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Industries where explosion proof cameras are used ?

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Industries where explosion proof cameras are used ?

Improved safety in all aspects of human existence has been the target of intensive research in recent times. The prevention policy has been put to remarkable effect with advancements in technology, communication, software, and cloud architecture. Can we do without screens everywhere? Cameras need screens to reflect the moving images captured through lenses. 

Surveillance with high-tech CCTV Camera Systems suits a range of applications in these complex times. Whether it is traffic or transport, oil and gas industries, handling materials, or providing building security, wireless systems work most conveniently. Solar-powered systems are a double advantage in avoiding fossil fuels and tapping renewable energy. 

When we think of cameras, the first thought goes to mobile phones, but that is not all. Accomplishments in software and low light imaging capability, and high definition with crystal clear images are high. Along with the monitoring system that displays what the lenses capture, you need recording equipment and playback. A large number of small accessories serve the purpose and may know the secrets to the professionals alone. 

Camera vision surrounding machines and vehicles on the road, warehouse, construction sites, and industries bring safety. Crane trucks and forklifts, buses, military, and emergency vehicles all need such close watch. 

The need for explosion-proof cameras

Explosion proof camera for oil and gas industries represents one of many. Most people have not entered chemical industries or mines, steel manufacturing units, and oil and gas rigs onshore and offshore. Refineries and Bio-gas plants, and large construction projects present working conditions very difficultly. Excess of heat or cold in extreme temperatures apart, dust and gas could result in flame and explosions.  

oil and gas industry

Besides, many establishments work around the clock, which means that the dangers are even more significant at night. While robots and machines do a part of the work, human supervision and labor are instrumental. The danger affects not only the materials and the machinery but humans too. 

The rugged steel construction, perhaps in dome shapes of these cameras, is strong enough to withstand explosions. They tolerate all the gases and sparks, combustion, and dust that accumulate. Dustproof, waterproof and flameproof cannot be said about workers, machines, and materials. Lots of research and skill, knowledge, and expertise go into the construction of these cameras. 

A variety of Explosion Proof cameras serve the purpose

•  Ex-proof PTZ Dome Camera
•  Explosion Proof Compact Camera
•  Explosion Proof Zoom IR Camera
•  Ex-proof PTZ Camera

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ATEX-rated Cameras

Certifying agencies need to vouch for products as a testimony to the claims. Like the several covid19 vaccines going around nowadays and all the controversies surrounding them, institutional support is crucial. ATEX is the European association that certifies that the camera equipment has been tested and passed in difficult conditions like in factories. The ATEX seal indicates that the camera is capable of tolerating all those dangerous conditions. Gases in the air and dust and vapor, mists too could combine and ignite into flame in particular conditions. Always choose ATEX rated cameras for the oil and gas industries.


Monitoring Precious Machinery

Instrumental for security in a thousand locations in and around cities, surveillance cameras help manage complex machinery and elaborate production systems in factories. Some of these industry setups are so extensive that keeping a human watch is almost impossible. Setting up ex-proof cameras in sensitive locations and monitoring the work closely from a control room enables constant surveillance. 

video surveillance

When problems occur with the machines or materials, as will happen sometimes, workers know immediately through the monitors. The software can be programmed to deliver messages, too, like a ringing alert. Immediately, action is taken, and the fault is attended to before disasters happen. 

Just like traffic CCTVs, such footage evidence may be used in case of disputes to settle matters in courts. 

Caring for the safety of workers

Just like schools and offices have CCTVs to keep an eye on to ensure safety, ex-proof cameras help monitor the workforce. A bird’s eye view of the area or the assembly plants serve to keep a watch. Like the media presence, a constant survey helps keep workers and materials, machines, and schedules in good shape to promote high productivity. 


Keeping a safe distance

Measuring the levels of gases and chemicals in industries requires gauges and meters. Some locations in remote forest or desert areas and out at sea can be beyond easy reach. If numerous meters have to be checked constantly, that seems quite impossible. Ex-proof cameras excel under such conditions. Workers remain unaffected by the variety of dangers. While such cameras cost quite a bit compared to regular cameras, protective equipment for workers would also cost much besides payments. 

