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Forklift Camera & Anti-Collision Systems saves lives.. Here’s how

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Forklift Camera & Anti-Collision Systems saves lives.. Here’s how

Forklift trucks are the lifeline of warehouses, construction sites, logistic operations, and other worksites that need heavy lifting regularly. Several statistics over the years have shown the health risks associated with the lives of forklift operators and those in their vicinity. Dislocated joints, amputations, complex fractures to death, forklift operators have seen it all. Shouldn’t we do something to minimize these health risks so they can live a better life and be more productive? As business owners, it becomes our responsibility to see to it. If you’re wondering how you can help save lives, let’s introduce you to forklift cameras and anti-collision systems.

Common reasons for mishaps around a forklift

Forklifts come in many shapes and sizes, manufactured to deal with all types of loads and by many, they are just considered equipment. It is far too easy to forget that forklifts are powerful vehicles which when involved in a collision can cause as much damage as any car. There are many factors that can contribute to forklift accidents. 

•  human error. Improper training or no training at all means that the forklift driver is completely unaware of any aspects of safety or the areas of danger when operating the forklift. Such as, driving at an incorrect speed, or having the load in an incorrect position.
•  An unsafe area with obstacles and poor upkeep can make forklift operations dangerous when it is completely unavoidable.
•  Forklift accidents also occur when there are loads being transported over different surfaces, such as ramps.

It would be wrong to blame the vehicle operator for every mishap. Passers-by and other workers can cause accidents by not taking due care and attention. A worker walking into the path of a forklift can lead to a collision that even the most experienced driver cannot avoid, not without an onboard sensor or some other piece of safety technology. These systems can seriously decrease forklift accidents, thereby reducing the risk of serious injury and death.

How can you prevent these accidents?

The answer is by deploying a complete Forklift camera system that takes care of everything for the driver and guides him to the right path. 

There are many forklift camera systems available, but many are poorly made and far too basic. What is required to completely minimize hazards is a full camera and forklift sensor system. It isn’t enough to only have a rear camera, as this does not give the operator the full scope of their surroundings, only what is directly behind them. A much better camera setup has a rear camera and left and right front-facing cameras.

It is often overestimated as to what the forklift driver can actually see, as there are left and right blind spots, and many times it is difficult to see both fork and tire placement. Tire placement is important as it is very important when loading or unloading on a trailer or up a ramp. Incorrect tire placement can lead the forklift vehicles to lose balance and either veer of course or tilt completely which can lead to serious injury or even death. Reversing cameras help see who or what is behind you and are very helpful. Rear cameras are much more effective when paired with a great sensor.

Why should you choose SharpEagle Forklift Camera System?

SharpEagle’s forklift camera system is second to none and is a prime example of a system that has been designed with safety in mind. The sensor is far from basic and is color-coded for a more in-depth warning. The sensor is lit green when there is no obstacle, yellow when you are getting within a fair distance of an obstacle, and red when you need to stop. The sensor also emits a sound that gets louder as the safe distance decreases.  This sensor works seamlessly with the camera for absolutely stress-free forklift operation. The system from SharpEagle can be tailored to a variety of different models of forklifts and is solar powered which cuts down on maintenance.

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