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Forklift Safety Certainly Requires Red Arc Lights

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Forklift Safety Certainly Requires Red Arc Lights

Lots of things are left to chance each day! Mostly we are lucky but who can say when things will go drastically wrong? In those mega warehouses, one would think that machines and merchandise are more valuable than human life itself. Those intensely powerful forklifts that carry around tonnes of weight all the time are quite capable of causing serious injury and death. Along with the driving dangers on the road are the steps that reach up almost to the ceiling. Dangers abound. 

Forklift Arc safety light

Training and luminous uniforms and helmets may not suffice as proved by many cases of a foot injury and collisions with other machines and human traffic.  Essentially slow-moving, these forklift trucks can speed up recklessly. A speed limiter does a good job. Rear-view mirrors and CCTV cameras are among the most common equipment but how and why do errors happen so often? 

Red Arc Lights make a dramatic difference

Serious problems sometimes have rather easy and simple cost-effective solutions. How we wish that more such answers came up in the quest for a good life. Big and bold arc lights focused on the front and back of the forklift on the ground act as warnings not to get too close. Red is the universal danger signal all right as seen at every traffic crossing and in railway and airway networks. 

Red, blue, and green smart alternatives

If red seems to be too drastic to be reminded of danger so often during work, mellow blue and green should work well too. A big, bold arc of broad colored light covers the entire path running into several feet, according to the size of the forklift. These lights can be customized for the right distance. Large forklifts could have arcs on all four sides instead of the front and back alone. 

Sturdy Red Arc Lights go a long way

Technically speaking, they are superb creations made of Aluminum Alloy that prevents heating. The high-performing lights keep out water, dust and tolerate quakes too. Silicon rubberized wire does not suffer in extremes of temperature. 

Put them up soon

Install them in enough numbers on forklifts and face the future with confidence. Drivers tire and get mechanical like the machines. Overwork and late-night fatigue rob us of energy. Who knows what worries bother the soul of these lonely men and women as they toil through yet another day? 

We need to worry not only about the aged and the aging, though they deserve greater concern. Kids are reaching everywhere at the oddest of times in the remotest of places. Make it a little more difficult for them to get knocked or maimed. Say goodbye to those insurance claims that regularly come up. Hard-earned profits need not vanish so quickly anymore in compensations. 

Little things reach very far

The best things may be free. Expense-wise, Red Arc Lights certainly will not pinch the budget. Reach a consensus with co-workers about the preferred choice of color. All three, whether red, blue, or green, would be bright and life-saving in emergency situations. 

HIGH POWER LED is the pretty secret

Warrantied for one year, they will work forever, maybe 50000 hours. 6 units of 3W LEDs work at 10-80V DC with an intense beam. 

SharpEagle’s Forklift safety lights are the best solution. Install them on each of the forklifts, easily done. Experience the positive difference it will make to the ambiance and the work culture.

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