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Going off-grid on energy requirements with SharEagle Solar-powered Security Systems

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Going off-grid on energy requirements with SharEagle Solar-powered Security Systems

One of the most critical responsibilities of the farmer is to protect the integrity of the nation’s food supply. It is essential to keep an eye on their agricultural fields. However, it is tough to do that with a traditional surveillance system.

Farms and agricultural fields in far-flung and remote locations lack internet or electrical infrastructure, which most modern security camera systems require. Thankfully, Sharpagle provides solar outdoor weatherproof security cameras which support 4G and AP mode. Our products are ideal security and surveillance solutions for farms, and by using them, one can keep a close eye on agricultural property and responsibilities.

➢ Security and surveillance with Sharpeagle Solar Powered Cameras

Sharpeagle remote security and surveillance products like PTZ Solar Camera and Fixed type Industrial Solar Camera system provide farmers and ranch owners with the ability to monitor their land and livestock from practically anywhere. 

Solar camera

➢ Sharpeagle surveillance products have unique features like:

High durability, which means it gives high ROI
It’s weatherproof and can withstand the vagaries of nature like storms, sunlight, rains, dust etc.
Extended flexibility on rotation, both horizontally as well as vertically, results in comprehensive surveillance coverage.
When the camera detects any motion within the surveillance perimeter, the app will send a push notification on mobile phones.
The camera is equipped with a solar charging built-in battery that makes it non-dependent on traditional power sources like electricity, thus enhancing usability. Sunlight exposure is enough to run this camera smoothly.
The camera has a built-in microphone and speakers that enable voice monitoring.
100% wire-free and Wi-Fi enabled, so no issues with cabling
Has night vision enabling 24*7 surveillance on agricultural property
Allows live video streaming and recording of footage with a 4G connection

➢ Up the ante on traditional surveillance systems with Sharpeagle solar security systems 

Apart from the feature-led benefits of using Sharpeagle Solar security systems, some other benefits are :

Reducing or eliminating incidences of theft of equipment or livestock in ranches and farms even when there is no one on the site,24*7
Protecting from natural disasters like flooding or droughts to which ranches and farms are frequently exposed.
Live Video streaming capabilities and recorded footage ensure enhanced monitoring and security features, reducing incidences of burglary and vandalism.

Daylight is undoubtedly the most extensive natural security system. Integrating Sharpeagle security and surveillance in your agricultural land, property, farm, or ranch is a safe, environmentally friendly, and intelligent move.

So if your agricultural property is in a remote location, is of considerable size, and is located in an environmentally sensitive area where digging and running cables might disturb the balance of nature, consider upgrading with Sharpeagle solar-powered security and surveillance systems.

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