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Know About the Industries Where Ex-Proof Cameras Must be Installed

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Know About the Industries Where Ex-Proof Cameras Must be Installed

Every factory that operates in an explosive environment with flammable air and combustible dust particles needs critical monitoring. A good range of CCTV solutions helps in digital monitoring of all nooks and corners of a factory. In addition, it helps ensure a secured work environment for workers in the factory, warehouse, and material management sectors. 

The well-structured Explosion-proof cameras are designed as per the ATEX certification standards with a protective steel case encasement. This helps in keeping the device safe from sparks and radiation and gives longevity to the device. The devices primarily used for ex-proof industries are Analog Ex Cameras, Robust Cameras, Network Ex Cameras, Connection systems, enclosures, ex cables, etc.

Analog Ex Cameras: These devices are especially known for their compact size and robust build.
Robust Cameras: These would be your pick if your workplace has extreme industrial conditions.
Network Ex Cameras: These devices are used for high-resolution streaming of the monitored areas.
Enclosures: These encasements are a necessity for protecting devices in highly explosive surroundings.
Connection Systems: Using the connection system makes the installation process super easy.
Ex Cables: These wires are specially designed to be used in highly explosive environments and hazardous areas. The installations are extremely simple, and the build stands up to the finest quality standards. 

Industries Where Ex Proof Cameras Are a Must!

1. Gas & Oil Industries: 

These sectors need vigilant monitoring of onshore and offshore rigs, stations, and pipelines. The areas around the pumping stations must be monitored to maintain the required amount of pressure across the pipeline. 

oil and gas

Choose the safety system where the entire device body is resistant to the temperature and pressure and can work optimally even below -60 degrees Celsius. The IP structure network monitoring will provide necessary signals, both audio and visuals, and help in data processing that can be transmitted over a great distance. 

2. Depots of Fuel and Refineries: 

Safety requirements must be seamless in such industries because of their highly explosive nature. The control and coordination from a central location are necessary for maintaining safety regulations, reducing the operator’s safety precaution requirements, and increasing industrial productivity. 

Depots of Fuel and Refineries

The safety solutions needed for these industries include CCTV monitoring cameras, loudspeakers, and intercom systems. The SharpEagle safety solutions have a robust built, and with one cable, you can get a top-notch monitoring control through images, signals and power supply. 

3. Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries: 

The Chemical Industry has transformed completely over the years after the introduction of automation in its tech sector. Cameras work the best in certain parts of this industry where human monitoring is impossible because of extremity in pressure-temperature and highly acidic, corrosive, and sulfurous surroundings. 

Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries

The chemical industries especially have certain places where workers cannot reach or can work only to a limited extent. Unhealthy monitoring leads to a lack of clarity at such places resulting in an unimpressive solution for the pharma industries in this corona crisis. Hence, such unreachable places in your business deserve the best tech solutions.  

4. Mechanical Engineering: 

Sensors and CCTV monitoring have been an essential part of the mechanical engineering industry for ages now. There are two specifically important monitoring systems compulsory in these industries – industrial photo processing and video surveillance. The cameras are essential in monitoring these sectors.

Mechanical Engineering

5. Construction Industry:

Construction industries use heavily taxed machines and a humongous quantity of colossal materials. Flameproof monitoring devices give these sectors a viable safety solution with consistent surveillance. SharpEagle ex-proof solutions ensure safety with real-time data availability even from remote areas.

construction industry

Should You Install Ex Proof Cameras for Your Factory? 

This safety solution is necessary to keep your business safe and substantially reduce your insurance expenses. Unfortunately, many people do not understand how important it is to install this equipment unless they experience hassle-free safety and comfort themselves. Many companies have first experienced such accidents due to explosions and only then have resorted to such safety solutions. We do not want it to happen to you! Have you already been a part of such a devastating situation? Then, it is time you mitigate it to the extent that such a fatal incident never repeats. So, get it installed right away without giving it one more thought!

You might have not yet faced such incidents in your business before, and we could not be happier. But self-awareness and precautions go a long way in having a healthy and successful business. As we all know, prevention is better than cure. So, without any further ado, get the safety solution installed for business right away! We request you not to be fooled by propaganda. Do not wait for anything fatal and unwanted to happen to your business. 

Give your workers the safety they deserve. This safety solution will also increase your factory productivity manifold. Installing and investing in this safety solution will help you prevent all sorts of fatal and major accidents that can pose threats to your business and employees. 

Where Can You Get the Best Ex Proof Safety Solution?

You might be confused about where you can get the best Ex-proof safety solutions, hazardous area cameras. The best and the most pocket-friendly answer for you is SharpEagle. We, at SharpEagle, promise to deliver you the best quality products at the most affordable rates. Our products go through multiple quality check-ups before being marketed. SharpEagle customer care team is available for assistance 24*7, and we give you the best after-sales services. Customer is the king of our business, and your safety is our only priority. 


Time to Install the Best Ex-Proof Camera 

We hope you have realized how important and necessary it is to get an ex-proof camera safety solution for a healthy working ecosystem for your business. You will get the best safety solutions at various price ranges at SharpEagle. So, when are you planning to buy the high-tech ex-proof solution for your business? Let us know!

If your industry needs Explosion proof surveillance system then get in touch with us or Schedule a free consultation.

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