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How Solar Cameras Benefit Your Business?

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How Solar Cameras Benefit Your Business?

No business can ignore the utmost safety measure at their worksite. No doubt, with the advancement in the field of technology, many companies are trying to search for the best surveillance system at their place. It is a challenging task to ensure all-around safety measures in a business place. However, different types of advanced surveillance cameras are available in the market to make the job easy. Among these cameras, Solar Powered CCTV Camera have become extremely popular. 

How does solar CCTV camera work

No doubt, a solar camera has been made with all advanced facilities. These cameras use solar panels and capture the sunlight. The cameras here use photovoltaic cells to capture the sunlight. Once the light is captured, these convert into electricity. And these deliver power to the cameras to operate smoothly. Here the solar cells generate a direct current, and this current is passed through an inverter.  

how solar camera works - Sharpeagle

While passing through the inverter, the DC gets transformed to the desired voltage and frequency. Once the electric current converts to the desired voltage, the solar camera starts using this power and starts operating.

Features of solar power cameras

Solar cameras are mainly used to monitor those areas where you cannot have a network facility. Businesses are situated in different areas. Many places may not be available with proper internet connectivity. But, companies cannot skip monitoring these areas. Here they need to opt for advanced technologies like using the solar camera. These cameras are widely used in construction, Agricultural, Manufacturing, Transport, and Services.

Types of solar-powered cameras

Whether it is a construction site or other worksite, a company needs to check the suitable camera powered with the solar facility. The types of cameras are mentioned below. 

Fixed types industrial available with free wifi facility
PTZ solar camera is effective for every industrial area
Fixed type camera for domestic use with wifi facility
Fixed types camera for domestic use with 4G solar facility

Key Notes 

The best solar-powered security camera comes with advanced features to use in hazardous areas where network connectivity is not available. But before fixing this camera, it is necessary to check the characteristics of these cameras.

1. Fixed types industrial camera:- This product is available with a 100 percent wifi facility. Hence the users don’t need to face any hassled relating to wires or cables. It comes with a P65 Certified Weatherproof facility. It has made advanced with 1080p Full HD and Night Vision facility. 

fixed type industrial solar camera

2.  PTZ Camera:- The next one is the PTZ camera which has also emerged as one of the most effective solar-powered camera systems. The HD facilitated camera has a waterproof level of IP66. It is available with 6Pcs infrared LEDs. It has an elegant look and comes with an accessible installation facility. 

PTZ solar camera

Solar cameras for domestic use:- Solar-powered advanced cameras are also available for domestic services. These are generally available with a Wifi facility and 4G facility. These are facilitated with IP67 waterproofing technology, and also you will get a top-notch video recording system. 

4g solar camera

Top benefits of advanced solar cameras

Several people are still ignorant of the benefits that we can avail of from these solar-powered cameras. So, before using it in any industrial field, one should understand the benefits you can obtain from these cameras. 

A. Easy installation- Every gadget which is user-friendly and easy to install becomes more popular. This rule applies to wifi or 4g solar security camera. These cameras are made available with wire-free technology, and hence you don’t need to worry while installing these cameras. Moreover, it takes minimal time to get installed. 

B. No power- Other security cameras need electric power to operate, but this does not apply to solar wifi-facilitated cameras. These cameras get ability from the sunlight, and it works excellent. These cameras are also available with a battery backup system to stop working when sunlight is not at the site. But you don’t need to opt for an electric facility to operate these cameras. 

C. Virtual control- Every solar camera can virtually control. The users and the technician don’t need to visit the camera location to check whether it is perfect. Hence you can keep monitoring a work site when you are far away from that place. 

D. Sends Notifications- These cameras are also made available with advanced features like sending notifications. This solar wifi bullet camera can send a message to the staff at the workplace in various situations. With the help of it, the people at the site can detect if an intruder or mischievous person is romaine around or not. 

E. Eco-friendly- These cameras don’t consume power and work entirely on the sunlight. Hence it is environment-friendly. It uses renewable energy without consuming electricity. It is one of the big reasons that this camera has become popular. 

F. Operating Day and night- These solar cameras can operate day and night. These are facilitated with advanced night vision mode and hence can record explicit videos at night too. 

G. Scalability with advanced business- These cameras no doubt take particular responsibility for the advancement of any business. It ensures enough security measures for a business place. 

H. Durable- Installation of CCTV cameras is not considered a recurring expense. These are a one-time expense, and hence these should be of the best quality. Solar-powered cameras are made with hi-tech ingredients and constructed with advanced features. Hence, these cameras are durable and can last for years. 

I. 4G facility- Besides having a wifi facility, these cameras can also work with a 4G facility. The solar panels last for more than ten years. 

J. Weatherproof design- Solar cameras come with a waterproof facility and hence can use these cameras in every hazardous area. 

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Cons of solar cameras

Solar-powered CCTV cameras come with lots of benefits. However, you can also notice some limitations of    advanced solar-powered cameras. 

Once installed, these cameras don’t need many recurring expenses. But it would help if you made a reasonable      expense on the direct cost of installation.
When installing these cameras, you need to make expenses for installing parts for the solar panel.
These cameras require a space for the storage of energy. Here you need to allot a storage space for that.
If the worksite comes with a limited lighting area, there is no use for these solar cameras. 

SharpEagle’s Solar-powered CCTV cameras have lots of features that are helpful for working in heavy industries like oil & gas, construction, mining, etc. It assists in viewing moving heavy objects to save a life.

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