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IECEx Standards For Explosion Proof Camera Equipment

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IECEx Standards For Explosion Proof Camera Equipment

The purpose of IECEx (International Electrotechnical Commission System) is to connect all the Ex Industries across the globe in an effective manner and invite more nations into this safe ecosystem. The member nations can network with one another without any compulsion of participating in any decision-making matters. The participants can make absolute utilization of the schemes provided under the IECEx certificate. No manufacturer is obliged to uphold or conform to the license, however, there are a plethora of benefits you get from manufacturers, who do so. 

The standards of IECEx have been laid down by the IEC or International Electrotechnical Commission. The main focus of these standards is the maintenance of the necessary safety nitty-gritty while helping the growth of foreign trade of services and equipment that are used in highly explosive environments like refueling stations, refineries, surface-coating factories, woodworking stations, processing plants, sewage treatment places, etc. The 3 main focuses are:

1. Reduction in the cost of manufacturing by curtailing certification and marketing expenses.
2. Generating foreign confidence in the product assessment and testing procedure, and fostering faith in the services and equipment that fall under the IECEx certification.
3. Generating a database for international lists.

Which Are The Explosions Creating Elements?

There are primarily three elements that contribute to creating explosions:

Highly flammable elements in an ignitable amount, like highly flammable dust particles, mists and certain types of gases.
Oxygen from the air.
Any other source of ignition like unprotected flames, electrostatic residues, or a spark.

The Protection Indication by IECEx and ATEX

There are several codes in alphanumeric symbols that help in the classification of various explosion types and hazardous conditions. This also helps in indicating the probability of occurrence of an explosion. 

Every IECEx equipment or ATEX-certified camera with this certification bears a label. The codes indicate:

Blue boxed letters that show ex-rating of the equipment
The other symbols signify the category/ group, level of safety, zones, and atmospheres. 

Camera Equipment Safety Regulations From Explosion by IECEx

The explosion-proof cameras are designed for utmost safety with a sleek, and seamless audio recording facility. The anti-static elements are formed of PC/ABS framework. This assembles 3 types of PCBs, along with an LED flash, a keyboard, and a CPU unit. The Keyboard is also stacked with the PCB for a finer assembly of the camera lenses. The LED board has been particularly designed for encapsulating a wide assembly and the light is encased in compact units.

This explosion-proof camera is featured by two off AA cells which have been alkalized and are connected in a series. These cells are placed inside the camera battery chambers and you can access them by turning a particular quarter screw opening the back cover. These cells are specifically designed for protection from explosion and ignition safety for various kinds of flammable IIC gases. The various temperature categories like T3 or T4 depend on the cell being used and the maximum cap is +60 degrees Celsius. Replacing batteries in 2nd Group places is also permissible.

The best part is you can also use these cameras in 1st Group of applications by lowering the temperature. The range must be from 0 degrees Celsius to less than or equal to +60. There are some specific conditions which must be abided by. 

There is a port for USB cables below the battery chamber. This is used for transferring photos and other data or for formatting the device’s programming. You can connect this unit with other USP applications, any similar equipment, or with your desktop. The cable interface is: Um = 250V ac

Why Should You Immediately Get IECEx Certified Explosion Proof Camera Equipment Right Away?

We already know to mitigate or rather eliminate accidents in ex industries. Then, is it wise to delay such an important installation? Sadly, there are still multiple companies that do not go by the IECEx or ATEX standardization since this is not an obligation, and we have the precedent of fatal accidents which could have been avoided with this installation. Many businesses have paid hid to IECEx after an accident and we do not want you to go through the same. We promote awareness. It is the first step to industrial, workplace safety. Do not be fooled by salesy texts and flowery promotions and let fate be in charge of your safety. This investment is worth every penny because this will protect you from all kinds of future possibilities of fatal accidents which might even lead to the death of the workers!

Which Is the Best Place for Purchasing IECEx Explosion Proof Cameras?

Businesses are often confused about where they can find the best explosion-proof cameras of the finest quality. If you are at the same pickle, then SharpEagle is your solution. Here, at SharpEagle, we work to ensure our customers are happily served by bringing premium quality camera equipment at the most reasonable price. Our R&D team constantly and vigorously works for developing high-tech modernized devices which are innovated for your utmost safety.

Our customer care executives are active round the clock 24*7 for answering all queries and redressing grievances if at all arise. Our relationship does not end with your purchasing our product, it just begins here. We will give you a cent percent assistance and support you throughout. We will take care of the device installation and we will guide you through all the necessary safety protocols without any additional obligation. So, if you are still at the fence about whether this investment is an ideal choice for you, then we promise it is!

Final Words

We hope our guide was comprehensive and you know now why IECEx certified cameras are a must for your business! At SharpEagle, you get the best at a pocket-friendly price. So, when are we getting an opportunity to make your workplace secure? Do let us know!

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