolved industries in recent years. With the evolution, came not just the pros but also the drawbacks that pushed the oil and gas sectors towards cyber security vulnerabilities. These industries depend majorly on cyber structures for daily functioning. Experts say that it is the main reason for the growing cyber-attacks on the oil and gas sectors. The attackers are becoming sharper with time and hence, detection has also become quite tough nowadays. This results in huge losses within the oil and gas market. 

oil and gas industry

Not just the security but keeping an eye on these areas has also proven difficult. The workers face several challenges due to poor surveillance of the hazardous areas within the sectors. Are you wondering what security and surveillance challenges we are talking about? Keep reading to know!

Top Security and Surveillance Challenges Faced by Oil and Gas Industries

1. Improper Training and Awareness

Employees working in oil and gas industries do not receive adequate training on security and surveillance. Attackers know about this major dispute and they take advantage of it. As the workers are not informed about the dos and don’ts of proper security, they are not aware of the right ways to conduct work without being vulnerable. 

Experts believe that effective training and awareness of the employees should be the major step for reducing such cyber threats. Training workers might be a bit expensive but when compared to the losses faced by the company as a result of security threats, the expense will seem far less. Only those workers should be employed who have a proper understanding of cyber security matters within the industry.

2. Poor Security and Surveillance Policies and Practices

As if not training the employees were bringing fewer threats, the oil and gas sectors have also started creating weaker security and surveillance policies in most parts of the world. We agree that creating the right policies will take time, effort, and workforce but it should be a must when the security of the organization is concerned. The internet is filled with instructions on how proper security policies must be formed. However, the company should always hire professionals for the job and not rely on unauthorized information on the web. 

When the security and surveillance policies are unclear, the workers are misled. They start following the wrong security practices and are soon hijacked by cyber attackers. To avoid such dire situations, organizations must take charge of creating the right policies, training the employees about them, ensuring that the policies are followed thoroughly, and updating the rules whenever needed. 

3. Inadequate Protection against Explosion

It is not just the cyber attackers who have become threats against the security of oil and gas industries but the explosive atmosphere is also a major threat. Oil and gas sectors deal with hazardous chemicals which make the working environment explosive. To ensure that the workers are safe while working in such an atmosphere, companies should install the best quality Explosion proof camera. More than half of the surveillance threats can be reduced when the area is protected with the right camera system. 

Explosion proof fixed type dome camera

Improper surveillance has become a major threat nowadays, especially when the workplace is filled with hazardous substances. Smart camera analytics used in a hazardous area camera is the solution to most of the security issues. As they come in a wide range of prices, you can find one fitting your budget easily. Hence, without delaying any further, be smart and install the top-quality ex-proof cameras now!

4. Ineffective IT and Industrial Network Separation

Oil and gas industries are making hasty decisions of punching their industrial networks with IT networks for faster processing of data between IT and OT sectors. Even though this is a more affordable option, it brings in many unwanted security threats to the company. Cybercriminals are aware of such networking and they know if a small portion of the network is hacked, the entire system will shut down. To prevent this, the oil and gas technicians need to come up with better strategies for using the networks effectively.

5. Insufficient Security of the Onshore and Offshore Networks

Using IT protocols within the Industrial Control Systems has affected the security of the networks severely. Besides this, other new vulnerable technologies have also made their appearance in the oil and gas sectors. One of them is the cloud storage facility. Many data breaches take place when vital industries like oil and gas companies decide to store their data in cloud spaces. But seems like the companies are not taking the threats related to networks seriously and are trying hard to create a cost-effective system at the expense of losing to the cyber attackers!

Choose the Best Safety Systems for Your Company

Managing the network and training needs proper planning. But what you can do today without any prior plans is install the best ATEX camera to protect your workplace. When it comes to choosing the most effective explosion-proof camera, you can blindly trust SharpEagle. We have been serving our customers for a long time and have never failed to impress them with our top-notch service and products. When you choose us, you get to enjoy the finest safety solutions of all time. We make things easier for you by helping you with the installation of the hazardous area camera. Besides that, our team is also quite helpful when it comes to providing quick aid to the customers whenever they need help with the products!

Be Smart and Stay Safe

Now that you know about the top 5 security and surveillance threats faced by the oil and gas sectors, please try and resolve them in your company as soon as possible. You might need to hire some professional experts who can help you with structuring better security policies, establishing finer networks, and educating the workers for developing a safer workplace. Trust us, the cost of all these summed up won’t be higher than the money you can risk in the hands of a cyber attacker. Before leaving, share with us the steps you plan to take for securing the workplace. We cannot wait to know!

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