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How Forklift Speed Limiter helps in Improving the Safety?

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How Forklift Speed Limiter helps in Improving the Safety?

➢ Introducing forklift speed limiter:

The forklift speed limiter is an Electric forklift speed limiting device that allows the driver to control the speed of the forklift up to the safety limit during the course of heavy load lifting.
forklift speed limiterAs, forklifts are huge, possibly risky industrial vehicles gauging a large number of loads on daily basis for lifting & cargo. So driving them to top speed is hazardous to both the driver & pedestrians. Therefore, Installing Forklift speed control device lead to the rising security level, a lower rate of mishap and a decrease in cost.

The forklift speed limiting device, designed by Sharpeagle Technologies provides an alarm feature. This feature gives a warning alarm to the driver whenever the forklift is about to reach the safe speed limit thereby, reducing accidents & prevailing the safety measures at the worksite.

➢ Key Features Of Forklift Speed Limiter:

The speed limiter design for forklifts by keeping a check on the requirement of drivers so as to provide an enhanced experience. The forklift speed control device currently available in the market comprises of the following characteristic features:

• Microcomputer operation:

Allows the user to operates the functionality of the speed limiter with the digital remote control connected via a microcomputer.

• Warning Alarm:

Give alert to the driver for the increase in speed

• Modifications For Inclines:

Facilitates the operator with the modification in inclining during the crucial movement

• Fork view Camera system:

It provides an operator with a view down the fork for optimal positioning.

• Human Detector:

Alert driver about the people present in the vicinity

➢ Safety Improvement By Forklift Speed Limiter:

• Avoiding Negligence:

As the forklift speed limiter controller is designed in such a way that it reduces the speed detecting the threat level leaving no scope for the driver to neglect & increase speed by itself. Thus, it helps in attaining a high level of security at the site.
• Improve site safety:

The detection system aware the forklift driver of pedestrians or coworkers present in the surrounding area. In turn, making the work environment safer & sound for the employees to work.

• Improve driving standards:

The digital monitoring & control of the forklift speed limiter led to the improvement in the driving standard of the operator. Thereby making them highly skilled in driving which led to an increase in safety measures

• Speed controlling techniques:

The technology of forklift speed control device design with by default parameters to set a maximum limit & safety limit which will be the threshold for drivers. So ultimately putting an end to fast driving & mishap which might occur due to it.

This is how Forklift speed control device plays a significant role in safety measures for the workers, employees & drivers.

If you’re into an industry where most of the work involves forklifts then, a Forklift speed limiter is a must for you. Want to get a forklift speed limiting device installed at your worksite?

Then get in touch with the best Forklift speed limiter provider i.e. Sharpeagle Technologies

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