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Forklift Safety Guide- Learn About the Dos and Don’ts from the Experts

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Forklift Safety Guide- Learn About the Dos and Don’ts from the Experts

An operator needs to follow some essential rules while driving a forklift. If anything goes wrong then a pedestrian accident is not far away. Proper Forklift safety solutions and supervision is the key to driving safely. OSHA rules and regulations are also there to safeguard the workers. However, even if everything is right in its place, one mistake from the operator’s side can give rise to a huge mishap. Hence, the drivers must know about the dos and don’ts of forklift operation. Our industry experts have laid down the ultimate dos and don’ts that you must keep in mind. Delve into the blog to learn more!


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➢ Things to Do While Operating a Forklift

Let’s start with the list of things that you must do to ensure safe forklift operation:

Make sure that the load is secured with strong ropes or barriers. Take care of the securing, especially when the road is inclined. Keep the secure tighter when you are working outside without any shelter and it’s raining or snowing. If the load is not secured properly, it might fall off, causing damage to the items and the pedestrians.

Keep the load at an axle height of the machine. This helps greatly in reducing the chances of injuries.

Keep the forks tilted back while loading the truck. The top portion of a forklift is always heavier. Hence, the forks must be at least 8 inches above the ground to prevent any ground hazard.

• While getting off or climbing on the forklift, use either one foot and two hands, or vice versa. Also, keep your face towards the machine while climbing up or coming down. When you use only two points of contact, your chances of falling down are higher.

•  Always wear the proper clothes while driving and make sure that your clothing matches the weather. For instance, if it’s winter and cold outside, always wear your gloves, jacket, hat, etc. Overconfidence won’t help if you want to give your best while operating the forklift. Similarly, in summers, wear something light so that you do not sweat profusely.

• Remember to wear a seatbelt. Even if you have been driving for years, the seatbelt is important. Drivers falling off the lift because of not wearing a seatbelt are quite common these days. Especially when you are driving on terrain, a seatbelt is a must.

•   Always follow the safety guidelines given by OSHA and your company. Even if you think that a guideline is silly, trust us, it is there for a reason, and you must follow.

• Install all variants of forklift safety solutions like the camera system, anti-collision system, speed limiter, blue spot, and so on. The Forklift safety solutions from SharpEagle are the best choice in the market. Make sure you install them to guarantee 100% safety to the workers.

Besides using all variants of forklift safety solutions, try taking breaks in between work. Working for long hours without any breaks in between can make you feel tired, and fatigue is one of the biggest reasons why drivers lose their focus. Hence, to make sure you have all your focus on the road, avoid getting tired.

• Before starting the work, do check the surroundings once. Areas where there are blind spots, entries, and exits need better checking. Knowing your surroundings well will help you drive more safely.  

➢ Things that You Shouldn’t Do While Operating a Forklift

Now that you know what to do while driving a forklift, let’s give you a glimpse of the things that you must avoid doing:

 Never lift or carry loads while the forklift is in motion or taking a turn. Stop the machine and then lift the loads if needed.

 Never overload the lift. Find out about the lift capacity and then load it accordingly. If the load weight crosses the rated capacity, the truck can tip over.

 Never use a forklift that does not comply with the OSHA guidelines. If the lift is not meeting any requirements, it should be repaired or replaced immediately.

 Do not leave the forklift without supervision. If someone inexperienced drives it without guidance, an accident might occur.

 Do not place strobe lights right in front of the machine. Strobe lights emit extremely bright light; hence, you need to place them right to avoid accidents.

 Do not forget to get the machines checked once in a while. Driving faulty forklifts can give rise to accidents easily.

 Do not forget to train the employees well. Even if someone has experience in the past, take no risk and train them for a while. Most accidents happen because the industries do not train the workers right.

Never compromise on any forklift safety system because poor lighting and lack of clear visibility can cause major issues.

 Never assume that you can handle all things alone. Hence, whenever operating the forklift, take a spotter along. He can warn you about the blind spots and also help you with the traffic while taking a turn.

 Do not feel nervous while driving. If you are unsure about something, ask the expert for help and learn the process before initiating.

Install the Ultimate Forklift Safety Solutions to Do Everything Right

SharpEagle expertise in all matters related to the forklift safety system. Therefore, you can blindly trust all our tips and also buy all variants of forklift safety solutions from us. Our products are known for the fine quality standards they set in the market. We have supplied our forklift safety solutions to over a hundred businesses by now. Our team is also very responsive when it comes to helping out the customers in need.

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