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How to Prevent Accidents at Land Rigs?

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How to Prevent Accidents at Land Rigs?

The planet is in a constant state of flux, with an ever-growing population. This population will always require energy. Our two largest supplies come from natural resources, also known as fossil fuels. These are from Oil and Gas. These resources are found on both offshore and onshore sites and are collected by drilling down to the source or well. It is a common misconception that onshore rigs or land rigs are relatively safe compared to their offshore counterparts.

Let’s look at some of the most common casualties.

Vehicle collisions on site

Oil and Gas drilling involves a variety of equipment that is incredibly specialist in nature. This equipment must be driven and transported to the well sites which are usually in incredibly remote and isolated areas. It is estimated that roughly just less than half of all land rig-related deaths are due to vehicle collisions which can remain undetected if they occur far from a site or other landmark.

Fires and explosions

It’s one of the most common causes of fatalities and injuries on land rigs. This is of course due to the nature of the work, and the flammable materials and compounds involved such as vapors, gas, and oil. These materials can be ignited by all manner of things. Such as lightning, sparks from electrical equipment or an errant cigarette, or such from careless workers.

Electrical injuries

Electrical injuries and deaths are also significant risks as most of the equipment and materials are conductive and improper equipment maintenance can cause dangerous malfunctions.

Human error

It is a big factor in the environmental risks of death and injury. Long shifts and an isolated environment can be tough on workers, leading to poor maintenance, lax safety checks, and poor supervision.

➢ The Solution to prevent these accidents…

Many of these issues can be addressed by simply keeping an eye on the progress of the rig. This involves the installation of SharpEagle Explosion proof CCTV camera system that can be counted on. This allows accountability and real-time monitoring. Affixing cameras to monitor drill floor, drillers cabin, cat-walk, sub-base, monkey board, and chemical mixing area can help keep things in line and reduces the risk of injury. It also adds a human element to safety as workers will naturally be more vigilant when they are assured they are being watched.

explosion proof mini IR camera

SharpEagle Technology’s CCTV system can be all that stands between a lesson to be learned and a repeated occurrence of major errors. Due to the dangers above, cameras and footage can be very easily destroyed in the types of events that you are hoping to stop. Not any old camera system will do. A completely reinforced, explosion-proof system is required.

Sharpeagle has a variety of suitable cameras available. Their Explosion-proof cameras for oil and gas are perfect for fixing equipment. They also supply extremely rugged night vision cameras that are explosion-proof and virtually indestructible that provide continuous day and night feeds. A peak pick from their range is the long-range thermal camera, which can assist in detecting accidents and fires from a long-range, and before conventional detectors pick them up. The cables are units that are extremely rugged, designed to withstand the hard environments present at land rig sites.

Land rigs are extremely dangerous places, but with the right level of surveillance and supervision, the level of injuries and deaths can easily be pushed to decline. With a system that can withstand damage from an accident or major incident, you can gain valuable insight into what occurred, which can help prevent future deaths and injuries and can greatly ensure a better quality of work and even productivity.

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