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Meet us at ADIPEC 2021 and learn How to Gift Your Business a Safety Solution That Skyrockets Your Productivity

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Meet us at ADIPEC 2021 and learn How to Gift Your Business a Safety Solution That Skyrockets Your Productivity

ADIPEC is one of the leading events hosted by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), where industries from the oil, gas, and energy sectors participate. Professional experts from these industries will interact with one another to explore the brand new opportunities related to a safe workplace. The ADIPEC exhibition opens the doorway of easy communication between the sellers and the buyers to connect, learn, explore new products/services, and understand the upcoming technologies and solutions. Over 2,000 companies will be a part of this exhibition, including 26 International country pavilions and 51 IOCs, NOCs, and IECs.


Participants will get an insight into many technical and strategic data as the global business influencers, Ministers, debaters, policymakers, and CEOs gather together and share their thoughts on a wide range of trade-related topics. They also pay attention to the latest developments taking place in the global market. Around 127 knowledgeable sessions are carried out by more than 800 industry experts within the four days of the exhibition. 

Industries Participating 

The exhibition is mainly targeting three top industries- oil, gas, and energy. Let’s have a glimpse at why these industries are important and need the safety systems for the security of the workers:

 Oil industry: The oil industry is another name for the petroleum industries where the various processes like exploration, extraction, refining, transporting, and marketing of petroleum products and services occur. These activities include fine safety equipment, men, and materials. Hence, there are very high chances of accidents in these sectors owing to environmental hazards. The accidents often prove to be hazardous and might even lead to death at workplaces. The OSHA guidelines talk about well-framed safety guidelines to prevent major accidents and ensure all required control necessities. The various sectors where safety protocols must be ensured include:

oil and gas

Vehicle collisions

A. Explosive particles in air and fire
B.  Accidents by fall
C.  Struck by situations
D.  Mechanical hazards
E.  Closed areas
F.  Electrical and other energy-related hazards

Such accidents can be successfully avoided if a proper safety solution is introduced in your business. ADIPEC is welcoming the best solution providers of the industry, like the SharpEagle, and these collaborations can shoot your profitability in barely a quarter. 

 Gas Industry: This sector deals primarily with Natural Gas. The production, refining, storage, and marketing of Natural Gas profitably across the globe is a complicated procedure and the ADIPEC summit ventures to connect industrialists in formulating smarter business solutions for all. 

The Natural Gas extraction industries are one of the highest risks bearing sectors globally owing to the highly flammable manufacturing environments the workers hustle in. Proper safety regulations must be observed to ensure every laborer is protected and the business does not undergo havoc losses. There are certain solemn but easy ways in which it can be ensured. Collaboration with the local safety workers’ association is the easiest of them all.

gas industry

These emergency organizations have employed skilled workers for the steady handling of these problems. Investing in various safety programs for laborers is also very effective. This ensures active monitoring of the mental and physical health of the working unit, which efficiently helps protect the working environment. Consistent and regular housekeeping is a basic protocol that will help you get a safe ecosystem in the Gas Industry. You can also install safety devices like surveillance cameras, with ex-proof robust built and give your workplace the protection it deserves. 

 Energy Industry: The energy industries are one of the highest profits as well as risk-bearing industries. The energy value chain is created, and marketed through highly skilled professionals. 

The renewable energy industries come with a fair share of risk and fatal accidents. Serious injuries are extremely common in these hazardous sectors. The closed working areas, electrical circuits, heavy equipment combined form the stage for accidents if the workers are not aware and cautious.

Energy industry

Discussions and enforcement of the employees’ standardized training can help introduce a safe culture in such sectors. Evaluating the possibility of risks right is very important. This can be known and understood in vast depth by discussing and studying such matters with industry experts and leaders. Installing safety solutions by the most eminent Dubai safety solution providers can be the smartest and the most cost-effective security solution you can get for your business and ADIPEC will host eminent providers like SharpEagle in the 2021 summit.  

 Safety Solutions: The 101 To Business Success of Energy Industries

The Energy, Oil, and Gas industries work in a highly explosive environment, and you cannot afford to miss out on the safety solutions. Prevention is better than cure. Once you start ensuring workplace safety, no one can stop you from winning!

The SharpeEagle‘s explosion-proof surveillance systems and solutions forklift safety solutions can give you a safe ecosystem that can boost your productivity and workers’ efficiency and reduce your cost of insurance substantially, thereby leading to a cost cut. This ensures a hike in profitability much needed after the pandemic. However, not every company can be trusted with your safety, and choosing the wrong solution provider will be a worthless investment with no post-sales assistance. The leading safety solution provider of UAE, SharpEagle, has provided a healthy ecosystem to businesses globally with an unparalleled team of consumer care executives. 

Oil & Gas Industry in Dubai, 2020-2021: Statistical Insights

The country saw last year, on average, every barrel costing $70.33, because of the ever-growing cases of SAARC Covid and a massive hit of the global pandemic. There was a restriction on Oil import across many countries, especially China.

OPEC stands for Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. The OPEC basket represents the weighted average price of this crude oil in all the member countries. OPEC aims to coordinate and control all the policies and regulations of the oil industry of all its member nations. The organization aims to set a benchmark for all manufacturers who are trading in this sector.

The member nations across the globe are the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Congo, Gabon, Angola, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Libya. 

Oil Blends include a mix of light and heavy crude oils. The 2020 per day production accounted for around 30.6 million barrels a day. 

