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Sharpaegle – Make Forklift Operations Safe with Forklift Cameras

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Sharpaegle – Make Forklift Operations Safe with Forklift Cameras

On one hand, there’s no denying that forklifts are indispensable to most businesses that require the loading and unloading of heavy goods. While on the other hand, it is also true that forklifts account for about 100 deaths and nearly 35,000 serious injuries each year. That’s alarming, isn’t it? 

Thankfully, the industry has shifted its focus on the safety of its workers first. And to develop the safety culture, each organization is taking every possible step.

➢ Why are Forklift accidents so common?

One of the major causes of concern towards safety issues in a warehouse or otherwise are mainly the humans walking or working around the forklifts and who are not visible to the trained forklift operator. The restricted visibility can cause critical accidents inside the premises especially while carrying huge loads or when the boom is higher. This not only affects the driver and forklift with products but also the pedestrians and machinery nearby. Another hurdle while operating the forklift is that a forklift operator has to work in noisy, poorly lit areas.

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In addition to all the precautions to prevent accidents & injuries, especially when there are particular risks involved with the site, one can choose to include additional visibility aids.

➢ Is Complete automation a good option?

One school of thought says, to develop a safety culture, the entire loading and unloading process in warehouses, factories, shipping yards, oil & gas companies, and other such workplaces should be made automated. Forklifts should be replaced with complete automation. But do you think it is a good idea?

We don’t think so. Running an entire business unit on automation means a completely new business set up and spending a huge, really huge amount.  

The Solution: Forklift Camera System

So, the answer to ‘how to develop safety culture?’ is forklift cameras.

A Forklift camera is built to be mounted onto the inside of the fork of a forklift truck or reach truck. Usually, a forklift is fitted with two cameras, one fitted between the forks. This camera moves with the fork, while the other gives a view of the load from the top. This makes the job of the operator easier, as the driver doesn’t have to stretch along, out of their position to see the fork’s movement. Also, the camera and its monitor help him to maneuver the truck easily and make turns safer for himself, the load, and the bystanders.

forklift camera system

To be precise, forklift cameras provide view-on-forks, fork view, mid-mast view, front view, and rear. This camera comes with an alarm with 3 stages. As the forklift gets closer to the object, the alarm gets louder.

Forklift camera technology enlightens the forklift operator about their surroundings and that is how the chances of danger reduce. But only buying cameras will not develop a safety culture in the organization.

The position of the camera should be safe from the possibility of damage from other external factors like collisions or debris. The driver should be trained about driving safety and the usage of the sensor camera and the monitors. They should be switched on especially while reversing the vehicle. The monitors should be technically good even with low as well as bright conditions. That is why, Forklift cameras are useful for many industries such as oil & gas, construction, marine, warehouse, and more.   

➢ Adopt the safety culture without any delay

Nothing could be more important than sending the employees back to their homes safely. At Sharpeagle, we have helped industries in developing a safety culture at their workplace with forklift cameras. Our forklift cameras provide 3600 vision around the forklift for the operator. The high-precision sensors in the camera detect anything within 3 meters of the radius. The cameras come with LCD monitors, and our monitoring system provides 24×7 recording as well.

So, if you think forklift cameras can improve the efficiency of your forklifts and forklift operators, if you think they can help you make your workplace safe, and develop a safety culture, let’s create a safety culture at your workplace together.

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