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Forklift Safety System: A Single Solution to Many Warehouse Optimization Problems

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Forklift Safety System: A Single Solution to Many Warehouse Optimization Problems

Forklifts have long been integral to warehouses. However, when handled inappropriately forklifts can be very dangerous. According to OSHA, about 100 employees are killed and 95,000 injured every year while operating forklifts in all industries. Forklift turnovers account for a significant percentage of these fatalities. 

Even though the statistics related to forklifts sound alarming you cannot just quit using a forklift. It’s a necessity in any warehouse. It’s an integral part of your work system. Forklifts enable you to move goods around easily and move products to locations that can’t be reached by hand.

Everyone wants to work in a safe and hazard-free environment. Working around forklifts comes with a lot of safety issues. However, taking extra precautions can significantly save people from injuries or even death. As a warehouse manager, you would definitely want to reduce such accidents and avoid as many casualties as you can.


The Root Cause of Forklift Related Incidents…

Restricted vision is one of the main reasons for labeling forklift operation as tough and challenging. There are many chances of mishaps, and these blunders by forklift operators usually occur more frequently, as compared to any other workplace mishap. These mishaps can damage valuable products and costly equipment, but they can prove to be a serious threat to workers’ lives. It is where the wireless safety camera system for forklifts comes into play.


A Forklift Camera System Can Help…

As we know poor vision of the forklift driver is the root cause of damages, it’s important that we provide proper vision to the forklift driver to work efficiently while moving heavy machinery or pallets. Forklift Camera provides the driver with full visibility of every blind spot ensuring safe & secure lifting throughout the loading process.

Also, sometimes drivers are unable to load the materials due to poor visibility. The forklift cameras are boon here, equipped with high-quality visibility along with reversing sensors and 3 stages of alarm. Whenever the forklift gets closer to the object, then the alarm will alert the driver for the same.

Also, having clear visibility at the rear end of the vehicle is necessary for the drivers as most of the accidents take place due to obstacles at the rear end that can’t be monitored. Thus, a Forklift camera system is a one-way solution for the safety of your employee and the warehouse.


Here’s a quick list of the overall benefits a forklift camera system can provide upon deployment:

– With wireless forklift cameras, the vision of an operator doesn’t get obscured.
– With the help of the camera, it’s easier for forklift operators to pick loads that are situated high on racks.
– With a forklift camera system, the operator can easily identify and evade possible safety issues.
– It improves the posture of forklift operators, thereby increasing their efficiency and improving concentration.
– As forklift camera facilitates enhanced visibility there are fewer chances of product damage.


Choose SharpEagle Forklift Camera System for Supreme Performance & Safety…

SharpEagle’s forklift camera system is second to none and is a prime example of a system that has been designed with safety in mind. And the plus point is the camera system from SharpEagle can be tailored to a variety of different models of forklifts and they are also solar powered which cuts down on maintenance.


There are 4 different forklift safety solutions you can implement at your warehouse. Let’s see what are these and how it helps your employees avoid mishaps.


Forklift Camera System

The wireless forklift camera system is one of the excellent instruments which permit the operator to have different views around the lift truck. Its installation is absolutely simple and can be employed in the front, back, sides, or anywhere around the lift truck where visibility is limited. Forklift Cameras contribute directly to increased visibility and thus an increase in productivity. It helps operators at warehouses to deal with a number of forklift concerns such as:

– High and low racking heights
– Double-deep racking
– Reading product and rack levels
– Indoor and outdoor lighting


Fork-View Camera

This is another ideal solution for warehousing and storage operations where inventory is stored high on racks. With a fork-view camera system, visibility increases, thereby reducing the risk of misjudging the positioning of the forks. It makes the operator aware of the position of loads from the height, & the presence of the pedestrian in the vicinity. In a way, the fork-view camera system helps in increasing the efficiency of loading & enhanced security.



Forklift Speed Limiter

This is the most required safety solution, as the forklift speed limiter device is designed to control the speed of the forklift at a predefined safety level. As there is an inbuilt alarm system that alerts drivers about the increase in speed of the forklift above the safety level. This helps to prevent all the mishaps caused by rash driving or in case the forklift is out of control by the driver such as forklift collision & pallet rack collapses.



Forklift Anti-Collision System

A collision avoidance system improves your visibility so you can be confident, comfortable, and in control while on the road. It’s not just for the driver, but also for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other drivers on the road. Using this system you can prevent accidents from occurring. The forklift anti-collision system enables the driver to see the front and rear of the truck and features high-precision sensors with alarms for quick alerts. 



Forklift Safety System – Answer to All Your Warehouse Optimization Problems…

With the wireless camera systems mentioned above for forklifts, you can easily minimize the obvious visibility challenges encountered by forklift operators in day-to-day working. The general safety challenges are reduced, and your warehouses will handle heavy loads in a much efficient way. Knowing that as a business owner you are taking all possible safety measures, the employees get a sense of security and work with much more efficiency and commitment. A safe warehouse is a perfect deal for the owner, the employees as well as the end-user of the product. It is one of the best investments you can make, so don’t think twice and opt for the best forklift camera from SharpEagle today. Get in touch with us right now for a free consultation.

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