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Install Ex-Proof CCTV Camera for Industrial Security

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Install Ex-Proof CCTV Camera for Industrial Security

An explosion-proof CCTV camera can be used in a hazardous potentially explosive environment. The most amazing and interesting feature of this camera is that it will not cause any explosion and doesn’t affect your recording. This type of camera is made only for this type of environment to prevent the ignition of the surrounding gases or dust.  This ex-proof CCTV camera helps to prevent sparks from exiting the device and triggering an explosion.

The explosion proof digital camera can be used in a number of places because of an explosive environment such as the oil and gas industry, hospital operating theaters, coal mines, chemical processing plants, sewage treatment plants, grain handling, and sugar refineries. The amazing camera can save the recording from an explosion and make it simple for you to know the reason for sparking or explosion. Some of our products that can help you to record the activity while explosion are: Dual Vision Long-range Thermal PTZ Camera, Explosion Proof ROBO Style PTZ Camera, Explosion Proof Ruggedized Night View PTZ Camera, Smart Mini Explosion Proof ATEX Certified Fixed Camera.

Explosion proof PTZ cameras are generally installed on the rig floor or you can put them on monkey board, drillers console, and sub-base. This camera can capture the activity 24*7.

Explosion proof PTZ camera

With constant changes in technology, competition becomes very difficult every reputable trader is persistently battling to provide you with the best product at the best price. You need to make sure that you’re getting high-quality Ex-proof cameras.

SharpEagle Company provides the best quality products, fast & friendly responses on live chat, on-time deliveries, and cost-effective pricing our products are increasingly being used in a wide range of Oil and Gas Industrial, On-Shore and Offshore rigs security and surveillance projects in the Middle East. If you also looking for ex-proof cameras then you should visit our website once to know about our company and products. Source:

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