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Product Review: SharpEagle Forklift Camera system

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Product Review: SharpEagle Forklift Camera system

The humble forklifts are the showrunners in various industries and warehouses. It’s a common sight to see them doing all the heavy lifting. Without them, the activities in the production chain would come to a halt. And to make sure that everything runs smoothly, forklift operators have to put in a great deal of effort in ensuring that there are no mishaps or accidents.

Forklift trucks can be one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment in the workplace, if not handled with care and safety measures. Ensuring forklift safety is essential to avoid accidents. This is where a forklift camera can help.


What is a Forklift Camera?

Efficiency is an important key concept in warehouses and distribution centers. To ensure high efficiency, all forklifts must provide optimum safety and the best possible performance. Every year, numerous accidents occur due to blind spots while operating a forklift. A forklift camera can help you prevent these by increasing visibility around your machine.

Sharpeagle Forklift camera

The forklift camera system from SharpEagle provides the driver of a forklift with a perfect view of the fork. The camera, therefore, increases safety in the warehouse, saves time when moving goods, and creates a more ergonomic environment for drivers.


How Does SharpEagle Forklift Camera System Work?

Forklift camera system consists of 4 cameras, a Digital screen, MDVR, and complete wiring. The system helps the operator to get a 360* view of the surroundings of the forklift. Our system can also transmit visuals to a central monitoring location with help of a SIM CARD or Wifi. This helps the system become robust and totally controllable from the office.

Sharpeagle forklift camera system

The forklift camera comes in the following different variations:

1. A classic camera installed via a cable

It is the traditional version that assists the forklift drivers in executing a reverse maneuver. In this case, the quality of the wires will guarantee reliability.

2. A wireless camera connected over Wi-Fi

It is an advanced device that replaces the cable connection with Wi-Fi.

3. A mounted camera placed directly over the forklift fork

It is the category of camera that is considered an exceptional tool for supporting forklift operators. It aids in speeding up the loading and unloading process by making the process safer and more precise. The shock-resistant and universal construction allow this camera to be fitted on any type of forklift.

4. A camera with a monitoring system – 360 Surround-view

This system entails a monitoring system which is made up of four fisheye camera made up of ultra-wide-angle. It is mounted on the rear, front, right and left sides of the vehicle. Side by side, the images collected from the surrounding area of the lift are captured and changed into a uniform view.


Features of SharpEagle Forklift Camera

If used strategically, a forklift camera is an excellent tool for increasing the efficiency of your business. Here are some of the major utilities it brings to your business.

1. Blind Spot Detection

A wireless forklift camera system can be mounted at the rear front, sides, or in any location across the lift truck at which visibility has been diminished. This will decrease the vehicle’s blind spots, and provide the operator with a clear perspective of the forks, racks, and surroundings.

2. Increased Pedestrian Safety

SharpEagle’s Forklift Camera system provides a clear vision to the forklift operator. With a precise and clear view of the surroundings for forklift operators, the chances of accidents and risks of other damages would decrease.

3. Reduced Damages

Forklift operators deal with bulky and expensive goods, narrow aisles, different rack heights, tight corners, and noisy surroundings. All of these increase the chances of damages. A forklift camera makes the forklift operators become more aware of what’s happening in their surroundings, thus reducing the chances of on-site damages.

4. Ergonomic Design

A forklift camera system commonly includes an LCD screen installed on the dashboard which is straightforward for that forklift operator to look at. So he can see everything sitting straight from his chair with no fatigue, neck, or back strain. 

5. Increase in Productivity

When forklift cameras are deployed at the worksite, the number of accidents is decreased, damages are also decreased, and because of which employees feel safe and motivated. This entire process leads to an increase in overall productivity.

6. Used Across Different Industries

Forklift cameras and sensor systems can be utilized in any industry where forklifts are used. To leverage the advantage, this advanced technology is widely used in the oil & gas, construction, marine & warehouse industry.

Safety and monitoring systems are designed to create a safer workspace. SharpEagle offers you a wide range of forklift, ex-proof, and other types of cameras. If you have any questions or want to know how you can get a forklift camera installed, please contact us for more information.

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