Dubai has shown a massive oil price fluctuation over the decade. 2020 accounted for the average price of crude oil in Dubai $42.41, every barrel. The price showed a drop by $21 in comparison to the last year. The Dubai Fateh oil has set a benchmark for crude oil across the Asian continent. The Fateh oil benchmark is because of the instant availability in the Fateh offshore oilfield of UAE, unlike the Persian Gulf crude oil. 

Exploring New Ideas and Opportunities in Energy Industries at the ADIPEC Summit 2021

With over 2000 companies participating in this summit, members globally will connect on creating a world-class ecosystem for fair and healthy trading and talk about the energy industry value chain. In addition, the summit will explore the following areas:

Purchasing Power of Participating Business Houses: 2019 ADIPEC summit recorded a whopping 18.9 billion dollars worth of business agreements in only four days of the exhibition. Everyone is looking up to this figure to multiply manifold this time in 2021. Over 80% of the members participating in the summit are buyers, industry influencers, policymakers, and business leaders. Hence, the real-world business opportunities that the ADIPEC summit ensures will open in front of you a greater world in the trading of Crude oil. The summit will also help develop a healthy purchasing ecosystem, cut down unhealthy price wars, and deliver a healthy ecosystem for all businesses to coexist peacefully. 

 Exchanging Knowledge on Trading: More than 160 conferences and sessions will be conducted at the ADIPEC summit 2021. Each conference will record the participation of over 1000 ministers, tech experts, world leaders of the gas, crude oil, and energy industry, and business heads and CEOs. The conferences will be conducted to formulate and strategize effective and efficient business models and pricing policies to ensure optimum value satisfaction to all stakeholders globally. Such discussions are the stepping stone to promoting the value maximization of any industry and open ways to huge expansion opportunities and coordination among all businesses working in any industry. 

 Global Perspective: The summit will provide an international platform to all people in business to vent their frustrations, discuss growth opportunities and discover brand new expansion possibilities. There will be more than 51 exhibitor companies from the International Energy, Oil & Gas industries across 26 countries worldwide. There will be over 2000 participating companies and over 100,000 energy professionals across all nations, and it is going to be a four-day-long series of events. 

The primary motive of this ADIPEC summit is to attract and unite the real purchasing power of all giant and small companies across the globe. As we all know, Abu Dhabi is the heart of the Energy, Oil & Gas industrial sector. ADIPEC provides a good and constructive platform for global exhibitors to open up in a huge pavilion to explore impending opportunities and threats. 

All exhibitors, participants, professionals, and policymakers come together in the sessions and conferences to talk about the importance of innovation in commerce, encourage bilateral trading and dealings, and make new segments to explore opportunities for quotations, dialogues, and long-term agreements. 

What Can Be Your Takeaway as an Exhibiting Company at The ADIPEC Summit Conference of Abu Dhabi?

If you are thinking about registering yourself for this conference and participating in this four days fiesta of creating a greater and healthier business ecosystem for the Gas, Energy, and Oil industry, then here’s what will be your takeaway at the end of this grand event.

Accessing the International Market: By participating in this four-day conference, you will get an opportunity like never before and get to interact with the CEOs, policymakers, Ministers, and Business big shots, specifiers, and purchasers from various nations across the globe. This will create for you a platform for all-around development where you can explore brand new opportunities and access the new areas of international trading.

Opportunities to Collaborate, Engage, and Partner: When you discuss the new world, high-end opportunities, you can learn to frame and formulate for your business the new revolutionary ideas that will give your brand innovation and diversification in this post-pandemic era. Over 80% of the participants will be buyers, influencers, policymakers. So, you get an exposure where you can interact, engage, collaborate, and partner with all people who matter!

Accessing the Trade Value Chain: You can discuss the a to z of business, from exploring and producing unconventional and conventional resources to processing, shipping, refining, and marketing. ADIPEC will unveil for you business opportunities downstream, upstream, and midstream across all sectors and place you significantly on the energy value chain map. 

Talk About Transition of Energy: The world is healing from the ravage caused by a global pandemic, and at this ADIPEC conference in Abu Dhabi, all participants will work together in shaping and restructuring the future of the Energy, Oil & Gas industries by expanding thought leadership, strategies and by guiding members to the right direction to create an environment of safety and resilience and open up new value through the energy transition. 


In case you still have queries regarding ADIPEC 2021, please go through the following section. Also, feel free to drop your questions that we would love to attend.

What are the webinars scheduled to be conducted at the ADIPEC 2021 summit?

There is a list of events and webinars scheduled over four days. Some of the high-in-demand webinars are: 

A. Digital innovation and tech development – Key to a successful energy transition and strategy stratification

B. The changing working environment for all field team workers and its impact

C. The unmet demand of the emerging economies and its significance in the potential demand

D. Pivoting the new norms in energy sectors

E. Resilience and sustainability in business and technological innovations 

F. Refocusing the business needs 

G. The COVID 19 impact and need for change in policy for speedy industrial health recovery 

• What topics would be covered in the conference about the modern energy industry?

 You will be getting an insight into a variety of topics like:

A. New dynamic industry opportunities with the evolving energy world

B. The plan for future

C. Investment flows

D. Unlocking changes

E. Safety solutions in the explosive industrial environment and how to create a safe workspace by installing modern, high-tech, affordable safety solutions from reputed brands like SharpEagle. 

• When will the summit take place?

The ADIPEC Summit 2021 will be organized from 15th to 18th November 2021 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. All companies, large and small, are heartily welcomed to be a part of the grand celebration where experts formulate safety solutions. 

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