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How forklift cameras help to avert forklift accidents

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How forklift cameras help to avert forklift accidents

Poor visibility of forklift operators can be attributed to forklift accidents, followed by damage to equipment. Forklift accidents cause significant loss of work, human resources & machinery to the organisation. As per the report of forklift Fails Portal, here are the statistics for forklift accident reported in the year 18-19.

  • In the US, on an average, approximately one individual is killed every three days in a forklift accident.
  • In the UK, five workers suffer debilitating and life-changing injuries every workday following forklift accidents.

From overturned forklifts and workers falling from them to workers pinned, crushed, or struck, by forklifts, accidents and injuries are varied. Dislocations, complex fractures, and deglovings to amputations and even death, the associated risks of operating forklift trucks are significant. Most of these accidents occur mainly due to lack of proper visibility. But by using forklift camera systems, such accidents and the associated risks can be reduced significantly.

If you’re considering to install forklift cameras for your organisation but are in a dilemma. Then in this update will explain the different benefits of installing a forklift camera as per HSE norms.

 How Can Vision Techniques of Forklift Camera Helps:

  • Installing a forklift camera is an essential step in improving operator safety and cargo transportation. Whether using a wired or a wireless forklift camera, its easier to lift high loads and protect cargo.
  • When operating heavy equipment like forklifts, operators often can’t see the loads they’re moving as mirrors don’t alert them about obstacles on their rear. Unquestionably, hand signals communicated among workers often fail to give the operators a clear view of the surrounding. On the contrary, with a forklift camera system, operators get access to real-time, high-quality visual information. Wonder why does it matter? Because it provides a high quality visual of the surrounding area in a digital monitor connected with Forklift CCTV camera that helps them make the smartest decision while loading heavy lift.
  • Forklift camera solves the following problems:
      • With wireless forklift cameras, the vision of an operator doesn’t get obscured.
      • With the camera, operators are more easily able to pick up high loads.
      • With a forklift camera system, a forklift operator can identify and evade possible safety issues.
      • Installation of forklift camera systems helps in a better posture of forklift operators. It eliminates their need of bending their necks to look up or twist to look outside of the forklift truck to get a proper view of the load. Wondering what the real story is? Pain and fatigue caused by such bending and twisting often trigger accidents involving forklift operators. By minimizing such pain and fatigue, forklift cameras significantly reduce operators’ injuries and accidents. Thereby, increasing the operator’s efficiency.

It is also essential for operators to drive slowly while looking at the camera since one’s eyes are diverted away from the front of the vehicle. Forklift cameras are the lifesaver tool to prevent forklift accidents and injuries.

If you are looking for such cameras for your organization as a safety measure for forklift operator’s, then visit us and book your consultation for forklift camera with us.

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