Keep safe distance

Toxic materials need surveillance.

Along with the safety of costly and dangerous equipment is the problem of keeping toxic materials safe. The toxic stuff needs to be handled with protective equipment and kept under constant watch. Military establishments and arms and ammunition production facilities are some examples. Specialized cameras that withstand all types of abuse can be safely installed to monitor the areas. Sensitive locations like the entrance and perimeters need security surveillance at all times too.

toxic material

The dangers of neglecting safety concerns

Whether it is surveillance CCTV cameras in businesses or explosion-proof cameras in industries, bitter lessons are learned by not installing them. If cameras need to be installed, do so at the earliest. Perhaps installations have been done but inadequately. Sprawling industry premises would require a certain number of cameras for better management. Maybe the cameras need to be upgraded for better performance and to keep up with the times. 

Survey the industry from across the world

Like home security systems, the cameras that work via the internet can be remote-controlled from faraway locations. Among the wonders online, you can trade stocks from any site. Similarly, controlling the camera systems and monitoring to check if everything is working fine can be done anywhere. Now that the internet has spread its wings across the planet, it is readily available. 

Won’t it be satisfying to have a firsthand glimpse of how the factory is working? Check up on machinery and workers, materials, and construction from a distant place like the eye of God that reaches everywhere. Even amid a vacation in exotic forest and desert locations, keeping in touch with real happenings would be quite possible. 

If something goes wrong, action can be taken from afar with many organizations so effectively interconnected. Not only is the natural world interconnected through causes and conditions but communication systems too. Whether it is a fire or burglary, the concerned authorities can be easily contacted through various media to take early action. 

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Automation has its drawbacks.

More and more work procedures, machines, and software systems work by themselves with little or no human interaction once set up. Labour is prohibitively expensive in some countries. Will anybody takes a personal interest in the work going on? Monitoring from afar via cameras and other communication systems is one of the viable solutions. 


Supreme advantages of explosion-proof cameras

These are built to cope with challenging conditions and protected from water and fire, dust, and gases; these rugged cameras are strong like nails. Workers in such settings would suffer respiratory diseases and get exposed to the dangers of fire and explosions. As compared to workers, software suffers no lapses. Human error does not apply to cameras as long as power and the internet are working properly. Wireless systems bring greater advantages. 

Budgetary concerns

Explosion-proof cameras are far more expensive than conventional cameras though a wide range is available. Industries do have their budget allocations, and most can probably afford the best systems. In terms of worker, machine, and materials safety, it is imperative that explosion-proof cameras are set up at vantage points for monitoring around the clock. 

Advancements in explosion-proof camera technology

The global demand for specialized explosion-proof cameras with ever-increasing industries has stimulated research and progress. 

Like many daily gadgets, cameras are getting smaller. Smallness would be advantageous to fit in the cameras in niches even within larger machines to monitor them. 

Fixed type cameras at 90 degrees or rotating, select the camera features according to need. Like a spotlight, the camera can focus on one scene of action. A camera can also survey the entire area with a rotating motion. 

PTZ cameras that are capable of pan, tilt, and zoom bring greater versatile use. 

These works in low light, dim light, and even in darkness through heat sensors, cameras have become very specialized indeed. 

Picture clarity is getting better and better with increased sharpness. 

Security systems increase productivity

The covid19 pandemic has raised important issues of security like never before. Increased awareness of safety measures does apply firmly to industries amidst all the dangers of toxic gases, fire, explosions, and dust. 


Like CCTVs in apartment complexes, explosion-proof cameras in industries bring a sense of security. The mind is at peace, and better work and higher productivity are the results. They work around the clock bring greater comfort to workers who troop in and out of factories in shifts across the night and day. According to the requirements, decide about setting up Explosion-proof camera zone 1 and zone 2 in appropriate locations. 


SharpEagle’s Explosion proof cameras are ATEX certified, which assure durability. Buy and install enough numbers of cameras to secure life.

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