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How to power a wireless solar camera system with solar energy

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How to power a wireless solar camera system with solar energy

In recent days, various industries use different types of security cameras. With the development in technology, lots of manufacturing companies have marketed varied CCTV cameras with advanced features. One can use these widely in different industries or residential places. Among these CCTV cameras, the Wireless solar CCTV camera is not the surge. 

People have an abundance of preferences for security cameras like PTZ dome cameras, Thermal cameras, and more. But, at present, the evolution of solar cameras has made it easy for workplaces to use them at hazardous locations. These CCTV cameras come with solar panels and get charged with solar power. These cameras come with wireless features, and you can connect these to the internet via radio signal or wi-fi. 

PTZ Solar Camera

You can power these solar cameras with solar energy. It is one of the prime advantages of solar security cameras. Hence can easily use these cameras in those areas without electricity. Usually, two types of solar cameras are available in the market. The cameras having in-built solar panels have become extremely popular in recent days. 

CCTV cameras with in-built panels are easy to install and compact in design. The solar panel inside the camera directly captures the energy and helps the camera to operate. Here you don’t need to connect the camera to the power-driven grid. The other type of solar camera comes with a separate solar panel. Here the solar panels take the energy directly from the Sun and transmit it to the camera to operate. 

Well, these cameras get sufficient power from the Sun to operate. But many still have queries about how to power solar CCTV cameras during cloudy and rainy days. Most of these advanced solar-powered wireless cameras are available with rechargeable batteries. The solar panel that captures the power during the daytime also helps recharge the batteries within the cameras. It makes it easy for the cameras to work non-stop at night or during cloudy weather. 

➢ Necessary tips to follow while buying solar-powered CCTV cameras

Whether you will buy solar-powered CCTV cameras for your residence or business places, you should always note some essential tips. 

Check the capacity of the solar panel- Here, it is necessary to check whether the solar panel is capable enough to power the CCTV cameras or not. Besides transmitting power to the cameras, the solar panels should also recharge the batteries inside the cameras to run at night or in cloudy weather.
It is necessary to check the capacity of data transmission within the cameras. Data can be transmitted via wi-fi while necessary. If no nearby internet facility is available, can send the data quickly using a mobile phone network.
While installing the cameras, it is necessary to ensure security measures. The cameras should be installed at a height so that no one can access them easily. It should also configure the cameras in such a way as to detect intruders. These solar cameras also come with a video analysis system and light alarms. These features are available in the cameras using sensors and can detect possible attacks. 

➢ Possible benefits to avail from solar power cameras

Solar cameras are helpful for challenging and hazardous areas. These cameras are perfect for those areas where you cannot get easy access to electricity and wi-fi. But, it would be best if you took the necessary security measures for those areas solar-powered cameras are the best choice for these places. 

Fixed type industrial solar camera

These cameras come with either an in-built solar panel or a separate solar panel. These solar panels capture the energy from the SunSun and transmit it to the camera to operate it. In addition, these cameras come with rechargeable batteries from where the camera can draw power. Even the sophisticated tools inside the cameras can remove the energy from the visible lights if it is cloudy weather. 

Let’s check the benefits that you can get from a solar security camera. 

The 4g wireless security camera solar cameras ensure video security in remote areas.
These cameras are best for the areas where an electric facility is not available. Again during a power outage, these cameras keep on operating.
These cameras are easy to install and carry.
These cameras are eco-friendly.
Solar panels transmit the solar power to the camera to operate during the day. In addition, the rechargeable batteries also acquire power from these solar panels and help the camera to drive at night too.
These cameras can record the information on the SD card and can check these vital data later.
The cameras help in high scalability to ensure appropriate business growth.
All these solar-powered cameras are long-lasting and durable. 


In conclusion, we can mention that the advanced Wireless solar camera has become a necessary tool for safety measurement in remote and hazardous areas.


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