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How Smart Video Surveillance Technology is Transforming These Top Six Industries

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How Smart Video Surveillance Technology is Transforming These Top Six Industries

Technological advancements have ensured that a workspace becomes safer and easier to operate. From excellent surveillance facilities to effective machinery, the only way is to go upwards. 

In industries where chemicals, mechanicals, warehouse goods, etc., are in common use, the safety of workers is a crucial factor. That is why an adaptable and sturdy surveillance system is vital in such hazardous conditions. So what is the next step when the usual stuff won’t work in these situations? Explosion-proof cameras, of course! The difference between the two is vast – it is a split-difference between life and death. Read on to know how a normal camera is different from a special explosion-proof camera. 

➢ What is the Difference Between Security Cameras and Smart Surveillance Technology?

CCTV or security cameras are useful for basic purposes. They transfer video streams back to a display. They offer rudimentary images and videos that are often interrupted streams of pixelated hacks. Apart from that, there’s not much you can do with CCTV cameras. CCTV cameras are not durable, either. Any harsh effect of the elements is enough to knock them out of business. Is that all there is to it? Of course not. Here are smart technologies to your rescue!

The technologically advanced Explosion proof camera might be what you need. It is equipped with several features that are sure to boggle the mind. The best part? This surveillance technology is perfect for hazardous situations. Need a clear, uninterrupted stream of images? Explosion-proof cameras are just the thing for the job. 

No explosive effect or otherwise can harm either the camera feed or the inner workings of the mechanisms. Explosion-proof cameras are the perfect surveillance tool for risky situations. Want to know where explosion-proof cameras excel in industries? We have shared about the industries below!

How Do Explosion-Proof Cameras Affect Major Industries?

The explosion-proof camera is a god-send in hazardous working conditions and workspaces. First, they hampered images. Then, if any worker falls ill or faces peril, the Atex camera helps direct immediate aid in their direction. Usually used in zone 1 situations, the cameras will provide a proper feed even in explosive areas. 

explosion proof cameras

1. Chemical Industry

The chemical industry requires the zone 1 camera to prepare for foreseeable dangers. Many chemicals are corrosive and destructive. They can erode normal CCTV camera lenses, unlike explosion-proof cameras, in practically no time at all. Such security cameras don’t hold a candle to ex-proof cams in any explosions related to chemicals. 


2. Mining Industry

The mining industry is a deep and dark place to work. One must be on their guard at all times to survive. That is what explosion-proof cameras are the way to go. With explosions setting off in almost every corner of a mine, ex-proof cameras are perfect for this industry.

3. Oil and Gas Industries

Never skimp on what’s important – and a zone 1 camera is a crucial piece of technology in both onshore and offshore tasks. SharpEagle offers nothing but the best video surveillance technology for the oil and gas industries. With countless features and top-notch quality, you will get more than your money’s worth. 

4. Refineries

Refineries are quite dangerous places in which people can work. Workers have to undergo rigorous training to be able to operate the machinery. In addition, pipelines, fuel depots, and distribution stations are all hazardous spots. You can keep a close eye on these spots with the best Atex camera on the market. 

5. Power plants

Power plant workers walk a delicate balance between safety and danger. One must always be on their toes with corrosive gasses and elements floating around like jetsam and flotsam. However, smart technologies like ex-proof cameras ensure that workers can operate without any worries. 

6. Compost Plants/Waste Fills

Compost plants employ gaseous elements that can corrode away CCTV cameras commonly used. For industrial safety, ex-proof cams are perfect for you. As a result, you can keep constant video surveillance at all times. 

➢ How does SharpEagle Figure into Smart Video Surveillance Technology?

To find the very best surveillance technology, one should know exactly where to look. It takes skill and perseverance to know the right way to source the top-notch surveillance stuff. Therefore, look no further than SharpEagle for all things related to industrial safety. Find what you want, from the most intricate Atex camera to the sharpest and sturdiest explosion-proof camera in the market.

➢ Allow Yourself Premium Luxuries

If you want to buy an explosion-proof camera, make sure you go all in. After all, SharpEagle is a dream of the very elite. You get nothing but the best. When it comes to your surveillance technology requirements, look no further. There’s a reason why everyone flocks to SharpEagle. You get much more than you want – complete satisfaction and quality.

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