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Load Safety with Forklift Cameras

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Load Safety with Forklift Cameras

The vehicle which is specially used to lift and move materials to short distances is called forklift. Forklift is also known as lift truck, fork truck or forklift truck. With construction, manufacturing, warehouse, logistics companies growing each year, the demand of forklift is going to increase; this also lead to increase in forklift accidents. The major reasons behind forklift accidents are inadequate training to driver, speeding, too much load on forklift, cluttered workplace, etc.

Forklift cameras serve the purpose of overcoming these hurdles in best way. Let’s read how forklifts camera assists forklift drivers

  1. Accuracy

It’s difficult for forklift operators, when they have to work with forklifts, while carrying bulky loads. In that case, Forklift camera systems help them get clear and precise view of surroundings which allow forklift drivers position the load with great accuracy.

  1. Ergonomics

Inaccurate ergonomics hinders the concentration, speed and efficiency of driver. To eliminate this issue, forklift camera and sensor system ensures the clear sight of surrounding without giving fatigue.

  1. Reduction in Damages

Forklift operators have to deal with different rack heights, expensive goods and noisy surroundings which enhance the chances of damages. With forklift cameras, forklift operators become more aware about the activities happening in surroundings hence, the chances of damages on site are reduced.

  1. Diverse Industries

Forklift camera and sensor system can be utilized in any industry where forklifts are used. To leverage the advantage, this advanced technology is widely used in oil & gas, construction, marine & warehouse industry.

  1. View of Site

Forklift camera system gives the full vision of the rear of the forklift while reversing, full vision of right & left blind spots and full vision of fork. This system has reversing sensors with 3 stages of alarm.

  1. Productivity

When forklift cameras are deployed at worksite, the number of accidents is decreased, damages are also decreased and because of which employees feel safe and motivated. This entire process leads to increase in overall productivity.

With increasing focus on process safety at workplace, SharpEagle’s special Forklift Vision and Sensor Technology empowers forklift drivers to become fully aware of the surroundings they are working in. Forklift camera system price varies as per features. If you are looking for forklift camera solutions that fit your bill, it will be our pleasure to work with you. Get in touch with on +971 4 454 1054 or to know more about SharpEagle, click

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