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Increase occupational safety in hazardous areas with explosion proof CCTV cameras

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Increase occupational safety in hazardous areas with explosion proof CCTV cameras

Video monitoring & surveillance is indispensable in any workplace. But different work conditions demand different types of equipment for security. In industries like oil & gas, energy, mining, nuclear power, and construction, where employees and assets are constantly exposed to a range of hazardous threats, a traditional CCTV camera is not fit for the job. You need advanced technology suitable to address the inherent challenges of the work environment. Explosion proof CCTV camera system is ideal for monitoring and increasing occupational safety in such hazard-prone work environments. There are a host of explosion-proof cameras available in the market such as explosion-proof fixed camera, Explosion-proof PTZ camera, explosion-proof night-view PTZ camera, and more. Here’s how installing an explosion-proof camera at your work facility can help in improving occupational safety as well as productivity.

Explosion proof camera

➢ Rugged & reliable

Explosion-proof cameras are built reliably with a very sturdy frame. These cameras do not give in to extreme weather conditions or work environments and help you keep a close eye on operations with consistent performance.

➢ Easy monitoring

Explosion proof CCTV systems can be integrated with any mobile or computer device. This will enable you to monitor ongoing activities at the rig or plant no matter where you are, which in turn will contribute to the productivity of operations and the safety of employees.

➢ Long-range & night vision

These cameras come with an option of long-range and crystal clear night vision view. This feature enables 24/7 monitoring of your facilities and ensures that your employees and assets are secured at all times.

➢ Remarkable functionality

Intrinsically safe cameras available in the market are oftentimes promoted as an alternative to explosion proof systems. But such intrinsically safe cameras are useful only to prevent short circuits and sparks, whereas explosion proof cameras are marked for installation in Zone 0, Zone, 1, Zone 2 or other zones as specified to offer long-term and trouble-free performance.

➢ Data safety

The most essential function of ex-proof systems is that they work effectively even in the unlikely event of fire or explosion. Being equipped with a DVR unit for recording, the camera will ensure that you have footage of the incident which can later be used for analysis and training purposes, and also to resolve legal matters.

In current times when an increasing number of accidents are threatening the health & safety of the workforce, explosion proof cameras, equipped with revolutionary technology, can be relied upon to improve safety and productivity. Sharp Eagle Technologies offers a wide range of best-in-class ex-proof CCTV systems. We also offer installation and maintenance services.

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