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Manoeuvring Forklifts for Safety

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Manoeuvring Forklifts for Safety

Forklift safety has now become a priority for most of the organisations operating in Rigs, Marine, construction, material handling and construction fields. As a manifestation of safety regimes across the industry, forklift safety is rising up the ladder. It has acquired an important position in planning for prevention of injuries, thereby facilitating massive savings on cost.

As the focus on workplace safety has increased largely, usage of forklift cameras is definitely a remarkable step to ensure the safety of life and cargo. With the operators being aware of their surroundings, the probability of accidents is minimised to a great extent, thus ensuring high accuracy in the operations and better productivity overall.

For instance, reduction in collisions means less delay and lesser costs involved in repair and maintenance. This could mean more focus and uninterrupted workflow which leads to increased productivity at the workplace.

How to prevent collisions?

Ensuring safety of operators and fellow employees working in the vicinity of a forklift is imperative. The key to safety lies in learning from the past incidents. Assessing the most common and worst situations can help avoid any possible incidence in the future and establish the need for a planned and upgraded foolproof system.

How To Curb Risk

1. Cross aisles and corners

These are the hotspots for collisions because of restricted visibility. To mitigate the risks of collision here, install an alarming light system or a warning system. These proximity sensors alert the operator and will make them slow down or stop to avoid collision.

2. Changing directions

Steering and reversing can be dangerous for people around the forklifts. One ideal solution to this is installing a wireless forklift camera system with anti-collision system. It cautions forklift drivers if any other vehicle is approaching. This is especially valuable when the operator is reversing and there’s very limited visibility.

3. Speed control System

Speeding up of these beasts is often resulting in loss of control and toppling over of forklifts. This remains the major reason of casualties related to forklifts. By installing speed limiters with auto cut function might be a great help to slow down and stop overspending beyond a certain limit.

4. Limited visibility on the fork

Another major issue is restrictive vision on the tip of forks when heavy load has to be shelved. Most of the times, the operator works using an approximate distance estimate.

To enhance efficiency and improve operating procedures, installing a forkview camera right on the forks gives an additional eye to the operator. The system includes a monitor which displays the exact positioning of the load on the forks, thereby improving efficiency and reducing the occurrence of misplacement.

Ensuring Forklift Safety is all about following the safety procedures, installing comprehensive and reliable safety solutions on forklifts, fork trucks, reach trucks, cranes, loaders, etc.

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