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How Explosion Proof CCTV Systems Can Help the Petroleum industry?

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How Explosion Proof CCTV Systems Can Help the Petroleum industry?

The virtual eye has become compulsory wherever society gathers to study, work and play. Crowded cities, factories and offices, and remote regions all need them by the thousands.  Not only do CCTV systems guard the gate, property, and machinery, but industrial processes require monitoring too. Working with oil and gas can be risky with toxic gases, high temperatures and volatile environments. The petroleum industry far away from human settlements requires exceptional monitoring cameras.  Hazardous area cameras are built to withstand harsh conditions. Explosion proof CCTV system carries out the surveillance task very efficiently.    

Explosion proof PTZ camera

➢ Automated setups with video cameras monitor effectively

Along with the security of materials and machinery, and workers too, monitoring factory processes is a mighty task amidst dangerous conditions. Cameras perform both tasks, a mighty blessing indeed. Stepping up efficiency and removing the problems of heavy workloads for paid labor, cameras solve many problems in these pandemic times and beyond in 2022. 

Keeping up with the digital times requires data and analytics from remote locations to be fed to a central dashboard. Setting up a single control room would ensure the safety of the vast infrastructure, much like the security systems in an apartment or office complex. Detecting problems early and fixing them quickly is the answer to dynamic work and profit-making that every industry is interested in.

➢ Managing a vast global petroleum industry

Explosion-proof digital camera tolerates extreme conditions on land and sea, and amidst the desert and snow. The camera cannot survive an explosion but the structure is strong enough not to create an explosion with the sparks emitted internally. The casing is sturdy enough not to allow an explosion to occur from within. Besides, technology has reached far with WiFi and the immense clarity of images. Cameras function even in dimness or no light conditions. Solar cameras obtain energy from the sun. Thermal cameras detect heat waves. Hazardous area camera is truly a remarkable gateway to a safer work environment that is more productive and efficient also, and serving research purposes well. 

Hazardous area

➢ Classification of hazardous zones and high-risk areas

The streets in the immediate neighborhood pose great risks to kids and even to adults. Remote areas have far greater dangers of wild beasts and thieves. Add to that all the dangers of flammable and toxic raw materials frequently used in industry. 

International guidelines have drawn up a hierarchy of dangers and classified them according to zones and divisions, classes, and severity. Physical hazards and health hazards along with environmental hazards specifically refer to the 3 kinds of common dangers. The petroleum industry along with oils and gases processing would cover all 3 types of dangers in lesser or greater proportions. Isn’t it necessary to be doubly careful and take preventive measures like installing explosion-proof CCTV cameras? Working 24 hours, the cameras never sleep and record precious visuals and sounds all the way.

hazardous zone classification

Accredited certification bodies confirm that the cameras deserve the label of explosion-proof. A variety of protection techniques ensures that the cameras cannot lead to ignition. Potentially explosive electrical or mechanical equipment installations must observe certain stringent protocols. Regarding cameras, sparks that originate within need to be controlled. Further, the external temperature around the camera needs to be kept within certain limits. These could lead to fires in already dangerous surroundings. Learning from mega accidents, research has developed an array of feasible and affordable solutions.

➢ What can video surveillance achieve in the oil and gas industry?

According to the scale of the industry, you need an arrangement of CCTVs in strategic locations, preferably at a height for protection from theft and mischief. Outdoors, could be cost-saving solar cameras that are very useful in remoteness where electricity supply is often a problem. Monitored remotely, a watch across 24/7 ensures that processes and machines along with workers are functioning fine. Watch machinery, raw materials, and workers. 

Early detection of disease saves human lives. Similarly, malfunctioning machines and accidents detected in the nick of time would lead to prompt action and prevent worse situations. Aided by such CCTV systems, not only will property and money is safe but human lives too.

Further, a close watch on machines in an industry that has a great complexity of infrastructure would help maintain them well and detect errors quickly. Research to improve machines and functions, designs and configurations would be facilitated. We need CCTVs not only during the war but in peace times too. Consider them absolutely necessary at whatever scale and start the process of installing them if not already done. Maybe an up-gradation is required.

➢ The sweet stories CCTVs tell!

High-resolution settings enable the super screen quality witnessed on current television screens. Remote authorized access over the internet allows recordings too. Integrate your camera systems with other safety systems to work from smartphone controls too. Installing cameras or adding more of them in the future requires little additional labor or expense. Maintenance costs are almost nothing but they require caring. 

Let the Explosion-proof digital camera start a new safer chapter in the business. The hazardous area camera delivers much more than it promises like an exquisite piece of jewelry. 


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